Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good Morning World!

Good morning world, good morning universe, I'm on my way to a wondrous day! These words came to mind as I awakened from a deep refreshing sleep and brought a smile of appreciation and joy to my face and being.

As I continued with my waking up practice of saying a prayer of thanksgiving for the day I could feel my joy shaping my words and moving me into excitement and anticipation for the day that was ahead of me. Was it a special day? Not really, there were no birthdays to celebrate, no parties to attend, I was not going anywhere or doing anything special. Or so I might think. The day was an ordinary day of working with people I love, appreciate and enjoy being with.  Friends I have not seen in months were there.  Just by coincidence? I think not! Cooperation and kindness abounded amongst all of us and I felt the awesome feeling of knowing I am doing great work, that I am surrounded by people I love and we are sharing this beautiful life. 

All of that just because I started my day with a song and a prayer of thanksgiving? Yes, I believe it was. As it turns out my practice of welcoming my day is not new and I am not unique. Many of my friends and colleagues make this a practice. As important as our nighttime prayers is our morning greeting. So this morning before I get out of bed I am again reminding myself and setting my day in motion: Good morning world, good morning universe, I'm ready now for a wondrous day! I'm ready now for great and glorious things and I'm excited great things are coming my way!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cultivating a relationship

May we always be connected
in our traveling journeys.
And may you
always know
how deeply you are loved
how your life shines brightly.
And how your heart is never alone.
-The Kelly Rae Roberts Collection-

With our month theme, Connection: The lives you touch, coming to an end, I reflect on the relationship I have with my daughter.  Having a 12 year old daughter who has a great time being around her parents is such a blessing.  Having a daughter, who is also a sibling of special needs child, is also challenging.  For in that relationship, a look at her needs to "feel" special must be addressed.

Sometimes it can seem as if Autism encompasses everything, and she can take on a responsibility to always correct her 10-year-old brother's behavior.  Relieving her of that duty is a constant conversation.  However, I know there will always be some sort of responsibility she will endure.

At the beginning of the year, my "conscious" effort was to cultivate a relationship in Consciousness with my daughter.  With our bedtime prayer & meditation we grow closer in Spirit.  Whenever I find a quote or image of connection or humor, I place them in a file created on our computer. She selects some to print and places in her school locker or in her binder.  She finds a sense of peace throughout the day with these prints.  For Valentine's Day, the art piece from The Kelly Rae Roberts Collection was found in a mall gift store.  The words alone sparked a deeper conversation between us.  To delve deeper into our own thoughts, this wonderful mother-daughter journal.  Just between us: A no-stress, no-rules journal for girls and their moms by Meredith & Sophie Jacobs.  The whole section of starting the process is a great process, it's all about collaboration.  And, as suggested, I created a "special" fancy pen to write in it.  With all this cultivation we're getting ready for next month's theme, SHINE!!

Cultivating relationships through journaling.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What Is New Thought In San Clemente?

"The Explanation Is The Cure" The first 15 min of the documentary "What Is New Thought?".

From the self-help industry to A.A. & from Oprah Winfrey to the Word-Faith movement, New Thought principles are instrumental in transforming the lives of millions of people. Now get a closer look at how New Thought has had an impact in our world.

See bonus unused footage of Maxine Kaye, Della Reese, Wally Amos, Joe Vitale, and many more teachers and speakers featured in the movie visit

The Explanation Is The Cure. Think A New Thought. Dont Worry Be Happy!
The Explanation Is The Cure.  
Think A New Thought.
And So It Is. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Unexpected Income Club

Abundance is far more than's about unexpected gifts from the Universe
The Tuesday night class I'm taking at the Center is called Beyond Limits. This week we are learning about abundance. Not just abundance of money but abundance of anything from health to friendships and so on.

Last week Dr. Heather challenged us to take part in an experiment called The Unexpected Income Club. For the duration of our class, about four weeks, we are to look for unexpected income or gifts. This means your income from your job is expected so it doesn't count. Money that does count for the experiment is gifted money for birthdays or other special occasions. 

Now you might be wondering, what's left?! Going out for a planned lunch with a friend and your friend pays for your lunch, is one example. Totally unexpected! Or you may find a $10 bill crumpled up in the pocket of an old pair of jeans you don't wear much anymore. By now you get the picture. 

