Friday, May 30, 2014

Seeing the Light in Others

"People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within."  ~ Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

I agree with Dr. Kubler-Ross's statement in part. The truth is the light within us is always there; sometimes we forget that it is there. I just returned from our annual Lake Arrowhead retreat and am filled with awareness, not only of my own light, but also the light that resides in everyone else. I enjoyed the workshops done by Rev. Mike McMorrow from the Granada Hills Center for Spiritual Living. Rev. Mike had recently read Brenee Brown's work, which is all about vulnerability and authenticity. It was great to see him practice these principles and in his own words not become a "girlie man." It is great to be living in a both-and world rather than an either-or one. In a both-and world men and women can be powerful and tender, vulnerable and strong, resilient and pliable all at the same time. It was easy to see Rev. Mike's light; he let it shine. Doing do, he set the consciousness for the rest of the retreat.

During the weekend, each pastor was scheduled to give a brief welcome, teach a lesson and facilitate a class. Dr. Moira, who is in charge of the program, introduced us both Friday night and Saturday morning, in such a way as to bring out our real selves -- not a rehearsed, ego-driven self. This gave room to let the real light emerge.

My class was scheduled right after lunch on Sunday. We had been in meetings nonstop since Friday night. Sunday was a glorious sunny, summery day in Lake Arrowhead. I had prepared a workshop on Affirmative Prayer and was ready for whomever showed up. Honestly, I had doubts about having much attendance but had made enough copies of my worksheets for everyone who had registered. Much to my surprise, the room was filled. The workshop was great. Later a woman from Redondo Beach told me that I shouldn't have been surprised that people chose to come to my workshop; she said I was a legend and people wanted to hear me speak! Wow! A legend!

I have been teaching something since I was a kid. i love it and it tends to be easy for me. Often it is harder for us to see our own light than it is for us to see someone else's. Some people have a tendency to take their own skills for granted.

During the retreat, i noticed times of their great vulnerability and authenticity in most people! I also saw people playing small, even ones with a great big light!

Marianne Williamson reminded us of that tendency in A Return to Love:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” ~ Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles"

If you are one of those people, now is the time to break the habit. Practice giving thanks for the good that is already yours, the skills you have and the talents with which you have been gifted.

Let your inner light shine so that the world can see your true beauty.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

And Still I Rise: A letter to Maya Angelou

Dear Maya Angelou, 

Thank you for sharing your life with all of us. Thank you leaving a legacy of words that will go far beyond that human life that you have lived here on Earth. Thank you for your Spirit, your Consciousness, your expression of Freedom. Thank you for touching our Souls, our Hearts, and our Minds. It is such an honor to have shared this time in history with such a magnificent, powerful Being as You. Thank you for Rising up to show us who we really are, who we can really become, and how we can strive.  Your human life will transcend time and space. 

Thank you for your life, 

The World

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Are you a Spiritual Elitist?

A few weeks ago, while on a Photo Shot in Sedona I ran into two young women who were having trouble taking pictures with their new Nikon camera. Of course I offered to take a picture with both of them in it and to help them with their camera Issues. When I asked where they were from they said Russia. Then a funny thing happened to me inside, I paused and started feeling resentful inside. In my mind, all the terrible things that were happening in the Ukraine started flooding through me. Before I knew it I was suddenly Anti-Russian and Pro-Ukrainian . It became very apparent that I was transferring all of the biased news reporting that I had watched on TV onto these two strangers. I was “Not Open at the Top” as our Spiritual Teaching asks us to be.

For what seemed like an eternity in my mind, I final said “Welcome to the USA” to both of the girls and really meant it.

This feeling of being “Open at the Top” made me look at our teaching of the Science of Mind and how we see ourselves in the Spiritual Community. My question to everyone is: “As Religious Scientists, are you as open about your faith and as tolerant about other religious faiths as you think you are?” We say there is no Dogma within our teaching but is that really true. Do we believe that our way is the best way to connect with Spirit or is there room to be “Open at the top” to other teachings.

