Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ernest Holmes Creative Mind 1918

This little book is an attempt to explain what each soul must discover for himself, that he stands in the midst of an eternal creative power which presses itself around his own thought, and casts back to him glorified all that he thinks. If it awakens within the consciousness of one single individual the realization that the mind of the Universe (which is the only mind that there is) is his own mind; that the creative power of this mind is his also; that the manifestation of this mind is his own individuality; that the love and power and peace of this mind is within himself, it will not be written in vain. May it then do much in simplifying and bringing to light some of the deeper mysteries and meanings of life.


And So It Is!
And So It Is! 

Monday, April 29, 2013


Matsiko in Africa means Hope. And that's just what these kids brought to our sleepy little Village by the Sea.

The Matsiko World Orphan Choir rolled into San Clemente on Thursday afternoon April 25th. Their two day stay was brief but also powerful and life changing.

Our family opened our home and hearts to three girls. One from Liberia Africa and two from Peru: Veronica (12 yrs.), Mariella  (8yrs.) and Lady (11yrs).

Every year hundreds of families and kids from orphanages walk for miles to try out to join the Matsiko Choir. The organization is called The International Children's Network. They take these kids on a year long tour of the U.S. performing. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity for these kids. The goal is to empower these children and show them what their potential in life can be. After the tour is over they return to their homes or orphanage with a higher awareness of who they are and what they can become. With sponsorship they've obtained they often go up to the university level eventually becoming doctors,engineers or have a valuable and marketable skill.

If all of the forgotten orphans and at risk children held hands they could circle the globe 13 times. That statistic staggered me. All the organizations like the ICN and world vision that dedicate themselves to helping these children only are able to affect less than 1%.

My knees went weak when I learned this. As I stared across my dinning room table at these three precious girls I suddenly felt so helpless and insignificant.When I signed up for my family to host I patted myself on the back. Little did I know that was just the tip of the iceberg. Now my brain was split wide open with this knew awareness and understanding. I became obsessed with thoughts of, "What more can we as a family do?!"

My first thought was, let's adopt one! Isn't that what we do in this country? We blaze our way into these third world countries and rescue these poor waifs and bring them back to our Land of Plenty. Thinking we've done our part for humanity. Our hearts are in the right place. I've learned another valuable way to help.

I was enlightened by David, one of the amazing men working for the organization as a chaperon. He explained to me that  we empower these children through the experience of touring with the choir and sponsorship they can then go back to their country of origin as a beacon of light and hope for other children. They will have an understanding of what it means to work and study hard to succeed and prosper in life. Becoming an inspiration to their peers. Breaking the cycle of poverty. In Essence, teaching them to fish so they can feed themselves for a lifetime, as the old saying goes.

Great!! We will sponsor one of our three girls. How do you go about the agonizing process of choosing just one? When we inquired about this we were informed which one needed it the most. Still, we didn't want to hurt the other girl's feelings. We were assured they are taught to be happy for one another and that there is enough to go around. How Science of Mind!

The sponsored one would be Lady, the 11 yr. old Peruvian girl.When the chaperon shared the news with Lady that we would be her sponsor family she ran to me and flung her arms around my waist nearly knocking me off my feet. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and thanked me over and over again. She did the same with my husband. I now think I know what it would feel like to win the lottery. Although I bet this is a little sweeter. My heart was absolutely bursting with love for this child.

Other touching moments was watching my own girls playing and interacting with all of the kids in the choir. Noticing with joy their new awareness of the whole situation. How they helped take care of our three girls we hosted. Listening as my girls conversed in Spanish with the Peruvians and playing with abandon on the beach with these beautiful beings. I don't know who received more gifts of the heart, The Matsiko children or all of the host families.

As they left town early Saturday morning in a wake of tears our family walked away changed. We now have better awareness and the knowledge that we can make a difference in the world one child at a time.

The Matsiko Choir and all the people involved promised to return to San Clemente next year and stay longer. I passionately urge everyone to open your hearts and homes to these amazing children. One caution though, prepare to fall head over heels in love!!


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Life's A Play


No one living knows in what sort of life our souls hover prior to birth.  We only belatedly discover that, when the bright lights go on, it’s show time.
We come into this world with no idea how to deal with it, or what our part in it is to be.  Because the experience is absolutely new, and because we inhabit these animal bodies that constantly grow and change, there is much to learn; and perhaps the most daunting assignment is the comprehension of time itself.
As we take the first steps into existence, we are directed by those souls who care for us, and those around us.  The scripts we are given are incomprehensible.  Many of the people in whose charge we have been placed have some experience, but little wisdom.  And most challenging of all is that we are allotted a finite amount of time in which to accomplish the mastery of our role in life.
In the perceptions of our youth, this rehearsal seems interminable, the lights too bright, the stage too hot.  Many of the other actors among whom we find ourselves are less than cooperative; we learn the strange sensations of pain and fear, and the delight of pleasure and joy.  We are frustrated by the fact that this rehearsal is part of the play of life itself, and that even our attempts to prepare ourselves for it are on display; we are forced to learn its complexities while performing, and realize that the rehearsal, and even the intermission are important parts of the play as well.
In Act II we discover human love.  It is so utterly mesmerizing that we often forget our lines.  We are introduced to the most exalted feeling ever experienced, while at the same time playing the fool.  We open ourselves to other actors without inhibition, only to find ourselves in the bleakest state imaginable.  This is where we fall back upon the ultimate values we have learned from the beginning, and use them to propel ourselves forward, for the show must go on.
But the ultimate love scene we all must play is not with another actor, but with the Director, God Itself.  God has cast us each in our unique roles, and has given us everything needed to live a full and good life; it is up to the individual actor to play that part to the utmost.  This requires that we stay acutely aware of the Beloved in every moment of our lives, acknowledging that Presence in every situation and every person, and expressing our heartfelt gratitude for the gift of life.
Life’s a play, but without a script.  The Director wants us only to give our best, push our boundaries, enjoy the performance and be decent with each other.  The next play, in the next world awaits us all.  When the final curtain falls, and you take your last bows, what will the reviews say?
--by Rick Dale
Rick is an accomplished singer/songwriter who is currently appearing in the musical play, "Route 66" at the Cabrillo Playhouse in San Clemente, CA.  He is also a very involved and highly regarded member of the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

We Are Spiritually Supported Always

During our Tuesday night class on The Essential Ernest, students were asked to write a paper on how their thoughts create their reality. Pat  Brencic used what she knows about the importance of a positive attitude to create positive results in her life. She learned  something  about judgment and perception as well. Her writing is so beautiful; I wanted to share it with you. 