As I sat in class on Tuesday I listened to many of the students recount their week of unexpected gifts and income. One person found $300 filed away among some papers in the file cabinet! Another woman got her year end bonus and it was twice the amount she usually gets equaling $6000! I didn't want to, but I had to share that i had received a 1099 tax notification on some money that was gifted to me last year. Dr. Heather's reaction was, "Oh good!" Huh? Not the answer I was looking for. Clearly I wasn't understanding this abundance thing very well. At this point I felt I should hand over my membership card for The Unexpected Income Club. So instead, I decided to reset my consciousness.

The next morning as I was walking with my girlfriend on the beach trail, I noticed her beautiful jacket. She told me she had just purchased it. Even though it was well made of wool and a nice camel color, she really didn't like it. She said she would like to give it to me. So I excitedly took it off her hands. Once home, I put it on and looked in the mirror. It finally dawned on me and I screamed," This is my unexpected gift! This S...T really does work!!" 

Try the Unexpected Income Club for yourself and come back and comment. I'd love to read about it.

by Robin Pajaro

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Affirmation: The Web We Weave

I am a weaver, 
weaving love, compassion and connection 
with every touch of my Being. 

Much like a spider 
with a golden thread 
uniting perfectly chosen points for greater expansion, 
I touch people and create community. 

I know every person in my web is there on purpose 
and divinely chosen for my most magnificent experience.    

Saturday, February 23, 2013

What Choice is There?

I am very full -- mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We have come to the end of our spiritual living conference and I am filled with gratitude, excitement, appreciation and wonder.

One of the most profound workshops was offered by Bruce Sanguin, an ordained minister of the Canadian Memorial United church who writes and speaks about evolutionary Christianity.

When I was growing up in Conquest Saskatchewan, our family attended the United Church of Canada. I believed then that there was no longer vitality in that religion. In fact, although I loved my parents, friends and family who attended, I believed that few of them believed, actually believed, in "heaven" or even an afterlife.

Consequently, when I started to awaken spiritually, I rejected the church of my childhood. Life has many twists and turns, doesn't it?

Rev. Bruce Sanguin blew me away. He is a Christian mystic, whose poetry affects me as deeply as does the Sufi mystic, Rumi.  How could this man be part of the church I had rejected out of hand when I was in my thirties?

As I said to him after his workshop, if I had known that the United Church produced such extraordinary mystical thinkers, I may never have left it. Then I thought about my path, which led me away from Canada to the United States and the ministry I love and I realized that I would not change a thing. I can appreciate a poet and evolutionary thinker while still loving the principles of Science of Mind.

There is always a choice and we are on the right path now.
I am including Bruce's beautiful poem, "What Choice is There?"

When your words
are an assault
that drive me from our blessed unity
to take cover behind ego's bomb shelter,
my brave soul steps out
into no man's land,
waving a white flag.

What choice is there,
but to follow my courageous soul,
into enemy camp,
and there
sit with you in the living room
of your suffering,
and share a cup of hot tea?
I have only one question:
How has my love failed you?
Okay, two:
How is it that my ecstasy
has caused you
so much pain."

We find wisdom in unexpected places. Bruce Sanguin has written several books that you can buy on

Friday, February 22, 2013

Transforming Fear Beyond Limits in 6 Steps

Transforming Fear Beyond Limits in 6 Steps

What limits you in life?

Is it a fear of failure? Scarcity? Not being loved?  Not being worthy?

We all have fear of something holding us back from something greater.

Overcoming and transforming fear takes us beyond the limitations of fear and into the infinite possibilities of the Universe.

So how do we transform fear to faith?

I will share 6 steps Dr. Heather taught in our "Beyond Limits" class:

1.  Recognize the fear - Become aware of it.  If you don't recognize it, you can't deal with it.  When you recognize it, don't claim it for yourself.  For example, "My fear of failure" becomes "The fear of failure."

2.  Face the fear - Look it in the eye.  Understand where it is coming from.  Understand what it causes you to do...i.e. sabotage yourself, get in your own way, stop moving forward on an idea, etc.

3.  Give the fear a voice - Speak it aloud.  Energetically, that will release it from you.  

4.  Embrace and love the fear - Accept it as part of you, but do not allow it to "own" you.  Recognize it when it comes up and then....

5.    Make a spiritual choice - Choose something different.  When you've allowed fear to stop you in the past, recognize it and move through it.  Choose faith instead of fear.  Choose love instead of fear.

6.   Live in a new way - Live in the knowing that you may have a fear, but it's not you.  It's your shadow side keeping you in the status quo, but choose differently, and transform your fear into faith!

Learn tools and strategies to transform your life with Science of Mind Classes.  Click here to browse current and upcoming classes.  

