Saturday, February 6, 2016

What does empowerment mean to you?

When my Ella told me she had written a short on empowerment for CSLTeens I was intrigued, when I watched it for the first time I got all choked up, I am so proud of this young person.

It is amazing to think of how much of a positive influence our children are becoming on this thing called life.

What does empowerment mean to you?

Friday, February 5, 2016

Essential to the Whole

Me with Millions of Snowflakes

I grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada, a place of much snowfall. I remember being enchanted with the idea that no two snowflakes were identical! In all that snow, you would never find an identical snowflake. It was mind-boggling to me then and still is. I later transferred that feeling of wonder to the awesomeness of human beings. There are billions of us, and no two are identical.

Ernest Holmes wrote: "Life has set the stamp of individuality on you.  You are different from any other person who ever lived.  You are an individualized center in the Consciousness of God.  You are an individualized activity in the Action of God." Thoughts are Things  (p. 79.1)

What does it mean to be an individualized activity in the Action of God?

To me it means that God's energy or Life is flowing through everything I do. I am individualizing God's energy by my perceptions, values, beliefs, words and actions.

When I think about the sacred trust that has been given to each being, I am amazed and a little overwhelmed. The creator created me with Its Creative Mind, imbuing that Creative Mind in me, and I do whatever I am moved to do. That many of these choices are not original but rather habitual leads me to question myself; to think about what I think about. I find myself choosing to be entertained through the creativity of others. Thanks to the fantastic array of writers, actors, cinematographers, and all manor of creative geniuses. It is quite humbling. And I am truly grateful to all those beings who said yes to the creative urge within them. 

And occasionally I am moved to think outside the box and let my inner genius come out and play. What should we make today?

One thing that helps me release the feeling of overwhelm or inadequacy is to remember that each being is spiritually magnificent just the way she is and just the way she is not. All beings matter. All my choices matter. I am an essential part of the whole -- and so are you.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Coming Home - Awakening to Spirit

A meeting designed for the new and long term person in sobriety to “reawaken” our connection to spirit, or our Higher Power. We would also like to invite people from all areas of life even those who have never had any problem with drugs or alcohol. It is our belief that people who are new to recovery could benefit from the experiences and support of others from all walks of life.

The format of this meeting will be a general discussion of the problems we face in life finding sobriety day by day and awakening our consciousness to help improve our lives.

1.  We will start with a short quiet meditation.
2.  Those who wish may share about the problems they are facing.  
3.  We will learn how gratitude can help us face these problems.
4.  What and how do we surrender problems to help us awaken to gratitude.
5.  We will learn how to connect with all of our relations for healing.

Facilitated by Gene Stone and Joyce Fournier Stone

Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley, San Clemente California Feb 5, 2016 at 8 AM. 1201 Puerta Del Sol, San Clemente, CA 92673 This is a non-smoking facility.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Living In Alignment With Truth, Sunday Service

I open my entire being to the reality of God/Spirit/Life as that which I am. I live in alignment with my highest truth and know that I am a blessing to the world. And So It Is!