Friday, October 30, 2015

Stopping the War

For the month of November, our theme is A Path With Heart,by Buddhist author Jack Kornfield. The subtitle of the book is A Guide through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life. It is a delightful book with moving stories, insightful practices and practical information. It is about loving every aspect of ourselves --warts and wonders.

Kornfield wisely points out the need to bring kind attention to all the parts of ourselves. He especially emphasizes bringing loving attention to our wounds. 

He writes: "The unawakened mind tends to make war against the way things are. To follow a path with heart, we must understand the whole process of making war, within ourselves, how it begins and how it ends. War's roots are ignorance. Without understanding we can easily become frightened by life's fleeting changes, the inevitable losses, disappointments, the insecurity of our aging and death, Misunderstanding leads us to fight against life, running from pain or grasping at security and pleasures that by their nature can never be truly satisfying.
Our war against life is expressed in every dimension of our experience, inner and outer."
He goes on to say:"Ours is a society of denial that conditions us to protect ourselves from any direct difficulty and discomfort. We expend tremendous energy denying our insecurity, fighting pain, death and loss, and hiding from the basic truths of ...our own nature."  
We are taught to be brave. To not let feelings show. To act "like a man."

All the time we are making ourselves wrong for whatever is going on within us,we are at war with ourselves. There is always tension, concern. Yet all beings will experience loss, death and pain. Long ago I learned that pain was certain but suffering is optional. However, denying our suffering simply intensifies the pain. try it right now. If you are experiencing any tension or discomfort, simply accept it. Let it be. I usually notice that it slips away.

Kornfield gives an example of a man who was grieving over the death of his child several months previously. The man came to this retreat with sacred symbols from each of the previous retreats. He clearly was struggling. Kornfield suggested that the man put them all away and simply be present to whatever was going on within him. Within a few minutes he was crying. After a few minutes more he was sobbing, truly experiencing the grief that he had been avoiding. That experience was the beginning of his healing. he stopped the war and let the peace begin.

Is there something you are avoiding by your busyness? Is there something you need to feel to be truly present? Is there a part of you that you have been ignoring because it may feel too risky to feel it?

The time is now to stop the war. Call in the troops. There is no need to defend or attack. Wayne Dyer used to say,"You can't take sides in a world that is round." Stop making any part of you wrong. War ends today.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Free Edwene Gaines Workshop; The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Finding your Divine Purpose, Forgiveness and Worthiness, Tithing and Giving, Setting Clear-cut Goals. If you are ready to learn and practice the principles of true prosperity, this workshop will answer your questions and inspire you to act.

Living at an exceptional level is not only possible - it's right there for you, Edwene Gaines explains, if only you abide by the four spiritual laws of prosperity. Gaines, an ordained Unity minister, has been delivering her inspirational, life-changing message to audiences of all faiths at workshops across the country. Now she brings her powerful words to readers of this, her first book. Explaining the four spiritual laws.

Free Edwene Gaines Workshop; The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity
I want you to tithe where you are fed spiritually.  @EdweneGaines 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Tithing: The First Law Of Prosperity, Sunday Service

I am the Infinite in the finite and the finite in the Infinite fully expressing life. I activate the Law of Circulation by joyfully giving back to my Source a portion of the good I have received, ingratitude to Source for being my supply. And so it is!

Friday, October 23, 2015

The Secret of Permanent Prospertity

Like most human beings, I am both fascinated and terrified by fire. I love to sit in front of a fire pit watching the flames dance, warmed by the heat. On the other hand if those flames start spitting sparks, I will quickly move away. I do not want to get burned. Last spring, I attended a ministers only retreat at Valley Ridge Alabama led by the awesome Rev. Edwene Gaines. Part of the retreat was the opportunity to walk on fire. Edwene is a Master Firewalker, has been certified as a trainer for many years. At first I wasn't even remotely interested. I thought smugly to myself, "Those fools can get burned if they want to! But I'm too smart to do something so foolish." However, after three days of praying and remembering my spiritual nature, I too decided to walk. I walked three times. It was the most exhilarating experience of my life! And to think, I just about missed it because i was afraid. 
Walking on Fire
When we got back to the program room from walking on fire, Edwene had us write on an index card, "I walk on fire, I can do anything I choose!"