One of my greatest joys is to see students awaken to the power of their own minds. I love to see how the Universe is always supporting us. I love that we are always at choice about how to use our minds. The following was submitted by Pat Brencic, a long time student of the Science of Mind.


"I was driving north on Coast Highway headed for watercolor art class--my favorite activity of the week! I was listening to a favorite Streisand CD, “Higher Ground.” A mellow mood of peace surrounded me as Barbra sang, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”  As I listened, my heart was bursting with appreciation for the warmth of the day, the sunshine, the beauty of my surroundings.

When I arrived at my destination and began to collect my painting gear, I realized my purse was missing. I looked everywhere—under the seat, in the back, in the trunk! In a matter of seconds, my serene mood gave way to panic. I vacillated between disbelief and reality. My heart beat loudly and irregularly. A sick liquid rose from my belly into my throat. An all-too-familiar voice shuddered through my body: “How could you be so stupid?” “How can I ever trust you?” “Look what you’ve done, now!”

Humiliated, I turned the car around to return to the coffee shop where I’d placed my purse on the counter while I added cream to my coffee. Doubtless, innumerable customers had been there in the meantime. In my mind I sorted through the content of my purse--$200 in cash, credit cards, drivers license and bank debit card—potentially an irresistible temptation to a desperate human being. I thought of the varied patrons of the coffee shop and of the two Vietnamese, who worked there, particularly of Dennis, the cook, who spoke few words, seldom made eye contact and whose face never showed any expression.

My body and mind were beset with distrust, discouragement and shame as I began to retrace the route I had driven earlier under an aura of gratitude and blessing. How was it possible that the flavor of my reality could change so quickly from light to dark, from joy to hopelessness when nothing had actually happened in those brief minutes? Nothing at all changed except MY THOUGHTS!

 In a moment of clarity, I realized that I had a choice. The result of this event in my life remained unknown. I could spend the next 15 minutes of my drive painting the outcome with fear, shame and mistrust. Or . . . I could try to unearth and reestablish the sense of gratitude and appreciation that had colored my earlier trip along this route. Knowing this was a pivotal moment, I made my choice for the latter. I turned Barbra on again, trusting her voice to reengage my earlier vibrant mood. As she sang, “I Believe,” I visualized people going in and out of the coffee shop and sent them thoughts of blessing and good will. I imagined good fortune for the couple who operated the shop. Several times, doubts overwhelmed me, but I also remembered my ability to choose again!

My purse was nowhere in sight when I entered the coffee shop once more. With little hope I asked the small, shy woman behind the counter if anyone had found my purse. She paused for a moment, and then reached behind her. Her eyes showed delight when she handed me my purse and said, “Dennis found it!” In that moment my heart swelled so much that I thought it would burst out of my body. I couldn't speak! So, by way of saying “thank you” I reached in my purse, took a large bill out and held it out to her. She shook her head and backed up, refusing to accept it, even when I tried again and again. I suspect it may have shocked her that I was crying. How could she know the depth of the lesson she had brought me that day.

When I returned to my car and started it up again, Barbra was singing, “We are standing on Holy Ground.” Isn't Barbra amazing!"

Here is a challenge for all of us: Next time you are tempted to fret, fear and make scary stories about your future, remember Pat's story, its lessons and its happy ending.

Don't Worry Be Happy!
And So It Is! 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Religion 101: Spiritual Not Religious

the Flames of Faith
Which of the world’s religions most accurately defines me as a person?
One of my very favorite parts of the service is in the very beginning. “Lighting the Flames of Faith, a Call to Service” when a reverend will light a candle for each of the world’s religions

“We perform this ceremony at the start of Sunday service to promote the universal consciousness of Life which acknowledges that all peoples and all faiths, all sentient beings, come from the One Great Universal Presence, which we call Spirit. Fundamental to this truth is the unifying nature of all Religious thought and experience, which we honor here today.”

It also makes me giggle a bit. I think of “Religion 101.“

It’s spring 1986. I am looking through the college catalogue to pick my classes for my first semester. I choose Religion 101. It not only provides me an opportunity to examine my beliefs but also fulfills a Humanities requirement.

Fall arrives and I’m a freshman in Religion 101 and our first paper is due. I diligently read all the reading assigned and proceed to answer the essay questions. I’m confused. My studies didn’t give me the world religion sampler platter I was anticipating.

I have vague, very vague, memories of those reading assignments, scattered pages across multiple obscure titles in the dusty section of the library, some selections just a page or a paragraph each. Something about a pole and everything revolving around the center ...

I was just wondering if I should remain a Catholic or maybe check out the Unitarian Church down the street?

Does it matter? Is church just a way to ruin a perfectly good Sunday. I remember going to church with my “Protestant cousins” and was shocked when I discovered we sang and recited from the very same missalette. Maybe we weren’t that different?

Does organized religion have anything to offer me?

In a panicked scramble that I failed my first paper and a desire to tell the professor that I AM LOOKING FOR ANSWERS HERE I end up furiously writing a 17 page stream-of-consciousness rambling missive of my religious beliefs sprinkled with a few incidences of psychic phenomenon. I run to the professors office to deliver this masterpiece. I blurt out a few incomprehensible statements and run off to my next class.

Now I cringe just thinking of the babbling dither that was on that paper. But I was honestly looking for answers and all I knew to do was to look at my personal history.

The following Monday our papers were handed back. My paper had received an A. After all that ... my paper was fine. Wish I understood it.

I was feeling a bit exposed in class. I settled down and realized this class was probably not going to be guiding my personal decisions. I had assumed that a religion professor, someone who had devoted ones life to the study of religion, would pick the best one.

Throughout the semester the professor revealed he had practiced about 44 religions up to this point and the last one he mentioned I was sure I read about in the paper. They were accused of behaving very inappropriately with one another on some international plane flights and they wore a lot of red.

I resolved to never let myself get that crazy.

It’s much different now. I’m not looking for a label. Labels I did wear in the interim “Spiritual Not Religious” or "Recovering Catholic." But I have come to believe that Truths are repeated across centuries, civilizations and religions. I can appreciate them dressed in whatever tradition they come.

For me ... it’s in that candle lighting ceremony.

“Fundamental to this truth is the unifying nature of all Religious thought and experience, which we honor here today.”

And that’s why I’m here. To get a piece of that.