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Finding Beauty in Messy Family Life

In our busy family lives, how often do we take a moment to honor the beauty around us.

Last night, snuggled in bed, I flipped through my copy of Simple Abundance and was drawn to the essay from January 18 titled Beauty: Opening Our Eyes to the Beauty That Surrounds Us.

Sarah Ban Breathnach writes:

"Gaze into the faces of those you love, set the table with care, and relish the preparations you make for dinner, delighting in the presentation of your meal. Light candles, pour wine or sparking water into your prettiest goblets and celebrate this new awareness. It is in the details of life that beauty is revealed, sustained and nurtured."

Don't you just breathe a little deeper reading this? Doesn't it sound so lovely and peaceful?

It doesn't say:

"Grab what you can out of the fridge. Throw together something they will eat, regardless of its nutrition. Yell at everyone to come to the table. Fight with preschooler to eat. Remind teens to put their knees down and receive an eye roll in return. Gobble down what's on your plate. Then clean up as fast as possible to get homework finished, dishes done, and kids bathed. And, to maintain your sanity and patience, drink an extra glass of wine."

Hmmm...I see room for improvement. I do have to say, that occasionally we stop before eating and do the blessing Rev. Pattie teaches the kids in the Center's Kids Day Out Program. In case you don't know it, it goes like this:

Hand up.
Hands down.
Breathe (take a long satisfying deep breath)
Breathe again (that felt so good we do it again)
Thank you for our food (said together) 

Every time we do that before our meal, it slows us down just enough and usually invites more conversation.

So for today, I intend to slow down, light some candles, set the table, drink out of my beautiful crystal and pray. And when I can't find the beauty or even the peace, God grant me the ability to see the humor and laugh.

What do you do to honor the beauty in your busy life? How do you slow down? Share it with me. As you can see, I could use inspiration.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Depression and the God connection

Seeing the Light in darkness.

This past Sunday's talk: "With God as your carrier, you're never dropped" lead me to reflect on depressive thought.  Because, even in the midst of a depressive thought, I'm never dropped.  No matter when, why, how, what, or why, God is always within me.

Looking back at my youth, I remember spending a lot of time alone with my huge imagination, my thoughts were my company.  Even in college, spending time alone at the beach was heaven.  I loved being alone and never thought anything of it.  Then in my mid-20's I started to notice an unhealthiness about it.  Though never clinically diagnosed, it appeared to take a form of depression.  I started to rely on my huge imagination to convince myself to get out of the house.  It seemed to work, however, I thought of depression as something inside myself that was not welcome, it was a bad thing.

After many years of cultivating Spiritual awareness, a revelation came.  The same power in my mind that has the ability to create thoughts of depression is the same power in my mind that has the power to create thoughts not to be depressed.  I took all the teachings I've had and looked at depression in a new light.  Depressive thoughts may be something inside of me.  What if I honor that part of me?  What if I greet it, acknowledge it, and let it know that whatever it is, it has no power over me?  The reason is my connection in God.  I know God and I are One, I know prayer & meditation work, I know all that I need is within me.  With this knowledge I am comfortable with personality traits within myself.  Depressive thoughts can come and go; I acknowledge them, bless them and send them on their way or use them in a creative purpose. 

In a conversation with ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ author Matthew Quick , by Patrick Ryan.
Quick states, "If I didn’t have depressive episodes, I wouldn’t be a novelist. When I wrote this book, I had been living in my in-laws’ basement for two years. I was unemployed and felt very alone. I hope this book helps people feel less alone, too.”

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Uncovering a Glimmer of the Authentic

Uncovering a Glimmer of the Authentic
Childhood offers clues to our authentic self when we take the time to remember.
Recently, I felt the urge to declutter my spaces. In those moments when I'm ready to release things, I look thoughtfully at my book shelf. I think, "Is there a book that I can let go of?" And every time, I decide I'm not ready and I've realized that it's because each of those books has a message for me. It's not always a message I need immediately, but rather I wait until I'm called. I got one of those calls today.

The still small voice inside brought to the fore front of my consciousness Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. Simple Abundance contains 366 essays for unearthing the spiritual beauty and simplicity in our daily lives. Written specifically for women, the words comfort me like a warm cup of tea. On this day, I'm called to the essay for February 19 titled Rendezvous with the Authentic Archaeologist. In that essay, Breathnach writes:

"Whether you realize it or not, you have lived many lives, and each one has left an indelible mark on your soul.  I'm referring to the episodic way in which our lives evolve: childhood, adolescence, college and early career years, marriage, motherhood, perhaps life as a single mother, widowhood and onward. Each life experience leaves a layer of memory like a deposit of sediment: things we've loved and moments of contentment we've cherished that when recalled, reveal glimmers of our true selves."  