I decided to make up an arbitrary list of questions/statements to ask myself. Take the challenge for yourself and let me know if this brought up any feelings inside of you.

• “All wrong-doing arises because of mind. If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain?”- Buddhism-
• How does it make you feel when someone asks “Are you a Christian”?
• If someone says at church “I am a Recovered Catholic” is that a put down of another religious belief even though it seems funny to you?
• “I want to use Crystals to Open my Chakra’s” Does that statement resonate with you or repel you?-New Age_
• What do you say when someone asks you is” Jesus Christ Your savior”?
• On Sunday, when you singing “I am God” do you embrace that feeling or do you have trouble believing it. • “Allah be Praised” …. “Fear Allah wherever you may be”- Muslim-
• “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”-Buddhism
• “During my Past Life Regression I discovered that I was a nun in the 12th • “One man’s candle is light for many” – Talmud on Shabbat
• "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law." - Galatians 5:22-23 Century”

 These are all random questions or statements. They are not meant to embarrass or criticize anyone. My intention is for all of us to look at our faith and realize that all things come from Spirit. It is through Spirit that we exist and we are given the opportunity to choose wisely in our human experience. By being “Open at the top” we can see the Divine Wisdom that Spirit has provided to us. By choosing Love , caring, beauty, grace , compassion, kindness, gratitude (to name just a few ) we allow our faith to be powerful , practical and hold a meaningful place in our lives. By choosing wisely we surrender to the Divine truth in all of us and release all things that no longer serve us. By choosing wisely we embody the true meaning of the “Christ Consciousness “ in everything that we do regardless of where the information originally came from.

Even though I may have hesitated with the two Russian girls for a moment the Divine Wisdom of Spirit prevailed so that I could truly say “ Welcome….” And mean it.

Take a moment now to click on the music and meditate on your Faith. Namaste Rev. Arpad Petrass

Rev Arpad Petrass is an Ordained Center For Spiritual Living Minister. He is a gifted photographer, speaker and Spiritual teacher. He can be contacted at or e-mailed at arpadesigns at cox dot net.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dream Big Sunday Service

Today I let go of past pains. I choose for them to be healed now and accept the higher vibration energy of my joy-filled life right now. I love whole, healthy and complete in mind, body and soul!

  Live Stream Starts at 10:30am

Friday, May 23, 2014

Seeing Clearly

Daniel Nahmod
Daniel Nahmod

Today I will be going up the mountain to Lake Arrowhead for our annual multi-Center Retreat. This retreat is organized by the Redondo Beach Center for Spiritual Living and has been a Memorial Weekend activity for many years. Almost always the consciousness of lack of clarity is that with which we arrive and clarity is what we open up to and embrace while there. Because our environment echoes our consciousness, we have begun most retreats with a great deal of fog and even snow. However, after getting clear all weekend, we usually return in sunny, clear conditions.

I know that some of you are coming with me, but for those of you staying at home, consider identifying the areas in your life which seem a little hazy, in which you cannot clearly see the outcome you desire. Then ask yourself are you trying to make something happen?

Memorial weekend of 2008, I was feeling burnt out. The idea of giving two talks and a workshop seemed impossible. How could I inspire others when my own well of inspiration seemed so dry? I could not get clear about my topics. I had thrown together some workshop ideas and had even made copies of handouts. But I was grieving for our friend and Board Member who had just passed the previous weekend. We had done an amazing memorial service for her and had celebrated her life and driving up to Lake Arrowhead, I let myself feel my loss. I encountered myself all the way up the mountain and all the pent up tears came flowing out. I was listening to a CD by Rev. Cynthia James and I was moved and comforted and then dashed into despair again. Although I tried to pray, my prayers were dry and meaningless.

It took several extra hours to get to the retreat Center. In addition to the fog, I missed my turns and had to retrace my way several times. Those turnarounds were heart-stopping. I didn't know if I was on the inside or the outside edge of that mountain road. I knew I had a commitment and I kept going. I am so glad I did.