What is the path that led you here?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Parenting with the Power of I AM

I send my kids into the world equipped with self-worth and shame-resilience.
Early in my parenting role, I had the opportunity to take Science of Mind classes at the Center. In class, Dr. Heather made the power of I AM abundantly clear, explaining that when we refer to the I AM we are talking about our Self, the "Self" in self worth. Yes, it's true! We are building our mind's belief about who we really are. So anytime we state "I AM" and then put words like...tired, wrong, bad, stupid, lazy, fat...behind it we are defining our self concept.

That made so much sense to me and I immediately became more conscious and mindful about how I defined myself and others. In our home, we outlawed words like stupid and dumb. And, I recognized that "you are" is just as powerful as "I am" especially coming from a parent.

Fast forward about 10 years.

Those who follow the blog know I'm reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. In Daring Greatly, she has a chapter on wholehearted parenting and talks about raising shame-resilient children. On page 225 she tells a story about her daughter Ellen and an experience she had at school that offered me a perfect example.

When Ellen was in Kindergarten, her teacher called me at home one afternoon and said, "I totally get what you do now."

When I asked her why, she said that earlier in the week, she had looked over at Ellen, who was in the "Glitter Center" and said, "Ellen! You're a mess." Apparently Ellen got a very serious look on her face and said, "I may be making a mess, but I'm not a mess."

AHA! Now I must admit, even though I understood the power of I AM and redirected my children based on action not character, I never really quite got the rephrasing until now. Reading this was a powerful moment for me.

Do you see the difference? It moves our thinking from defining ourselves or our children, to creating a changeable moment. So, for instance, instead of staying "I am wrong" we could change it to "I said the wrong thing" or "I made the wrong choice." I AM still lovable, worthy, good, right, whole, but sometimes I do things that I can change.

Even though I didn't totally "get" the rephrasing as clearly as I do now, I did choose to bring my family to the Center every Sunday. And Rev. Pattie bases the youth program around recognizing God qualities and speaking them with "I AM" statements like I am...joy, power, love, peace, abundance; the real truth of who they are.

My children might encounter shame-based interactions out in the world, but in those moments, I want them to respond like Ellen did and know "That's not the truth of me! I am Magnificent! I am Perfect!"

Just in case you've forgotten your magnificence, here's Jami Lula to remind you!

Was reading this an AHA moment for you? Are you reading Daring Greatly? Did Jami Lula's song remind you? I would love to know what you took away from this post or the book. Join the conversation in the comments.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Awareness of Autism

As we come to the conclusion to the month of April, autism will remain near and dear to my heart.  In case you didn't know, April is autism awareness month and those who live their lives surrounded by this diagnosis are trying hard to make you aware.  I've done my share of the work, especially on April 2nd.  This was the day where the world was "lighting it up blue". Posting pictures from various landmarks, colleges, groups all taking on the blue spirit, had me pulled to bombard my friends in social media.  However, the day prior, on April 1st, I shared a great visual from Talk About Curing Autism (TACA).

Talk About Curing Autism

This image really had me deeply thinking.  I remember way back in my Spiritual unfoldment, hearing the statement, "The first step is awareness".  I remembered several years later in a conversation with a friend stating that I am very aware of my life, now how do I get out of awareness?  What I didn't know is that there is an awareness of life as opposed to Awareness.  Now, knowing the difference, I reflect on how autism has affected my life.

When parent(s) are dealt the news of autism, the stages of grief are introduced.  Once the stages wear away (which, by the way, is probably never) then action/go mode is in effect.  Decisions are made for a young child that would probably not be thought of unless needing desensitization to living life. Screams, that make one want to come to the rescue, are heard behind a closed bedroom door, as therapists work with inabilities to be flexible.  Deciding to have a 3 year old child ride the bus 30-40 minutes to school, so that the future will be easier to handle, is a painful choice.  Second guessing is a conversation that is had many times over.  Trying to overcome self-scrutiny, while societal scrutiny is peering over your shoulder is losing battle.  Avoiding stares of judgment while a child is tantruming becomes the norm.  Autism can become all-encompassing, with the utmost goal of fixing what is wrong with a child.  Here lies the struggle, the constant confrontation within.  How does one continue to love a child just the way he is?  Can one see who the child really Is when always trying to fix them?

Yes, this is part of my story and so is the following:

Seeing a child as a unique, emanation of God is a blessing.  Seeing this in a child diagnosed with autism takes on an awe-inspiring tone.  In the midst of this diagnosis, something bewildering is set upon the universe.  A Knowingness that all in right with the world.  For in these Beings are ways of communicating so far beyond comprehension, that just marveling at their abilities, is a shift in consciousness.  Some of these beings were given a grim diagnosis; however, we are becoming so much more aware of their capabilities and way of expressing themselves, that a Spiritual revelation is taking place.  And if you just stop to be witness of it, you will discover amazing things about yourself.  Being in awe of a child diagnosed with autism isn't that difficult.  Know, they too, are a Spiritual Being having their own experience in this time and space as this human expression.

Each day I experience a child diagnosed with autism is an interesting one.  When I focus on my 10-year old son's abilities, I am amazed how his brain works.  Yes, assistance is needed to help him along his journey, however, being that vehicle of assistance takes on a different understanding.  It's an honor to be a parent of any child, to be a parent of a child diagnosed with autism allowed me the gift to deepen my Spiritual strength.  Believing is seeing, has brought a sense of freedom in my life and the understanding of my place in his.  As co-creators in Spirit, as my son and I walk hand-in-hand, I know this experience will continue to lead me into greater unfoldment in the I AM.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Matsiko World Orphan Choir In San Clemente

This Friday April 26, 2013 at 7:00pm our center will be hosting the Matsiko World Orphan Choir. Come support these inspiring children in this "Love Offering Concert" 
"Matsiko" is the Ugandan word for "hope" a word that embodies both the childen and the songs that they sing. Inspiring all who experience a Matsiko World Orphan Choir performance audiences applaud the performance which includes much more than beautiful harmonies. During the concert they share cultural dances, act out dramas, and perform original and authentic powerful and complex drum routines.
click here for directions 1201 Puerta Del Sol #100, San Clemente, CA 92673, USA

Want to enjoy more outstanding events with a Namaste Consciousness? Hit the Events tab! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Not Acting Your Age!

Not Acting Your Age!
Tanya and Don

Tanya and Don are my aunt and uncle. They are about as close to being my parents as you can get. At ages 66 and 67 years old they just won't act their age!

