Wednesday, July 25, 2018

What Affirmative Prayer Is and Is Not

Every Sunday Dr. Heather states, "The most powerful spiritual practice we know is Spiritual Mind Treatment or Affirmative Prayer." And, she invites the congregation to see a practitioner, either one in service on Sunday, or by contacting any of our enlightened practitioners. But what really is affirmative prayer? What can we expect from our time with a practitioner in communion with this mental science?

Here is a brief overview of what treatment is not and what it is taken from the Science of Mind 102 class 1 study guide.

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What Affirmative Payer Is and Is Not

Treatment is not...Manipulating or coercing people or events to bring about some personally desired change.

Treatment is...Consciously clearing away the grime of false beliefs from a condition to reveal the Truth that was always there.

Treatment is not...Attempting to "reach" God. God is already here, always, within and around me.

Treatment is...Being still and knowing that God is here, letting the Presence be so clearly felt that I can realize and declare the Spiritual Truth of any situation.

Treatment is not...Putting my own will power into changing a condition; trying to overcome God's "reluctance" to correct the apparent "wrong."

Treatment is...Allowing God's Power to flow through me into manifestation of the Truth, without hindrance from my false beliefs.

Treatment is not...Disallowing other forms of healing, such as medicine, surgery, psychiatry, diet, etc.

Treatment is...Accepting that every new discovery in medical fields is as much a revelation of Universal Wisdom as a new interpretation of life.

Treatment is not...Attempting to exert spiritual control of the material universe, as though they were separate entities.

Treatment is...Understanding that mind in essence and mind in form are one and the same; hence, there is no difference in essence between my thought and what it becomes.

Treatment is not...Thinking that the one treating is doing the healing, can be called a "healer."

Treatment is...Realizing that the words I speak in treatment are only channels for the flow of Spirit that is tapped by the consciousness back of my words.

Treatment is not...Denying that a person is sick. Illness and suffering do exist in human experience.

Treatment is...Realizing that since a human being is the Substance of Life, there is a perfect Spiritual idea within every individual, no matter what they are experiencing, and this Truth can be realized and declared.

Treatment is not...Persuading God to "change His mind" or suspend the Universal Laws on my behalf.

Treatment is...Allowing myself to realize and declare the Spiritual Truth about myself and the condition being treated.

Excerpt from SOM-102 Class Study Guide Class 1 page 3

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