Instead of trying to push my way through the pain, I allowed myself to be nurtured that entire weekend. Rev. Moira, took me to my room and assured me not to worry about a thing. I obeyed. The next evening, our friend Daniel Nahmod did a heart-felt private concert for the members of our Center who were also grieving. That was the first time anyone heard Last Song. I am grateful for the kindness of others and for their willingness to bend and change to accommodate the needs of others.

In your own lack of clarity, perhaps it is time for some self-nurturing and to remember that you are never alone and that you are infinitely loved. Right now you are enough!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Travel With Courage

traveling with courage in San Clemente

Few people use more than a small part of the tremendous God power within because they are afraid. To walk your life with courage means to challenge the things that hold you back from living your life the way YOU want to live it.

During our time together Wednesday night on May 21st, you willl recognize your strengths and learn how to ignore your critics so you can live a rich, meaningful, purposeful life.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Questioning the Nature of Transformation

"When I grow up will I still be Kate?"
The questions on the mind of a three year old will surprise you.

She knows that she is getting "bigger and bigger" and that change happens. That she is actually questioning the nature of those transformations fascinates me.

So far my answer is, no you will still be Kate, you will just be more of Kate.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Trusting Optimism Sunday Service

Today I recognize and give thanks for all the insights and joys I experience. I put my mind on my wins and let go of the perceived losses daily. This puts me in a perfect position to accept even more wins into my life! Thank you Spirit, send me more!  Live Stream Starts at 10:30am

Saturday, May 17, 2014


A simple way to put a smile on your face: Draw a smiley face on something. 

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.
-Thich Nhat Hanh

Today's installment of the Joyous Living Journal is titled Smile. Sometimes my daughter will put a happy face on her finger, her paperwork, her pants, or anywhere.  It gives us both a little smile whenever each of us sees them.  I remember when she was in pre-school, she came home with this big sheet of paper that was her art project for the day.   The top half was empty, the bottom half was filled with art.  I asked her what it was and she said, "Its a bunch of happy faces."  Sure enough, they were there in every direction.  Some of them didn't quite look like happy faces, but they were.  I assumed the top half was empty due to her inability to reach that part of the easel.  When I reflect on this art piece from her childhood it always make me smile, even the part of not being able to reach the top half.  I use experiences as this to remember to be joy-filled, remember to laugh, and keep that childlike sense about me.  I love to be silly with my husband and children.  I know our home will always be filled with laughter.

The affirmation in Joyous Living Journal is:

I am a joy-filled, playful, open,laughing, loving being!

Internet Picture source: smile_by_dottydotcom.jpg

Friday, May 16, 2014

Build a Better Story

Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it. ~ Ernest Holmes

When Rev. Michael Gott visited here a few weeks ago, he shared about his love of God and his secret feelings of shame, growing up in a fundamentalist church in which being gay was a sin. He shared his terror as a child, coming home from school one day, seeing no one on the street and finding no one at home, he thought that the rapture had occurred and he had been left behind. He also told about his gratitude when his mother came home but how stymied he felt since he couldn't share his great fear with his mother. I felt so much compassion for the little boy who Michael had been.

I also felt empathy for my own experience of being left behind. My wounding came from rules of the day regarding children's care not by the religion of my family but by the rules of a hospital. When I was three and a half years old, I had to have my tonsils removed. I was taken to a hospital many miles away from the village in which we lived.

To get a picture of my consciousness at the time, I was a bright, alert child, who had been the baby of the family for three and half wonderful years. Then my brothers were born. Everyone told me how lucky we were to have boys! I didn't feel lucky, I felt invaded. Up until then, the children in the family had been my older sister Kathryn and me. I thought the family was perfect just the way it was. But no one asked me.

Instead I was told that I was now a big girl who had little brothers! As a big girl I would no longer sleep in a crib but would sleep in a regular bed. My brothers were born in a local hospital. As far as I knew, if you wanted a baby you went to the hospital to get it, and if you no longer wanted your baby , you might take them back to the hospital. (That was a terrorizing story that I told myself.)

