Sunday, January 31, 2016

Living In Alignment With Truth, Sunday Service

I open my entire being to the reality of God/Spirit/Life as that which I am. I live in alignment with my highest truth and know that I am a blessing to the world. And So It Is!

Friday, January 29, 2016

More Is On Its way

A Birthday Bouquet

I have long thought that being a skilled teacher would be an advantage in a ministry such as the Centers for Spiritual Living because there is a great emphasis on taking classes. I have had some wonderful teachers in my life -- great models of creativity, wisdom and love. One such teacher was my father, Gordon Clark. Gordon's major was in mathematics. he had an ability to take the most difficult concepts and simplify them. He was also very patient when students didn't understand quickly. He had a agreed to tutor my then husband every Saturday morning. He would be ready with humor and wisdom for the lesson even when his personal life had taken him "out with the boys until four in the morning." My dad inspired me.

I remember, years ago, a member of the congregation of a Center grilled me on my idea that being a teacher gave me an advantage in a Science of Mind Center. She said that people don't need a teacher because the truth is within them already. I know she spoke the truth and a great teacher helps students discover their own gifts. I believe that is the teacher's job to remind her students of their infinite potential and their worthiness, right now! It is true that we do not need a teacher to put ideas into students' minds. But it is very helpful to have a teacher hold up a mirror to for the student to see her magnificence. And with a good teacher the spiritual  awakening is more rapid.

Many years ago, I was led to see the vision of my future life, of what it could be. That vision has inspired me ever since. I saw myself being celebrated. In the vision, I was several decades older than my present age. I was living by the ocean near a port. there were palm trees all around. I heard people coming to thank me for helping them, for making a difference in their lives, helping them to see who they are and who they have come here to be. Basically I am living my vision now.

And in order to move into the vision, I have had to make many changes. I have had to let go of my present good to open to my future good. Resistance did not help at all it simply prolonged the experience. I simply took the next indicated step. When I have been able to do that, trusting that I live in a friendly universe and that the Source of All wants me to succeed, life has flowed with grace and ease.

For my recent birthday, I received three bouquets of flowers. Each one is beautiful and I did not compare them I simply enjoyed them. A gift of flowers is symbolic of the gift of transformation. With care, some of the flowers will provide beauty for a long time. Other flowers teach us to be in the moment. 

Doing right work for your soul is not the end of the story. You must keep growing and listening to the deep calling within you.

Is there something that is calling you to become? Have you been deeply listening and seeing with your inner eyes? Like me, you may be living your dream now, and get ready, more is on its way!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

A "Lost and Found" Demonstration

Over the holidays my husband Sean and I flew from Michigan to California to visit family and friends.  It was the first time taking our daughter, 7 1/2 weeks old at the time, on a plane!  The morning of our flight we were up early getting everything dialed in, all was going well.  We were in "perfect divine right order" the whole way and our trip out was smooth sailing.  Then, a couple days in, I go looking for our laptop... and it is nowhere to be found.  My heart sinks as I realize we must have forgotten it at the TSA security check back in Detroit.  It's a thin silver MacBook Air, they made us put it in it's very own bin, there was so much to grab and think about with the baby. We left it there. It was gone.  

My first thought was that we would never get it back.  My NEXT thought was YES we will absolutely get it back!  I immediately went to work changing my first thought, refusing every idea that we had lost our laptop for good.  Going into affirmative prayer I recognized that God is all there is and that nothing can be lost, everything is in it's perfect place.  I imagined being at the airport to get our laptop back.  I felt so much GRATITUDE that it had been returned to us.  I thanked the person, the individualized expression of God, that found the laptop and turned it in so that it would be waiting for us when we got back.  I released my word and KNEW that it was so.  Then I told Sean, and helped him also grab onto the idea that we were so happy and grateful with our laptop returned to us with ease and grace, thank you God.

