Saturday, April 20, 2013

Can Prayer be Taught?

Today I received a telephone call that made my heart sing. Someone very dear to me called me to ask me how to pray. She explained that she knows that she needs to take classes to really learn it, but her friend and sponsor, prays to Jesus and she doesn't feel this fits her beliefs.

I was overjoyed to be asked but had only 20 minutes before an appointment. So I explained it this way. Affirmative prayer is built in five stages. If you spend enough time really contemplating the first two stages, the prayer will unfold in perfect right order. If you rush through the first stage you will build a prayer that is unbelievable and cannot be answered, just like a poorly reinforced foundation of a building will not hold the building which stands upon it.

The five stages are recognition, unification, declaration, gratitude and release

The first stage of recognition is an opportunity to contemplate the Divine, where It is, what It is and what It does.  

The second stage is unification and follows logically from the first stage. Once you realize fully that this mighty moving power is everywhere present, you naturally conclude then not only must it be in you, but also It must be in your creativity, including "the words of your mouth." 

The thirdly you come to declaration. In this stage you declare what you desire as if it is already a fact. 

The fourth stage is gratitude. Again it is logical. How will you feel when what you are seeking is already yours. 

The last stage is to release the prayer to Divine Mind, to let go and let God. 

Let's say you wanted to experience more connection with your family. The God quality that you might build upon is Love. If you are really expressing love then you would feel a greater connection, a willingness to give of yourself and an equal willingness to receive from others.

This is a sample prayer for greater connection.

There is only One LIfe, the Life of the Divine. This One is all-knowing, everywhere present in Its entirety. It is the Creative Process both in the Universal and in the individual. This mighty moving power is the power of Love and knows nothing outside itself. It is a perfect unity always expressing in perfect peace and harmony. The nature of this Mind is Infinite Intelligence. In the stillness of the Wholeness, all form comes into expression. Thought thickens into things.

Right here and now, I remember that I am one with this Power, one with this One. I remember that the creative process within me is the same process as in the Universe. It is naturally responding to Itself as me and through me. I am that which Thou art. I am one with all-power. I am one with Divine Love. I am made in the image of this One.

I declare that Love is my birthright. Love flows through me and connects me with my family and friends. Knowing I am always safe in God's Love, I tell the truth and ask for what I want.  The same Love that is moving through my conversation, moves through my friends and family. In the oneness of life we are inseparably connected. Any belief in separation or disconnection is now eliminated from my consciousness. If I need to make amends or ask for forgiveness, the Divine Presence guides me to do so now. My relationships are naturally filled with peace because the Peace that passes understanding indwells them.

I am so grateful for the love that surrounds me and connects me inextricably with my loved ones. I am so grateful for seeing things rightly, trough God's eyes.

I then place this prayer in the hands of God. I let go. It is complete. And so it is.

When you get the hang of it, it isn't as rigid as I have indicated. These are guidelines. 

If you haven't tried this before. Now is the time. I believe every prayer is answered. I would love to know how you do.

My First Painting, April 5, 2013