This weekend down in beautiful Mission Bay in San Diego they competed in The International Championship Triathlon. With over two thousand racers from all over the world. Instead of acting their age like most of their friends, they swam 1/2 a mile, biked 12 mi, and ran 3 miles. All three sports in under two hours.

All the while with big smiles on their faces, encouraging words for their fellow athletes, and that fierce glimmer of competitiveness in their eyes.

I know this because I've had the honor to race along side of them.

Just as inspiring, they raced along side the Paratriathletes in this championship race. These are the men and women, some military, whom have lost a limb or both limbs, or are paralyzed from the waist down and have to use a hand cycle. Oh and by the way the partially paralyzed ones still swim. Some are the same age as my aunt and uncle. Clearly not acting their age! And some are mere teenagers.

After many conversations with Tanya and Don and a few of the Paratriathletes I've met about why they do this sport and refuse to act their age and acknowledge their challenges here is what I have learned.

These exceptional people practice spiritual principle whether they know it or not.

Life hands them lemons but they don't make lemonade, these people make a #*%*&#@ lemon meringue pie!

They honor their God given bodies even if they physically aren't whole or a little on the mature side. Constantly pushing and challenging themselves to be the best they can be.

They refuse to be a victim of their circumstance. They get out in the world and let their inner light shine bright. At the same time encouraging and inspiring others to do the same.

After spending the day in awe of my aunt and uncle and the others mentioned, I ask you the reader, and myself included:

What's your excuse?! Do you act your age?!

I invite you to comment and share your own stories of personal challenge and triumph.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Conversations with God

Conversations with God
Conversations with God

I asked three teens from our In-Flight youth group to share their thoughts about Conversations With God. Their insights are shared here.

"I like to play with my dollhouse, because it makes me really happy when I'm sad," says four year-old Mari in response to my bundle of questions, of which included," What do you do to make yourself happy when you're sad?" and, "how does it make you feel, calm or excited?" This, like many of the other answers I might have received from other younglings, astonished me mostly because it is something we all simply do, a universal reaction to certain situations that could be uncomfortable or different. We, as people, tend to turn to our favorite activities when faced with difficult tasks. Upon finding the topic, Listening and Having a Conversation With the Voices of God, I immediately asked for some answers from the children, whom I like to think of as the Wise-Ones because all questions we may have can almost always be answered by them. So, in Mari's case, I see her 'playing with the dollhouse' situation as a sort of initial invention of how she perceives life to be, or how she would like it to be. In some other activities we may include ourselves in for enjoyment or to change a mindset, I can see this in play as well. So I see this as the Universe, or God, or Spirit, or however you prefer to title It, speaking directly to me, and listening, I can receive some of the answers I desire.
-Kaylee Allen

This Wednesday I attended a Wednesday Wisdom concert with my mom and had an out of  mind and out of body experience. I attended a Anton Mizerak concert with soothing sounds of nature and stories about his journeys in nature and becoming one with the universe. His music inspired me to just stop throughout my everyday life and to just listen to the sounds around me and breathe.  Mizerak told the group about his music-making process and how songs come to him through the birds, the trees rustling in the wind and the weather.  We learned chants which led in to a powerful visualization/meditation that Mizerak guided us the whole way through. As I was meditating to the beautiful music I had an eye-opening realization. I realized that all of his songs and chants were voices speaking to me from the universe and that I was really listening to God through the music that Mizerak was singing.  At the end of his concert all I could think was Wow! It was almost a "what just happened" kind of moment. On the way out of the center my mom and I bought one of his CDs that is full of peace, relaxation, healing, and overall the voice of God.
-Katie Isola

Some people, like my friends, may find it strange, but I spend a lot of time talking with adults. I love it! I like the different maturity levels, the different types of humor, and the diverse varieties of advice that they all have to offer to teens, like me. So when I talk to my best friends' mother, Octavia Tuohey, we have some really hysterical conversations, and then some really deep ones, too. We talk about her son and daughter, Grace and Gabe (my friends), and how they used to express themselves as small children. She says, "From the time my kids could talk I knew they were old souls. Gabe is a little autistic, and sometimes he used to mentally go somewhere else when he was bored or sometimes just when he wanted to. So when he was little I used to ask him ,'When you go away little bit where do you go, and why can't I go with you?' And he responded with, 'Anyone can go there. It's my special place I go whenever I want to. Everyone has a little autism like me, just in a different way. Anyone can go if they want.' And that just made me so proud to know that he knew the truth. Even though some people think autism can be really bad, he reminds me that everyone has that part of them that may be apart of some bigger power; a power that we can't comprehend." From the time I met Grace, Gabe and Octavia I knew that they each had something to teach me. They taught me the true meaning of brotherhood and sisterhood, and friendship. Octavia also told me of Grace's godliness. "I used to take Grace and Gabe with me everywhere. One time I took them to see one of our friends. I never told them though that she was sick, she had a tumor in her brain, and she wasn't doing very well. So I was talking with my friend and I stopped to do something that called me into the other room, but I quickly returned to see that Gracie had her hand on the woman's forehead. Grace told me that she had an 'Ow-y!' on her head and she could feel that it was hurting her. I know that Gracie has an ability that is really special, and the fact that she was using it at a very young age really amazed me! I am so blessed to have my twins! They are sooo talented!" When Octavia told me this I couldn't help but think that this was God in action. And when Pattie said that the theme was Voices of God I thought of Octavia telling me these beautiful things. Octavia is the voice of god, as are her children, as am I. And I am absolutely grateful to know that.
-Karyssa Allen

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Can Prayer be Taught?

Today I received a telephone call that made my heart sing. Someone very dear to me called me to ask me how to pray. She explained that she knows that she needs to take classes to really learn it, but her friend and sponsor, prays to Jesus and she doesn't feel this fits her beliefs.

I was overjoyed to be asked but had only 20 minutes before an appointment. So I explained it this way. Affirmative prayer is built in five stages. If you spend enough time really contemplating the first two stages, the prayer will unfold in perfect right order. If you rush through the first stage you will build a prayer that is unbelievable and cannot be answered, just like a poorly reinforced foundation of a building will not hold the building which stands upon it.

The five stages are recognition, unification, declaration, gratitude and release

The first stage of recognition is an opportunity to contemplate the Divine, where It is, what It is and what It does.  

The second stage is unification and follows logically from the first stage. Once you realize fully that this mighty moving power is everywhere present, you naturally conclude then not only must it be in you, but also It must be in your creativity, including "the words of your mouth." 