So there I was in a hospital where the nurses were mean and treated me like a baby by making me sleep in a crib.They fed me yucky food like Cream of Wheat cereal and gave me no choices. My throat hurt and there wasn't any mother to hold me and comfort me. To make matters worse, my mother was not allowed to visit me while I was under the doctors care. I was in the hospital for ten days! All the while I was imagining that I was no longer needed or wanted in my family. (Mom had visited every day but was not allowed to let me see her; One of the strange rules of the day.)

Of course, eventually she was able to take me home and I got to practice loving the invaders. (It took a long time but they turned out pretty good!)

Looking back now, I see that what I did is what we often do when we don't have all the facts. WE MAKE STUFF UP! None of it, except needing my tonsils removed, was even a fact, much less true. As human beings, we search to make meaning of what we experience. If we are making something up that could be beneficial, that would be great! But if we are making something up that is heart-breaking, disappointing or disturbing, we need to use the power of our minds to tell ourselves another story, a better one.

Try it next time your busy monkey mind has you wondering about a situation. Maybe you are preparing to do something you have never done before -- like walking on burning coals. Rev. Geoff Layng told us recently related his experience of walking on fire. He said the trainer took a day and a half preparing the walkers to build better beliefs; beliefs so they would not burn their feet. He said that almost everyone walked without injury. Take time to build a bigger belief in the right outcome, then live fully. You are using the creative process every time you are convinced about anything!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fully Present In The Eternal Now

Spirit resides in the Eternal Now
Today's entry in the Joyous Living Journal speaks of being fully present.

What a coincidence!

On Monday nights I have just started taking the "Thomas Troward: The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science" a class facilitated by our very own Rev. Bruce Fredenburg.

We have a dedicated group and more are welcome to join us as we discuss the nature of pretty much everything.

Our first selection discusses the differences between Spirit and matter. Already we have delved into the deep end and the discussion is already pertinent to the daily readings in the Joyous Living Journal.

"When the elements of time and space are eliminated all our ideas of things must necessarily be as subsisting in a universal here and an everlasting now."

Spirit is infinite and because of this cannot be limited to a place or a time but rather exists in the Eternal Now. It would follow that to commune with Spirit one must be in that Eternal Now.

Here's to being in the Present Moment!

Come join the discussion. If you have a Kindle the book in downloadable for free on

See you Monday at 7:00 pm at the Center.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Ordinary As a Wheelbarrow Full of Potatoes

You would think that reflecting on Mother's Day would be about my Mom. For some reason this Mother's Day was filled with thoughts of my Dad.

His birthday is May 11th and while it doesn't always fall on Mother's Day it did the year he was born and it did this year. He was also the one to really teach my about the beauty and sacredness of nature, of Mother Earth.

As a little girl I would get up early on Saturday mornings to help him make breakfast. We would go to the feed store in his truck. I wore a hat just like him, the kind that has the plastic holes in the back to adjust the size. I loved spending the day outdoors with him.

I would help him in the garden. My duties might include holding back plants while he rotatiled, gathering eggs or shuttling out ice tea from the house. We would sit back and laugh at our cat as he teased the mockingbird. He brought home a rolling staircase from the air force dump and we would roll it up to the cherry tree and sit in the branches to  have a "cherry festival."

He always noticed things that I didn't. He would find agates and other treasures in the dirt. I would walk by a ditch with a little water in it only to be told it was a freshwater spring and there was a trout living there.

I could walk by entire worlds of life thinking it was all quite ordinary. I even thought he was quite ordinary.

I am rethinking ordinary.

Everything is ordinary.
Everything is extraordinary.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Wired for Love Sunday Service

Today I let go of resistance to living my greatest life. I recognize how I resist stepping out of my comfort zone, close my eyes, and step forward into the unknown. I live an epic life by taking one step at a time. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Love your Body

All Abilities Day event leads to a shift in my own abilities. An image of the "Big Brian" from the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles. 