My next step was to take action... so I went to the DTW website and found the area to submit a claim to their lost and found department.  The entire time I continued to consciously be "so happy and grateful now that" our laptop was returned.  Because it was going to be.  It had to be.  I was so disappointed by the thought of it being lost, I refused to accept it.  So I did my best to only entertain the right idea... the one that I wanted... not that other possible outcome of it being gone forever.  

There were many times during the two weeks in California where I would catch myself thinking something like "oh I should tell Sean to change his google chrome password, because if someone ...WAIT - NO! That's not necessary because our laptop will be returned to us.  I am so happy and grateful now that our laptop is returned with ease and grace, thank you God.  Thank you every aspect of this One that is involved in the process of our laptops return.  Thank you Thank you Thank you God!"

It's the type of situation where you've done just about all you can do, and so all you can do now is wait... wait for an outcome to an event that is completely outside of your control.  So while one waits in this type of situation, it is in ones best interest to "stand guard at the portal of your mind" as Emerson said (I hope I am quoting him correctly), and make sure you are thinking the right thoughts - the thoughts that affirm the desired outcome you WANT from this event which is outside of your control.  The other option is to worry about the outcome you don't want.  Being a student of the Science of Mind, I knew where to keep my attention, so I kept planting seeds of gratitude for my desired outcome and the return of our laptop!

Fast forward ... we arrive back in Detroit, where the temperature is a high of 28F, and head home.  I search my email for a response to my lost and found request... there is a reply!! YES!!  It says... it says that they don't have our item.  I take a deep breath and then let it out.  Then I laugh a little because I know they have it, they just don't know they have it!!  At that moment the idea occurs to me that I should just go to the airport and visit their lost and found department in person.  Then I would know for sure. But I didn't go right away, it was freezing cold and I would have to take the baby and oh what a hassle... so instead I stayed inside my warm house and kept an eye on my email... and continued to be grateful for our returned laptop.

A week goes by... I have not gotten a new email about our item.  I am starting to feel discouraged, it's almost been 30 days and in my mind there is an assumed rule that anything in the lost and found for over 30 days is up for grabs.  Then it's Wednesday, I have my prayer partner calls on Wednesday, and this is definitely what I needed to pray about - I hate the idea of our little laptop being gone forever!  Everything of ours on it, gone.  Possibly in the hands of another person!  No!  Cancel cancel wipe it away, that thought is NOT my desired outcome! 

During the prayer call, the idea came up again that I really should just go to the airport and visit the lost and found office. That is the only way to know for sure.  I vowed to do it that day and so later that afternoon baby Angelika and I went to visit the airport.  It was 15 degrees out but hey at least it wasn't snowing!  Upon arrival at the airport terminal I asked where the lost and found office was located and luckily it very close to where I was (not waaaaay at the other end of this huge place).  

I walk to the office and tell the woman there what we lost and the day we traveled.  She heads into the back room and I think "this is it, this is when our laptop is returned to us! Thank you God, Thank you God, Thank you God"... and I kept repeating it in my head, almost under my breath, until the woman emerges from the back room with our thin silver MacBook Air in her hand and I say out loud "oh thank God it's here!"  A huge smile spreads across my face.  I am so happy and grateful now that our laptop is returned!  Their email response to me was wrong, our laptop was here!  

Though I knew and affirmed it all along, I was so relieved to have it demonstrated.  Thank you God!  And so it is.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Individual Expressions of an Infinite Creator, Sunday Service

Today I call forth the infinite and inexhaustible energy of Spirit, knowing that I am fully supported in all that I choose to do in my life. And So It Is!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Inspiration from an Elephant Herd

Each one of us has habits that are good for us. For instance, we have learned to brush and floss our teeth. We have learned to get still, silent and meditate. We have learned to fill our day with gratitude.

It is easy to maintain those good practices when you are happy and healthy. It might be more difficult if another being interrupts you whether a dog, cat or spouse. But most of us can still dig deep into divine mind, and continue after the interruption.

I recently was sent a short video which you will see below. The video features the Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia that was built smack in the middle of the elephant's yearly trip to feed on mangoes.  I guess the builders thought the elephants would go around the lodge. They don't.