The thirdly you come to declaration. In this stage you declare what you desire as if it is already a fact. 

The fourth stage is gratitude. Again it is logical. How will you feel when what you are seeking is already yours. 

The last stage is to release the prayer to Divine Mind, to let go and let God. 

Let's say you wanted to experience more connection with your family. The God quality that you might build upon is Love. If you are really expressing love then you would feel a greater connection, a willingness to give of yourself and an equal willingness to receive from others.

This is a sample prayer for greater connection.

There is only One LIfe, the Life of the Divine. This One is all-knowing, everywhere present in Its entirety. It is the Creative Process both in the Universal and in the individual. This mighty moving power is the power of Love and knows nothing outside itself. It is a perfect unity always expressing in perfect peace and harmony. The nature of this Mind is Infinite Intelligence. In the stillness of the Wholeness, all form comes into expression. Thought thickens into things.

Right here and now, I remember that I am one with this Power, one with this One. I remember that the creative process within me is the same process as in the Universe. It is naturally responding to Itself as me and through me. I am that which Thou art. I am one with all-power. I am one with Divine Love. I am made in the image of this One.

I declare that Love is my birthright. Love flows through me and connects me with my family and friends. Knowing I am always safe in God's Love, I tell the truth and ask for what I want.  The same Love that is moving through my conversation, moves through my friends and family. In the oneness of life we are inseparably connected. Any belief in separation or disconnection is now eliminated from my consciousness. If I need to make amends or ask for forgiveness, the Divine Presence guides me to do so now. My relationships are naturally filled with peace because the Peace that passes understanding indwells them.

I am so grateful for the love that surrounds me and connects me inextricably with my loved ones. I am so grateful for seeing things rightly, trough God's eyes.

I then place this prayer in the hands of God. I let go. It is complete. And so it is.

When you get the hang of it, it isn't as rigid as I have indicated. These are guidelines. 

If you haven't tried this before. Now is the time. I believe every prayer is answered. I would love to know how you do.

My First Painting, April 5, 2013

Friday, April 19, 2013

Can a Toyota Commercial Teach Us About Manifesting Our Dreams?

How many of us have wishes, desires, dreams? 
How many of us really know how to ask the Universe for them? 
 I saw a Toyota commercial this morning and it reminded me of how literal the Universe is in it's "granting our wishes." 
But first, knowing that our "thoughts thicken into things," (thank you for that quote, Dr. Heather, my teacher at CSLCV), how we think helps the Universe to give us exactly what we "wish" for. 
If we are not aware of what we're "wishing" for, we just may be "granted," the very things we DON'T want. 
For example, we constantly think about how broke we are, and never seem to escape this challenge. 
Well, because we constantly think that, the Universe "grants" our subconscious wish." 
We hear of friends or family who are sick with the flu and keep thinking how we don't want to get the flu, yet "know" we're going to get it because we're surrounded by it, then say, "Yup! I was right!" when we get the flu. 
How often to we manifest the very things we DON'T want.  
What if, it were just as easy to manifest the very things we DO want? 
Well, honey, you're in luck, because it IS! 
In the Toyota commercial below, let's pretend the genie is the Universe. It has a wand and says, "OK!" to all your dreams, goals, wishes, AND non-wishes!  
It gives an emphatic "yes!" to everything you put your attention on! 
Here's the video:

So, the lesson here is to be very careful where you set your attention, because, you will get exactly what you do set your attention on!

How do you change where you thinking is?

Be aware of it.

If you notice your thoughts sticking on the "flu," quickly, let it go and affirm, "I am ultimate health and energy."

Your work is done and the Universe says, "OK!" (and then, we can picture it waving it's wand sending ultimate health and energy to you!)

It's a Universal law. It works....just like gravity. You don't question gravity, do you? Then don't question this. If you do question it, then by all means, test it out and see what happens when you make the effort to shift your thinking!

Stay aware and keep your Universal genie waving it's wand granting everything you WANT!


Now it's your turn...share in the comments below how you have manifested something you did want or didn't want with your thinking? What was your lesson in it?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

If you're Happy and you know it- let it show!

My family shares my happiness!

I have heard it said many times “If Mom is happy, everyone is happy.”

Recently I considered a new idea: When the kids are happy, mom is happy and when mom is happy – well you know how the saying goes….

Books, experts, the not so expert, and society advise us that our job as a parent is to raise happy, well-adjusted children so that they will be productive, healthy participants in our world. That is in the "good parent" job description. We take it seriously.  As a parent of young children I spent countless hours offering solutions; negotiating with teachers, friends and friends' parents; cleaning, packing and unpacking all to ensure that my children were happy. It wasn't so much that I wasted my time as it was that I misdirected my energy.

It seems to be a rite of passage that every parent goes through: Realizing that they are not the source of their children’s happiness.  Another rite of passage in the stages of parenting is realizing that our happiness and value is not dependent on our children’s success, happiness, friends or lack of friends. We have a role in our children’s happiness. They, in turn, have a role in ours. It's understanding what happy is that is important.

I am honored to share the parenting journey with many families and, on the first Thursday of the month, we come together at the Parent Forum. This group, comprised mostly of moms and the occasional dad, is a plethora of inspiration, knowledge and support for each other.  Recently the subject of happiness came up at the Parent Forum.  Several insights were shared that day. One that really struck home for a lot of us is that happy looks different to each of us.

Because "happy" is an inside job, it is shaped by us, as an awareness on the inside. My happy looks very different from my son's. If I was determining his level of happiness on my happy scale, he would come up short and unhappy which according to some would mean I was failing as a parent. But he has his own meter and happiness looks different on him than it does on me. Before I can know his happy, I have to be open to it being different than mine. For him to know his happy, he has to know himself. This is one of the  greatest lessons we can give our children - to know themselves - including what makes them happy.

How do we raise happy children? We help them to know what happy means to them by modeling what it means to us.  And then we let them show it in their unique and perfect way. Do you know what your happy looks like? Do you show it?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spirit throws a curveball

What are the odds that a Spiritual conversation could transpire at a baseball game?  Chances are very good when a snake visits her fellow Diamondbacks in Arizona.

Spirit blows the roof wide open.