As the special education representative for my children’s middle school, I took on the challenge of managing an event called All Abilities Day. This is a time where students rotated through 3 stations of “disabilities” to get a glimpse of the experience of someone else’s life.  The day chosen in February was cancelled due to weather.  It was the “one day of the year (so far)” forecast to have massive thunderstorm activity.  The event was re-scheduled to May 2nd.  Needless to say, this was the complete opposite weather, as it was 97 degrees at the height of the day.

Because I had spear-headed the event for the past two years at my child’s elementary school, I was aware of the energy level I was to experience.  Oddly enough, those two past years were also rain days and were able to keep me cool during the day.  At 97 degrees, this year was not the case.  The event took place the entire school day, and at the last period, I began to have symptoms that I had not experienced before.  I had been walking the campus back and forth, from the outdoor blazing heat, to the indoor air-conditioned multi-purpose room.  The symptoms were that of heat exhaustion.

Having these symptoms forced me to relinquish my control of the event to another volunteer. Thankfully, I had a very well-versed on this event volunteer at this last period.  I had to sit in the shade and rest.  I knew that if I did not allow myself to take that time, my symptoms could get worse, even leading to passing out.  As the representative of this event, I made a wise decision not to let myself pass-out.

The days that followed were interesting.  Trying to do my normal day-to-day functions, with my typical energy level was challenging.  I was still having symptoms a week later and was surprised at how long it took my body to recover.

Here is what I discovered.  This event is one of my passions, a creation that I feel so strongly about.  If I do not cultivate my entire Being completely, those passions will fall short of manifestation.  Mind, Body, Spirit work is just that.  I know Spirit.  I know Mind.  I am not as familiar with Body.  This was a call to order for me.  If I do not want to complete the cycle of Wholeness, I can continue to ignore the necessity of this human vehicle.  To be Whole, I must recognize the gift of this human body and not take it for granted. Ironically, this is one of the messages I am trying to bring to students in All Abilities Day.  I have also been asking for prayer in this area, praying for stamina and vitality to keep up with my son’s Boy Scout activities. Attempting to create awareness for others, allowed me to create awareness in myself.  Sometimes prayers are answered in a wake-up call.

Friday, May 9, 2014

No Shades of Grey

No Shades of Grey

Today my ex-husband of twelve years called me to chat. I knew he was going to call because he had tried to connect with me earlier in the week and I left him my cell number.

It really was a pleasant conversation; we caught up on each other's families and where we were living etc. He is still an avid golfer and lives on a golf course. He told me that he had developed a love of writing, had taken some writing classes and was quite good at it.

Then he told me that he was writing a novel in which the hero ends up living in Arkansas; his new home. I suspect this novel will be somewhat autobiographical and wondered if and how I would be represented in it. Figuring that he certainly had the right to show his point of view of our years together and the end of our marriage.

The truth is that when we decided to separate, it was more my idea than his. Also, I did not behave or speak as the kind, compassionate and loving person that I would have liked to have been or as I presented myself as being. Before he left the area but several years after our divorce, I made an appointment with him to apologize for my unkindness. It felt good to ask for forgiveness which he willingly gave.

Most of my early years, before any spiritual work, I lived in an "either-or" world. For me people were either good or bad; I recognized no shades of grey. (Never mind fifty shades.) Living in an either-or world makes life very small indeed.

Learning to see through the other person's eyes, is a great tool for resolving conflict in relationships. An even greater tool is to see a third way and a fourth way.

You can use this tool for resolving conflict with others, and you could also use it to resolve issues within yourself. In the case of a couple ending a marriage: she has one point of view, he has another, his friends have another, her friends have another, and the children have yet another. So many ways to see anything. Ultimately the only thing that is necessary is to be true to yourself, say "say what you need to say."

When resolving your own issues, you can look at the situation from the perspective of those closest to you, not by directly asking them but by asking yourself what advice would my three closest friends give me? If all three would give the same advice you have tapped into your intuition. If, on the other hand, even in your imagination, there are three or more points of view, you are free to choose. Wow! How liberating is that!

Today is a great day to practice living in an expanding universe. Get out of the box of your habitual thinking and try something new on. You might like it.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Favorite Parenting Advice for this Mother's Day

You know that old saying, "It takes a village to raise a child"? I think that's true. And, also, I think it takes a village to support the parents.