That affirmation helps me in every area of my life including prosperity.

This Sunday, Rev. Edwene Gaines will be our guest speaker. He talk title is The Secret to Permanent Prosperity. I don't know exactly what she will talk about, but I can guess that she will challenge us to look false fears in the face and know that we are powerful spiritual beings, living in a spiritual universe governed by spiritual laws. She will likely talk about the Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: tithing, goal setting, purpose and forgiveness.

For many people lack and limitation are normal states of consciousness. They have a belief that there is never enough. When invited to practice the first law of prosperity -- tithing, fear comes up. There is a belief that if they  give away 10% of their income, there won't be enough left to meet their commitments. From a human point of view  it appears true. But just like the fire walking experience worked because I listened to spiritual guidance, tithing works because I am saying that "God is my Source."

Is it time for you to face your fears and walk on the fire that scares you? If you are in the area, come to the Center Sunday morning. Edwene is our guest speaker. Then plan to stay for her workshop. She guarantees that her workshop will transform your life ...if you are teachable.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Come Put Your Prayers Into The Circle Of Life

Please  join us at Wednesday Wisdom to add your Prayers into the Circle of Life.
Oct 21 at 6:45 here at the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley.

1201 Puerta Del Sol San Clemente, California 92673. 

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, know that you are welcome here.

Come Put Your Prayers Into The Circle Of Life.
Come Put Your Prayers Into The Circle Of Life

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Divine Purpose: A Law Of Prosperity, Sunday Service

I know that there is within me that Something that knows what my divine purpose is in life. So I pay attention to its urgings, prompting and ideas with the full knowledge and awareness that it is the Divine in me fully expressing as my intuition. I do not doubt it.
And so it is!

Friday, October 16, 2015

You Are Invited to Participate

First Service in San Clemente 2013

Do you love the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley?

Would you like to participate in the success of this center?

Do you consider this Center to be your spiritual home?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, please join your spiritual family for a very special event.

On Sunday, November 1, 2015, immediately following the service, I will lead an inner introspective journey that will reveal your successes and how you have  risen to a more joyful way of living by being part of this beautiful spiritual family. I will then explain how your commitment to our Center benefits our programs, staff, and our community at large.

If you consider yourself to be a member of this spiritual family or if you would like to be a member, please join us in the Love, Community and Commitment that is who and what we are at the Center for Spiritual living Capistrano Valley.

We will break bread together, so you won't need to leave after the service. Both your souls and your stomachs will be fed. 

I am looking forward to seeing you there.

Our mission is to grow into our divine potential individually and collectively, revealing spiritual truth, and inspiring spiritual awareness in our community.

For those of you who join us virtually and cannot attend in person, arrangements will be made for you to Zoom in to be part of the ceremony. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Know Yourself! (You Are More Than You Think)

We appear to be four-dimensional beings passing through a three-dimensional experience. One metaphysician has said that the fourth dimension is the first — the first being pure Spirit or absolute intelligence, from which the three-dimensional world proceeds. We are cosmic beings temporarily caught, as it were, in a finite net. Undoubtedly we have come up through endless eons of evolution, through the instinctive intelligence of the animal to the self-consciousness of the human, and are apparently ready to take the next step which is a greater consciousness of the cosmos and of our unity with the whole. 

Know Yourself! You Are More Than You Think

Back of our evolution there appears to be a cosmic impulse compelling progress, pushing us forward. There also appear subjective memories, emotions and cravings, and the world of experience, not all of which are altruistic or salutary, but which pull us forward. We are pushed and pulled at the same time, whether it be within or without drawing us onward. This mind is expanding. We continuously slough off the old ideas and take on new and generally better ones. We have come to the point in our evolution where we are asking ourselves: What am I? Where am I going? What it is all about? There seems to be something in us which demands an answer. … As we make a survey of the enlightened thought of the ages, we come to the conclusion that a cosmic necessity is impelling our progress.