It all started on a lovely, spring day in Phoenix, Arizona.  This was the third visit to Chase Field for this snake.  Yes, I've embraced my Chinese Zodiac symbol for this visit.  This is the first time visiting where the stadium roof was open to expose the blue sky, filled with those puffy, cumulous, clouds which blocked the occasionally visible, piercing hot, sun.  Visiting the Diamondbacks on our trips to Arizona has been "our thing" for my husband and me.  For some reason our children haven't caught on to the nostalgic feeling we get upon visiting baseball stadiums.  So we leave them with my husband's parents (who we are visiting) for swimming fun.  My husband and I have even gone so far as to speak about baseball stadium vacations as a future possibility.  With all this talk, one would think we would be baseball aficionados.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  Oh yes, my husband can really hold his own in chatting stats, players, varying ball clubs, etc. with others in his gender.  I, on the other hand, am free from all those excel spreadsheets of statistics in my head.  I prefer the kiss cam, kids dressed as hot dogs as they run a virtual race, taking really cool pictures of the stadium, applauding the veterans, taunting the jumbo cam to show my tweet (as in Twitter post), and cheering the fountain when a homerun is hit.  So who would think that we could plop down in our seats to enjoy all that nostalgia and be greeted by a pair of women who would strike up a conversation of Spiritual depth?  It's funny when you are called by Spirit.  One never really knows when it will happen, but mark my word, when Spirit is in flow people want to know.

It all started with a comment of our sweet smelling, freshly popped, Kettle corn.  Next thing I know I was offering her some and Practitionering right there in the stadium seats.  With her charming,
Southern drawl she told me of her travels, her dismal trails of life and the gratitude she was embracing for the chances she's been given.  She was perplexed by her own candidness but felt drawn to express.  Her supportive friend acknowledged her awareness of New Thought which allowed for an agreement of Spiritual Truths. After exchanging websites, emails and book recommendations our visit was complete.  Reflecting back on this moment in time, I wondered how many of those conversations I missed by expecting things to be a certain way and shutting myself off to the unexpected. So now the question has to be asked.  What should one expect to happen at a Major League Baseball game?  You never know when Spirit is in flow.  Could it be there really were Angels in the outfield?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Live Music In San Clemente Every Sunday

If You Believe - Gino Walker & The CSLCV Band 

Sundays are special for music lovers here in San Clemente.  Live Music from a five piece band that will rock your spiritual socks off. All Ages Welcome 10:30am - 12 with a "Namaste Consciousness" Last Sunday was no exception with a return visit from Gino Walker singing "If You Believe" Would you believe I shot this short clip on my iPhone 4?  Think I will treat for an iPhone 5 for her return visit in September.  

Next time you see something inspirational, grab your camera, stop & share it. Resonate Inspiration. 

Looking for more groovy live events? Check our our new EVENTS tab! 

If You Believe - Gino Walker & The CSLCV Band
We Believe! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Do You Suffer From Woundology?

Do you suffer from Woundology?
Do you suffer from Woundology?

In the book, "Anatomy of Spirit"by Caroline Myss, PHD, she explains woundology this way. "Our culture has become therapeutically fluent by creating a language of intimacy. We now use the revelation and exchange of our wounds as the substance of our conversation as the glue that binds a relationship. We have become so good at this that we have converted our wounds into a type of Relationship Currency that we use in order to control situations and people.

When I first read this I had to read it over a few times. To a certain extent that was me!

Raised by an alcoholic mother I had all kinds of reasons why I did things the way I did as an adult. It became my "get out of jail free card" when conflict arose in relationships. I would often declare,"that's the way I was raised and I can't help it!" Sometimes even pursuing solace with other "victims"of alcoholics.

My world was blown apart when I really started to study the Principles of Science of Mind.

Here is what I now know as I continue to study and live Science of Mind.
  • You always have free will  
  • No one is ever a victim
  • Every event in your life happens for your greatest good
  • The act of helping someone else actually helps you too
  • Don't wallow in your woundology take the necessary steps to heal then let it go and move on  
I used to say to people that one day I would like to go into a therapeutic profession where i could help other "victims" such as myself. I would never want to work with "those people"(substance abusers)

Well, be careful what you declare! God decided that that's exactly what I needed to do. The Universe put an old therapist friend of mine on my path new path. My friend offered me a cooking job. I was to cook for a certain type of people. He and two other therapists own a detox house and needed a chef to create healthy high caloric meals for people coming off drugs and alcohol. My first thought was no way! Then I remembered I always loved nurturing people with my food. Why would this be any different? I couldn't and wouldn't turn them down. I was definitely being called into action.

So far my first experience with "those people" has been fantastic and enlightening. They are your sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, your best friend etc. They are lovely people just like you and me trying to heal their "Woundology."

Don't be afraid to acknowledge your own "Woundology"if you have any. As you can see, God has many principles to help you through. Life is waiting for you to heal and and share your gifts with the rest of the world!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

How Do You Cleanse Yourself?

"Laughter is the shortest distance between two people." ~Victor Borge

     I must admit, my life is very full.  Although some may call it hectic, I love all that I do and all of the people in my life. But at times I really have to stop and remember what I am doing and where I'm going next...my girls' schools, lacrosse practices, games, meetings, work, etc... Thanks to my iPhone calendar I do a pretty good job at staying on task.  Through all of the busyness and continual doings, relief is a simple and cleansing daily practice for me. My beau, my girls and I all love to LAUGH.  There's usually not an evening where we don't sit down to dinner without someone cracking a joke or telling a funny story about the day. In fact, as I am writing, I'm hearing the laughter of my daughters as they recall a past event with their cousin and aunt. Also important is that as we all laugh together, we stay connected as a family unit, and that is priceless.

"Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face."  ~Victor Hugo

     There was a time in my life when laughter was not a practice, and I was pretty much living in despair. My marriage was failing, I was financially stretched, and my light was definitely NOT shining. Time seemed to move at a snail's pace and rarely would you find me in a happy mood. As soon as my marriage was complete, my beloved sister-in-law surrounded me in her love and her presence, and wow, was that a gift! She and her family were always laughing and goofing off. The times with them were filled with belly-aching laughter and streaming tears of joy. As far as I'm concerned, ROTFLMAO was invented in her household. All of the muck and mire seemed to vanish. My time of winter became the sun that began to shine upon my face and I was healed.