Ah...yes...that makes so much sense! Sometimes, when I'm confused, I look outside myself for guidance. I ask friends for their opinions on what is right for me. But, as Breathnach reminds me, the only true answer comes from within, recalling where I've found joy and contentment. Those beautiful memories provide clues to my individual path, my heart's desire. Not my husband's preferences or my parents' wishes or my friends' choices, but my authentic life. And that life has evolved from childhood to now, sculpted by my experience. Isn't that beautiful?! Sometimes I watch my four-year-old daughter and wish I could be that authentic. When she's happy she sings without a care as to where she is or who is watching or if she's even on key. When she's sad, she cries and it doesn't matter if we are in the library, the supermarket or our home. Now, most of us wouldn't want to live life quite that out-loud, but to have a glimmer of it might serve our souls.

I think Simple Abundance will leave my bookshelf for now to live on my bedside table to provide me with daily "aha" moments. Join me! If you own Simple Abundance pull it off your book shelf. If not, you can purchase it by clicking below:

Monday, February 18, 2013

Debbie Ford...The life she touched

 Debbie Ford lived authentically and had the courage to shine her light into her shadows
and helped illuminate all of ours.
Just last month I wrote about my process of embracing my shadow characteristics and emotions inspired by the book, Dark Side of the Light Chasers written by Debbie Ford. It's been a favorite and classic book on my book shelf that I refer to occasionally when called.

Well, today, I read the sad news that Debbie Ford made her transition yesterday after a long battle with cancer. In a letter, her sister wrote that Debbie was ready and that she felt she had completed her mission here on Earth. I have to say that I am so grateful she lived and that she touched my life through her writing.

I can't even begin to imagine how many lives she transformed through her books, her talks, her videos and her foundations. She lived authentically and had the courage to shine her light into her shadows and helped illuminate all of ours.

Rest in Peace Debbie Ford.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Connections lives We Touch Now and Then

Connections lives We Touch Now and Then
When I was a little girl I had a crush on all my uncles. I had an especially big crush on my uncle who was only two years older than me. I probably followed him round on family gatherings and giggled a lot in his presence. As far as I knew, he didn't know I existed. For many reasons, after I moved to the United States in. 1993, we lost touch.

My uncle and his wife, en route to cruise Hawaii, were in the area a couple of weeks ago. We got together for lunch. We spent a delightful time together catching up on thirty years of living!

Two surprising things I discovered were that he told his wife and friends that I was a great public speaker! That was a surprise since I was certain that he didn't know I existed. He didn't know I could talk, what's more speak in public.

Secondly, he said that he had had a big crush on me! What a shock!

Here is my point. I had a greater impact on my uncle than I ever imagined.

You are also more powerful than you now know. You are touching more lives than you can imagine. When you live from a conviction that you do matter, the world listens. You can help create a world that works for everyone simply by letting your heart light shine, see the good in people around you. Let them know that you see them, hear them and value them.

It reminds me of a story a girl cried out to God, "god, the world is in such a mess. People are broken-hearted, lonely and afraid. God, please do something!" And God replied, "I did. I sent you."

Friday, February 15, 2013

Universal Law Like a Piano?

Universal Law Like a Piano?
I was always taught to sit in the front row.

You learn more.  You retain more. You hear more.  You see more.

Today as I sat in the front row of Sunday service, I watched the pianist beautifully navigate the keys of our piano at the Center for Spiritual Living.

What came to me, as I sat mesmerized, was how that very piano was an analogy to how the Universe works.

I was thinking what a disaster it would be if I scooted our talented pianist off the bench and started banging on the piano myself.

Because I don't know how to play the instrument, I would create a chaotic cacophony of sounds that would make most put their hands over their ears.

Yet, a professionally-trained musician can create beautiful symphony of music.

The Universe is like a piano.  

Untrained in universal principles, one will create a chaotic, disorganized cacophony of  events in their lives.  Mainly wondering why "life always happens to them."

When we understand how the Universe works, we can co-create a symphony of music in our own lives.  There is a multitude of things we can know in our lives, yet the one that makes the biggest difference in our lives so often goes unknown.  Mysterious.  Treated skeptically at times.  Yet, proven to be so in quantum physics.

If you are reading this and would like to co-create a symphony in your own life, join us for classes and learn the very principles that will turn your "Universal piano" into a beautiful instrument of joy!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Groundhog Day a Ceremony for Intentions

I've been thinking about intentions lately and how powerful they can be.