From “Know Yourself! You Are More Than You Think”  - Ernest Holmes (1970 , compiled and edited by Willis Kinnear)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Forgiveness: A Law Of Prosperity, Sunday Service

As I forgive, I am forgiven. So I declare myself to be willing to forgive him, her, them and that for whatever it was that caused me to be upset. As I forgive, I gain more freedom...and he,she,them and that gain their freedom too. Now we all move along in life.
And so it is!

Friday, October 9, 2015

An Understanding Heart

In her book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, Edwene Gaines tells the story about wise King Solomon whose answer to the question God asked him of what did he want, he answered that since he has a nation to rule, to wanted God to give him an understanding heart. God was pleased with that answer and gave him riches and honor as well.

Edwene goes on to say,
What it means to have an understanding heart is you can't blame anybody for anything. You can't blame your ex-spouse, the Pope, the Internal revenue Service, your boss, your hairdresser, the Republican party, the Democratic party, your parents, the Queen of England, anybody.And you especially can't blame yourself You have to live in a constant state of being forgiven."
What would it be like to live in that state of consciousness? I believe miracles would happen all around you. 

Is there something that is heavy on your heart? The unconditional Love of the Universe wants to give you what you want. But it cannot when we have anger or regrets.We can learn from great women and men who have learned to forgive so that their lives could be better.

Living with an understanding heart reminds me of an interaction I witnessed several years ago between a father and his pre-school son. It was the day before Mother's Day, the dad  was doing some shopping in Trader Joe's. He gave his son a bouquet of roses to hold. The little boy was kind of dragging the flowers behind him and using them to point and tap on objects. When the father noticed, he very tenderly and gently, got down on the boy's level and said, "Son, you need to be gentle with these flowers. They are special for your mommy. You need to hold them like a baby." That boy cradled that bouquet for the rest of the time in the market.

I applaud that father for showing his son that gentleness and tenderness are good qualities. I applaud him for being observant and kind to his son. I applaud his understanding heart.

A Father With His Son

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Goal Setting: A Law of Prosperity

As I establish my goals in life think big, intend big, plan big, act big and walk with confidence. I look the world right in the eye because with Spirit and Principle, as my partners in my endeavors, I know I cannot fail! And so it is!

Friday, October 2, 2015

A Powerful 21-Day Challenge

In her book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, Edwene Gaines writes about learning the importance of living without complaint. She tells that she went to church, and after the service she cornered the minister with a long list of complaints --including the dirty carpet, the off-tune vocalist, the coffee and the bulletin. She says she went on and on.
"This great high, holy teacher patiently listened to my long litany of complaints. Then he said, 'Edwene, dear, for you today the highest metaphysical law in the universe is, Don't bitch!''
Of course, initially she was taken aback, but after practicing for twenty-one days, she saw how little she had to say that wasn't  a complaint. She says that if you want to be a powerful spiritual being, creating the life of your dreams, you must stop complaining gossiping or even uttering any negative language about yourself or anyone.

I know another minister who made it a policy, that if someone noticed something that needed to be done and mentioned it, they had just signed up to head that committee.

It should not be that difficult to do. And there is a very good reason to do it. According to Ernest Holmes, 
"And it is a law that the man who sees what he wants to see, regardless of what appears, will someday experience in the outer what he has so faithfully seen in the within. From selfish reasons alone, if from no loftier reason, we cannot afford to find fault, to hate, or even to hold anything against any living soul! The God of love cannot hear the prayer of the one who fails to love."
Intuitively you know that this is true. You know that when you are happy and positive-minded, good flows to you. You are in the divine flow. And conversely, when you are feeling resentment, bitterness, or blame, the good stops flowing. This is a great experiment to try for yourself.

I know for you as I know for myself, my conversations will be more positive and life-giving because of this intention. 

What a great practice that will provide benefits for years!