"What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul." ~Yiddish Proverb

     As a child, when I was feeling down, I found solice in watching re-runs of "I Love Lucy," which would literally make me laugh out loud and everything was alright. I guess it was intrinsic at the time. As an adult in my darkest times, I sometimes forgot to turn to laughter, but now I realize how important it is. If I am alone and feeling overwhelmed with no one to laugh with (on rare occasion), I can turn on my television and catch an episode of my favorite TV show, "The Big Bang Theory" and instantly find something to laugh about. Or, I can read a funny book or logon to the internet and find something to chuckle about. When that happens, the stresses of the day are no longer stinking up my emotions and my consciousness and my soul is cleansed with the healing power of laughter.

     What practice do you best utilize to cleanse your soul? If you don't have one yet, try laughing. You'll be amazed at the results.  After all, as Milton Burle said, "Laughter is an instant vacation," and who couldn't use a nice vacation.  Bon voyage!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

You Can't Fully Prosper With Beliefs Like That!

You Can't Fully Prosper With Beliefs Like That!
My Potted Azalea Last Year
Several years ago, at the top of the housing market, I succumbed to the lure of buying a condo that I didn't love or even like. Real estate prices were rising so fast I fell into the urgency of that market, thinking this would eventually become my savings for my future. 

People were pleased for me. Many people poured their love on me -- they helped make the home brighter and lighter by painting, cleaning, papering the cupboards, installing screens and doors.I felt so loved by the members of my community who wanted the best for me. I was very grateful but at the end of the day, my heart sang with gratitude for the people in my life but not for my home.

The home was still dark, damp and cold. Although there was a small patio, there was no place where the sun reached. I knew inside that I had compromised.I was not being true to myself. I was not living my dream. One of the turning points was to look at my patio to see a couple of potted plants that had only weeks previously been full of healthy blooms, now looking bedraggled and forlorn. I believe they were reflecting my consciousness.

Two years ago I started listening to my heart's desires to live somewhere beautiful! After three floods and a crash of the housing market, I finally woke up to the fact that this condo would never provide me with good, because I didn't love it. I tried to love it. Sometimes I got close. 

The Church of my Childhood
Perhaps you can relate. I believe it is very important to be living your dream. That means to pay attention to what you really love and do it. It is really loving yourself. No matter how much love is poured on you by others, you will never bloom fully until you are fully loving yourself: loving without restrictions or conditions; telling the truth to yourself; saying yes to the voice of the great I AM. 

There is an old gospel song that we sang in the church choir when I was a kid, "There is sunshine in my soul today." I loved that song then. (It no longer fits my musical taste or beliefs but the feeling of being filled with joy is still important.) It is really the sunshine of your soul that makes everything flourish! 

For some people shade is pleasant and soothing. I am not one of those people. I like living in  the light. Spiritual living is living in the light.

I finally realized that no matter how painful it was to give up, to quit trying to make something work, it was even more painful to stay where I felt imprisoned. I decided to put the condo on the market even though the market price was much lower than what i owed on it. It was scary and it was worth it. Last year I moved to a large condo that is filled with light. My patio is filled with beauty. The potted plants not only survived the move, they thrived from the move.

Nature does not withhold our good from us. We do it to ourselves when we  are living from the world of effects. Looking back I see that I was originally motivated by fear and greed. Fear of never being a home owner again and greed to cash in on the inflationary market. Of course, I could never fully prosper with those beliefs as my initiating causation. I had to let go and tell myself the truth. When I did, the entire Universe conspired to make my dreams come true. 

Nature is a big show off. My potted plants and I love our new location. My heart is filled with sunshine and my home reflects the beauty and sunshine of my soul.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Committing to a Creative Process

Committing to a Creative Process
Maybe artists are instinctively drawn to a creative process?
The topic of “Process” has been on my mind a lot lately. Recently while watching a video on illustrative design the instructor said something which stuck with me for days.
“It is said that practice makes perfect. I disagree. If your creative process is flawed then all practice does is make you a consistent purveyor of marginal work. Creating illustrative design successfully requires a consistent and systematic process.”
It rang true from a larger perspective too. All creation is a result of a creative process. Refining our creative process is the most profound work one can do. Our lives and our world are the results of that very process.

Practicing a "consistent and systematic" process sound like what it's all about.

At the Center for Spiritual Living we are all students of the creative process recognizing that the world is built on universal principles.

I look around the Center for Spiritual Living, there are people from many walks of life, but there are a large amount of artists both professionally and in practice.

Maybe artists are instinctively drawn to a creative process? I wonder.

Our creative process takes place in our minds.

Recognition, there is One Power
Unification, I am this Power
Realization, it is already so
Thanksgiving, I feel grateful
Release, I let go and so it is.

And I am again amazed and excited about our gift of creative control and I recommit to being a good student of this magnificent creative process.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Remembering to Pray Instantly Eases A Frantic Life

Remembering to Pray Instantly Eases A Frantic Life

I like to consider myself a positive person, but I have to admit that I arrived at my daughters’ water polo practice yesterday afternoon feeling more than a little frazzled, as the challenges of the day and a scheduling nightmare looming for this weekend had begun to take their toll.

As I was ruminating over my predicament, a friend from church happened to call, regarding a project I’d been working on. Her first words, after I told my tale of woe, were to ask whether I’d prayed about it. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather! I’d been so fixated on putting out fires all day, that I hadn’t even stopped to contemplate the idea.

As soon as she said it, I instantly felt lighter. Of course! That was exactly what I needed to do! How fortunate that God sends us messengers, if we are willing to listen.

I finished my phone call, and prayed about the whole situation. Right there on the pool deck. I’d like to tell you that, through the power of affirmative prayer, solutions instantly presented themselves to the thorny problems that plagued me all day. Alas, that was not the case, but I can tell you that I INSTANTLY felt better when I released those issues through that little pool deck prayer. (Versus feeling exhausted after unsuccessfully forcing my solutions on things all day.)

There is so much power in the simple, symbolic act of releasing one’s intentions to the Universe, and allowing them to unfold.

Knowing that I create my existence according to my belief.

Knowing that it is all right action.

Knowing it is All Good, because it is ALL God.

I was filled with gratitude, as I sat down to watch my two daughters finish practice, and contemplated the teachable moment I’d provided for them.  

-- By Melissa Echelberger
Melissa parents three busy kids, volunteers more than 40 hours a week in her community and recently joined Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley blogging family. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We've got Spirit, yes we do. We've got Spirit, how about you?

Cheering for Oneness

The theme of the month at Center for Spiritual Living, Capistrano Valley is Upcycling.  For this past Sunday, "Trash Talk" was the topic of Dr. Heather Clark's message.