They go straight through the reception area.

Although they have a two-week old baby with them, of whom the mother was very protective, they still went right through the lodge. The elephants were wild and can be very dangerous. Yet here is an example of how animals in the wild will stay their course and will do it peacefully.

Has someone or something plopped down right in the middle of your spiritual practice? I believe the message from the elephant herd is to continue to go for that sweet food that feeds your soul. Do it calmly and peacefully and all the  strange creatures will cooperate with your intention.

Enjoy the video.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Consciously Enter the Godmode

Jason Silva's, Shots of Awe, Entering Godmode, is a profound visual and auditory experience. Silva is a man who is excited about the possibilities that are within us and available to us right now.  I love his enthusiasm and knowledge. From Silva's point of view, this is a leading edge idea. Indeed it is a ;leading edge idea, and we, students of the Science of Mind have been on that leading edge since the 1920's. 

As students of the Science of Mind, we have had this knowledge for a very long time. Are you as excited as Jason about what you can create? Or have you become mesmerized by the your circumstances, habits and ordinary thoughts?

It really is exciting to truly understand that not only can we create our own experience, but that we are always doing so. We are not always conscious of that creative process.

Consciousness creates form.

Your consciousness is subject to your beliefs. What do you believe about yourself and your capabilities? Have you started to awaken to that inner giant, your subconscious mind? Have you awakened to the other inner giant, the Presence of the Divine?

This upcoming Sunday, my message is "There is Only One Life" and I will be exploring that God expresses in and though all that is and all that ever will be.

Since Spirit shows up through the creative process in all people, all beings and all life, it is important to plant seeds of your choice.

What are you planting?  Are you planting the same old ideas year after year? Or has something inspired you to make  a quantum leap to a whole new world? What is the best possible world you can imagine for yourself? Plant those ideas!

Whenever I watch one of Jason Silva's videos, I am inspired by the infinite possibles within me, to the difference I can make just because I know what I know.

I am envisioning such great things this year. I am envisioning collaboration and cooperation greater than any we have seen thus far. I am envisioning more kindness and caring. I am envisioning more connection with friends and family.I am envisioning a healthy mind and a healthy body. And I am envisioning more prosperity and abundance than ever before for all of us.

Are you willing to consciously enter the "Godmode" and plant seeds of excellence, newness and vitality? This would be saying yes to your Higher Power's greatest ideas about you. listen to your heart and move in the direction of your dreams.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Suffer No More, Sunday Service

Today I look toward my good. I look toward my happiness. I look toward my joy and purpose. I do not suffer. I live in freedom. And So It Is!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional

Occasionally I watch Saturday Night Live. I almost always laugh. Since laughter is the best medicine, I trust that you enjoy the clip.

Debby Downer is someone who brings negativity and fear into every conversation. We laugh at the comedy sketches thankful that we do not have friends with the worldview of "Life is bad and then it gets worse."

When something is bothering me I do want to share it of discuss it with others. I think that is a human tendency. What we learn  on our spiritual path is that wherever our attention goes, energy flows. If I continuously put my attention on what is going wrong with my life and with the world, then I will get more of that. A great rule of thumb is to share your story only once. Then let it go.

Refuse to be  a Debby Downer. Refuse to grow more pain and live a life of suffering.

On page 107 of The Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes wrote: " The world is beginning to learn that it has learned all it should through suffering and pain. Surely there can be no Intelligence in the universe that wishes humans to be sick, suffer pain, be unhappy and end in oblivion.Surely if God or Universal Intelligence is imbued with goodness, then It could not ordain that humans should ultimately be other than  perfect expressions of Life." 

So when we think about it, that ultimate thinking Stuff could not have intended for us to suffer pain, but might have given us pain so that we could change our actions, words and thoughts. Pain is feedback. Learn to listen to it than change course.

Let's practice together to choose to live in alignment with our spiritual nature.