One of my best sources of parenting inspiration and guidance is the Parent Forum and Rev. Pattie Mercado. She is my North Star when it comes to parenting insight. Here are some words of wisdom that I hold close to my heart as I walk along my parenting journey.

"Our children are our best mirrors to what's going on within us. 
Because really, everything is an inside job." ~ Rev. Pattie Mercado.

Did you know that?? We are so connected to our children that they act as perfect mirrors of our internal beliefs and thinking. Instead of trying to change them, it's a good idea to look within first and ask:

Why does this behavior bother me?
What do I believe about how my child is acting?
What is my work to do?

With this internal inquiry, we reveal a lot about our internal thought process and through recognition we have the opportunity to change our perspective. Now, that's not to say that we completely ignore our child's behavior. After all, it's our job as parents to act as tour guide in this world, pointing out potential dangers and local customs. But...

"Every experience is an opportunity to know myself better." ~ Rev. Pattie Mercado

Yes, it's true. Every experience we encounter as parents offers us (not our kids, not our spouse, not our neighbor or best friend) the opportunity to uncover our own beliefs, likes, dislikes, preferences and perspectives. And by knowing myself better, I get the opportunity to say, "Yes, this is true of me" or "No, this is something I want to change." Because, above all....

"I matter. You matter. Every choice you make matters." ~ Rev. Pattie Mercado

Yep! I matter. It matters how I parent my children. It matters how I choose to spend my money. It matters what I think. I know...sometimes it feels like you are just one little person in a whole sea of people, thoughts, Facebook posts. And you think...I voice doesn't really matter. But, it does! It matters a lot! We are here on purpose. Our children chose us for a reason. Just remember...

"You are the perfect parent for your child." ~ Rev. Pattie Mercado

And it's true. You are. I am. Even in a sea of parenting advice and judgments, I know my child best and I can trust my intuition to make the best choice for my family. Yes, even when I feel like I made a mistake or I don't really know what the heck I'm doing, I am still the best parent for my child. The bond of mother (or father) and child is sacred.

So this Mother's Day, take a moment to let all these gems of wisdom sink in. Know you are right where you are supposed to be in this life, regardless of how it looks in the moment. And, if you want to receive more of Rev. Pattie's amazing and honoring conscious parenting wisdom, join us for the Parent Forum, Wednesday, June 11, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch and child care is provided. Click HERE for more information.

Happy Mother's Day Friends!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How to Be Guided by Intuition

Intuition is  my favorite topic right now.

Probably because I have consciously chosen to LIVE intuitively and follow it when it talks to me.

For years, I didn't recognize it, then I started recognizing it, but didn't act on it, simply because I didn't understand it.

It wasn't logical.  It wasn't always easy.

But, as I have grown spiritually, I realized how much I wasn't living the live I really wanted to be living.

So, I knew I had to live more intuitively and act on the guidance I am given.

In a short time, many amazing things have happened and I'm demonstrating over and over why listening to my intuition is the way to go in life.

Living intuitively has made such a difference in my life that I decided to create an episode about it on my YouTube channel and thought I'd share it here:

What about you?

How do you live intuitively?  Share in the comments below how intuition has worked in your life and whether or not you feel you live intuitively or not.  

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Three R's of Intuition

Expect to Be In the Flow of Life
I think many people live in awe of the intuitive experience. I do. When it happens it's an amazing sensation and brings joy, wonder and excitement to life. "You don't still believe in coincidence?" my husband will tease.

Speaking with friends this weekend we were talking about how the same spiritual messages will repeatedly show up in various services and celebrations of all different faiths and persuasions. The message in my Saturday night prayer group is often repeated on Sunday at the Center for Spiritual Living and at times I will also see the very same message coming from other faiths as I peruse Twitter and Facebook on Sunday afternoon. It does fill me with awe.

"It means you're in the flow," my friend with strong Taoist tendencies shared. "Don't be in awe, be in expectation."