How special to celebrate Groundhog's Day with setting our intentions for the rest of the year with all my friends at the Center for Spiritual Living. 

There is nothing more powerful than the intentions we set.  Setting them with a group of like-minded people increases the energy exponentially with each person holding space for anothers intention. 

Intentions can be made every day...every hour.  It doesn't take a beautiful ritual annually to create great things in your life.

It simply takes getting present to your desires, releasing your intentions to the Universe, thinking and acting in agreement with that intention, and then receiving it. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Power of Intention

Yes, I do know that's the title of a Wayne Dyer book, however, I wanted to share my own lesson on the power of intention.

I have had a picture of a white SUV on my vision board for three years now.  I knew I'd have that car eventually.

I have had a very old car that I have loved for years, however, it had over 100,000 miles on it and hadn't been running too well lately.  My intention was for it to last until later this year, however, my thoughts every time I drove the car, would be, "Please car, just don't break down today."

My thoughts weren't exactly in alignment with my intention...and what happens when that is the case?

You get what you are thinking about!

Last week, my car finally decided it wanted to run no more.

Within a day, I had a new car, but something interesting happened.  It wasn't the white SUV that I thought I wanted.

Turns out, when I thought about my thinking throughout the time I had that white SUV on my vision board, the thoughts that I ran through my head were more about:

  •  How I looked forward to having music in my car (my car speaker's blew out 5 years ago)
  •  How I didn't want to spend a ton of money on gas anymore
  •  On a non-car level, how I truly want to make my mark in the world.
Here's how that all became my reality:

I have a beautiful car that has a multitude of music options...i.e. internet-based, satellite, or music from my iPod.

It is eco-friendly so it takes less gas AND helps me make my mark in the world.

It's not an SUV.  It's totally different from any car I'd ever thought I'd have.

But it is white!

The power of intention is just that...powerful.

How we think about that intention leading up to it coming into our reality WILL make a difference.  Be very careful how you think about it.   Your thinking could change everything, yet be open to the beautiful possibilities of your intention becoming much cooler than you could have imagined for most cases, it will be!

Friday, February 8, 2013

LIFE: This is what I believe about it. What about you?

One of the beauties of life is diversity.  Each person is an important thread in the tapestry of life and each one has a personal belief system that either works for them or doesn't.  This is what I believe...
I believe that every living being is born a perfect creation of a Universal Energy; some may call it God, Source, Spirit or Unconditional Love. Whatever terminology moves and inspires someone is very personal to each. This Universal Energy has no limits or boundaries in power, presence or scope, and is here to be expressed by means of us, humankind.  We are Its expressions and are inherently imbued with, and part of, this power that embraces all life. I believe that any ideas or actions of fear, hatred, anger or resentment are simply a disconnect from this Source and that the authenticity of every person is that of LOVE.  When we are truly in the awareness of our own magnificence, our own truth, all is indeed well in our world
LIFE: This is what I believe about it. What about you?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Imbolc ~ May you find strength & warmth in the returning light of the sun.

Join us in setting your intentions for this year. 

I promise ... I announce ... I declare ... I proclaim ... 

Every time we speak we are creating the future. 

What is longing to be expressed through you today?

Namaste Consciousness, the god in me recognizes the god in you
Namaste Consciousness, the god in me recognizes the god in you
And So It Is!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Connection: The Lives You Touch

From "Waking Life"
"Creation seems to come out of imperfection, it seems to come out of a striving ... and a frustration,and this is where I think language came from, it came from our desire to transcend our isolation and have some sort of connection with one another.
"So much of our experience is intangible So much of what we perceive cannot be expressed, it is unspeakable. And yet when we communicate with one another and we feel that we have connected, and we think that we're understood, I think we have a feeling of almost spiritual communion."

And that feeling might be transient ... but I think it's what we live for.

This month we are exploring the theme Connection: The Lives You Touch.

Feb 2 "Connect 3: Body, Mind, Spirit" Musical Guest: Jennifer Russell
Feb 10 "Sexual Tension: The Marriage of Masculine & Feminine Energy" Musical Guest: Melissa Suzanne
Feb 17 "With God as Your Carrier, You're Never Dropped" with our Celebration Choir
Feb 24 "The Web We Weave" Musical Guest: Denise Rosier

"We are not a drop in the ocean; we are the ocean in a drop." ~Rumi
"We are not a drop in the ocean; we are the ocean in a drop." ~Rumi