In rivalries, taunting others with "Trash talk" can have a smidge of truth in a mindset.  If we are in a way of thinking that does not encompass Allness, a sense of separation can sneak in and create a dramatic tension between two sources. 

Especially in the ways of religious thinking, is one direction or belief better than another?  Each person who has come here to reside on Earth is following their own path.  If the path is laden with a way or belief that isn't agreeable to someone else, it may be difficult to believe that path is one leading to salvation or Awareness.

What if that path leads to a place of pain or discomfort?  Sometimes it's hard to humanly understand these times of sorrow, however, just know that Divine Right Action takes place in every situation.  Sometimes out of great pain, a revelation is born, which may not have been revealed if not for the painful journey.  When we are Spiritually guided we know when Divine Right Action requires our participation or not.

In the title, "We've got Spirit, yes we do... How about you?",we don't need to "Trash Talk" about any other religion or belief system.  All we should know is Spirit is working through each and every one of us.  There are many individuals who are deeply rooted in Spirit in several faiths.  With their wisdom, they can touch those who are congregants of their places of worship.  It can be likened to speaking different languages, some may not hear it spoken in this way of thinking, but it’s completely clear in that one.  Or, at their time of life, they may not have heard it in their 20's, but it's crystal clear in their 30's.  So, if you find yourself questioning, “Why can’t they see it my way?” fret not, they are seeing it their way, in their own time.  We may be Divinely guided to act in their unfoldment, but ultimately, our highest calling is to know Truth.

Q: “We’ve got Spirit, yes we do! We’ve got Spirit, how about you?
A: “We’ve got Spirit, yes WE do! We’ve got Spirit, we All do!”

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dr. Joseph Murphy "The Golden Rule"

Dr. Joseph Murphy "The Golden Rule"

I love stumbling around youtube, you are apt to find all kinds of goodies there, I enjoyed this and wanted to share it with you. 
From Wikipedia "In the mid-1940s, Dr. Joseph Murphy moved to Los Angeles, where he met Ernest Holmes and was ordained into Religious Science in 1946, He moved his ministry to Laguna Hills, California.
Enjoy your time with this great thinker & "The Golden Rule".

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Dog's Life

A Dog's Life
A Dog's Life

I've always been blessed to have dogs in my life. I often say I'd like to come back in my next life as my dog.

After having spent the last 44 years of my life with dogs I've come to believe one of the many reasons dogs were meant to be human companions is because they embody and teach us God's Principles.

Here is what I believe they so effortlessly teach us.
  • They are an expression of pure Unconditional Love
  • Dogs always Forgive
  • They are always Happy and look on the bright side of things
  • Every single day you come home you are Joyously greeted like you've been gone for years
  • Dogs show absolute Loyalty
If we pay close attention dogs teach us these lessons everyday.

I was excited to read something I've known all along. After years of research the famous Theoretical Physicist, Stephen Hawkings, declared animals have feelings the same as humans. Finally! Halleluja! They feel rejection, broken hearts, jealousy, embarrassment and anger. As well as love and joy.

I cherish my dogs and feel blessed to have them in my life. Now I'm really going to pay special attention to all the  principles my dogs are lovingly and patiently teaching me and my family.

Lets all try and live A Dog's Life!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

No Need to Keep It Secret

Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it. - Ernest Holmes

Recently I was asked to bless our new business neighbors, Evolution Hospitality. The president of the company asked about our Center, what we believed, and what denomination we were. I answered that we are spiritual, honoring the golden thread of truth that flows through all religions, and that we believed that consciousness was creative. Immediately he explained that his company was based on spiritual principles. To help me prepare for the blessing, he sent me some information about the company, including their mission statement, guiding principles and culture matrix. I was deeply moved. The company is Evolution Hospitality, led by President John Murphy and team.
Evolution Hospitality is a very successful company that has been in business for over 25 years, guided by powerful principles.

Their Guiding Principles are:

  • Make it better than it was before.
  • Always give each other the benefit of the doubt. Always.
  • Be honest with yourself; only then can you be honest with others.
  • Do everything with gratitude and humility.
  • Communicate clearly and directly and take time to say what you mean.
  • Give feedback immediately. Accept feedback openly.
  • It's o.k. to say, "I'm sorry..I.'m wrong...I don't know."
  • Keep all who need to know informed.
  • Lead by example and walk your talk.
  • Listen.
  • Focus on what is important, not urgent.
  • Always do what you say you are going to do.
  • Resolve all conflict within 24 hours.
  • Be responsive.
  • None of us are as good as all of us.
  • Test it...don't be afraid to fail.
  • Celebrate success wildly.
  • Practice random acts of kindness.
  • Always do what is in the best interest of the company.
I believe that these principles are great for all of us, for use in our personal as well as business lives. It reminds me of Robert Fulghum's book, All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten. Spiritual Truth does not need to be complicated; it is profound in its simplicity. 

It also reminded me about our Sacred Covenant that the Board of Trustees wrote together last year.


There is only One Life!  This Life is Good!  This Life is God!  This Life is my Life now! In knowing that I am one with this Life that is God… I therefore know that I am one with each and every one of Its blessed expressions, which includes this beloved revelation called

The Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley

Because I know that the highest Purpose of this Center is to glorify God, I therefore know that this Center is a revelation of God as Unity.

As I stand alone in the High Altar of Consciousness, I see this Center revealed before me as a connected growing community.

I participate in the Center in full cooperation and agreement with my beloved partners, knowing the Truth about myself for:

  • I am honoring the Divine in myself and all others.
  • I am speaking and listening as Love.
  • I am experiencing the value of my work.
  • I am knowing the joy of service.
  • I am staying spiritually renewed.
  • I am being fully supported and abundantly prospered in the fulfillment of these intentions.
  • I know that this Center is fully supported by the Word of God, for it is written:

“Love is a cosmic force whose sweep is irresistible.”
--- Ernest  Holmes

As I now accept the highest expression of this Center into my life, I know that it is revealed in a way that glorifies God and serves the highest and greatest good of all who are touched by its unfoldment.  I am grateful God is gracious.  

So be it now!  Amen

What I know for sure is that I would rather do business with someone who has similar values to mine. I want our business to be God's business and operated with the highest consciousness always. I want my business to be God's business and operated with the highest  ideals. 

Businesses are using spiritual principles. Businesses like Evolution Hospitality are demonstrating that there does not need to be a different set of rules that we follow in business different from our personal lives. We are spiritual beings, having  human experience. There is no need to keep it secret any longer. Namaste.