You see I thought being in awe was a show of recognition and gratitude but maybe I need to reframe this. Maybe, just maybe, I should adjust that awe to a grateful expectation of knowing. Relax into it like a river and know that this is how it should be. Recognize the unfolding and expect the flow.

The 3 R's Applied to Intuition
When you're in the flow, you're in the flow and later that evening someone shared a new set of the 3 R's. Not reading, wRiting and aRithmetic but recognize, respect and responsibility.

As we recognize we respect, and as we respect 
we become responsible. 

This morning I was thinking about how we can apply the three R's to the gift of intuition.

We recognize that we are part of Spirit and that it's natural to be in the flow. We recognize the words, symbols and signs that come to us in our life as we mindfully go about our day.

When our intuition speaks to us we respect it. We recognize it as a gift of Spirit and we come to another level of knowing that everything is Sacred.

We take responsibility. When intuition comes to us we take action. Spirit wants to be expressed through us and it's up to us to let that expression take place.

"Learn to hear and trust your intuition--it's an amazing way to listen to what Spirit is trying to be--as you." ~ The Joyous Living Journal

Sunday, May 4, 2014

In the Wilderness of Intuition Sunday Service

Today I trust my divine guidance. I recognize it by the peace and joy it brings. I follow this guidance, even when it seems illogical.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Why I chose not to post about Autism Awareness in April.

Expect Amazing things from a child with a Autism diagnosis.

In April 2013 I blogged The Awareness of Autism. It was a personal account of my relationship with the diagnosis of a child with this label.  This year I chose not to participate in the "blueness" of Awareness.  The reason is definitely Spiritual lead.  Over this year I have gained perspective that I once did not have.  I had revelations that were difficult to admit.  I was given the opportunity to see what a diagnosis really is, and what it really is not.  Basically, a diagnosis is a label of limitation; it is a way to categorize something as being like something else.  It is to tell a human, this is what you have, this is what you should expect, this is what you can and cannot do.  This is who you are.  This is the label you have been given to place you in this box.

When families are given a diagnosis for their child of Autism, it is not a welcome label.  It, however, needs to be given to receive services a child needs to help receive therapy.  When a child sees improvement in their condition, a diagnosis could change or services could be discontinued.  This is something that could frighten parents.  Parents can become anxious if the child no longer has services they think they need.

What I have noticed is the diagnosis doesn't limit my son.  He doesn't even know he has autism.  What I noticed is that it limits me, in my ability to be confident in his abilities outside of the diagnosis.  It is hard to admit as a parent to see your child as having restrictions to living.  Yes, I am not completely oblivious to the fact that he has challenges.  What I have to do in my own mind is to know that he is capable of more, a lot more, than his diagnosis.  A diagnosis doesn't define him. It allows him to have assistance where needed, however, he is much more capable than I ever thought, and he's proving it to me every day.  Though I always have known his Spiritual Connection existed, I am regretful that it took this long to be confident in his human spirit.  He has a strong human spirit.  His ability to see good and fun in life is very infectious.  He has taught our whole family what resilience looks like.  My story is not dissimilar to other families I know with children having a diagnosis.  Given the opportunity, our children will rise up to a space that will break out of the box of a label.  Instead of spreading an Awareness of Autism, I am choosing to spread an Awareness of the Human Spirit.

Enjoy this video from Michael Gott at the Mile Hi Church. He visited CSLCV last week, he was AMAZING.

Friday, May 2, 2014

2 Questions, Asked Daily That Will Change Your Life

This past week, I posted these two questions on my YouTube Channel.

Although the channel is geared towards busy moms, the principles shared on the channel are universal.

I thought I would share last week's episode in an attempt to challenge YOU to ask these questions of yourself EVERY day.

Know that the answers that come are your soul speaking to you.  That divine intuition that is propelling you forward to your ultimate life!

When you ask them and then act on them daily, you WILL see changes in your life...pretty quickly!

Watch the episode here:

If you're feeling brave, share in the comments below what things come to mind when you ask these questions and if you are committed to following your guidance!