Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Open To The New!

“ Kind words are worth much and they cost little. ” -Proverb
With the passing of our beloved father, George, who made his Transition to join our dear mother, Aynesse, in Eternal Union, I AM so very touched, and grateful for the immense love, support and respect of all who have expressed their sincerest condolences... As well as their kind and heart-felt words for both my mother and father.
We are not solitary creatures. We want to be part of a group… With people around us who are supportive and nurturing… Similar to us in values and interests.
Look at your life today and think about who your true friends are. Let them know you love them. Cherish them. Make some time to make some memories with them.
Today…I invite YOU to follow your heart… And truly Know that you are not alone!
I dedicate this week's blog post to my parents, George and Aynesse, together again, celebrating 59 years of marriage today. Happy Anniversary Mama & Daddy.  We Love You!

You cannot change anything in your life with intention alone, which can become a watered-down, occasional hope that you'll get to tomorrow. Intention without action is useless.  -Caroline Myss

Let’s take a moment this…as often as possible…to realize and manifest…to demonstrate…our Magnificence.  Yes… The Magnificent Beings we are individually, as well as, collectively.

I offer this Guide to going Within…and identifying and awakening that Authentic Power within each of us…that remains waiting to be utilized for our Highest and Best Good…our Purpose…NOW!

Fear and doubt hold on to the past. They know only what used to be and what was desired. They know what worked before and what did not. They know what other people have done.

What they do not know is how things are Right now… what Newness is surrounding You… what possibilities are sparkling around You that have never existed before this very moment. On this, they are completely ignorant.

And since Life is Change and Newness, this is exactly what You need to know…to access. Nothing is ever the way it was. What failed yesterday could succeed today. What was a success yesterday could be a failure today.

All is Change. All is New… Every moment creating the next moment… all flowing out in Newness and Discovery, in this great adventure of Life.

Yes…Open to the New.

Use the Knowledge and Wisdom that You have accumulated over the years… use Your talents and skills, of course. But leave behind the old views of what is needed to make Your way today, for it is not necessarily the same as what worked for others and worked earlier for You.

Go deep, deep into Your Center. See the flame that burns there… the Light of Love. Let that Light expand… and expand… until IT clears Your body and mind of fear and doubt. Let IT glow within You until You feel cleansed and new… until all worry and anxiety are cleared away from Your body and mind.

Ask YourSelf:

How shall I approach My Life today?
How shall I approach this particular person… this situation?
And be open to the answer… if IT comes in words or pictures… in feelings or in a flash of Knowing. Write IT down… for the impression may fade over time.

Use Your intuition and Your Connection in this way… reaching above and beyond the narrow confines of fear and doubt, into the wider reaches of a deep Connection with all that is.

You have the ability to Know… at whatever way Knowing is communicated to You, all that is at this moment and all that is likely to be.
You have Guidance and Love surrounding You in every moment, waiting for You to pay attention.

So pay attention.

Remove the blinders of fear and doubt and look around.
Look around at what is. Look around at what is needed and how You can Serve.
Raise Your attention up into Your Highest levels and access the Guidance that is there for You.

Your Higher Self and the Universe GOD are ONE.. and at this level, Your Success and Welfare are deeply Desired. Everything You need to reach state of Grace is made available to You in every moment.
Everything You are intended to do… and BE… is there surrounding You and deeply within You. Everything is Known and You can access all of this Knowledge.
Use Your Intuition! Use Your Faith! Use Your ability to Connect through meditation and contemplation. Tap into IT all and the steps before You will light up... and Your path will be made clear!
Then... just take a deep breath... fill Yourself with Love and Faith... and step forward...NOW!
And So IT IS…Now!!!

To Our Health, Well-BEING, and Empowerment Together!

Much Love & GOD’s Blessings!
PS: Today will bring you a new awareness, a lesson or a manifestation that you are making progress – IF YOU KNOW IT!  No matter how large or small, please recognize it and be Grateful. Hey…It only takes a moment to pick up the penny… and will AUTOMATICALLY put you in the Flow of Positive Energy and Goodness.
"There is a mighty Power within you. There is that Spirit of Life, Light, and Love. The more you feast on these ideas and fast from old corrosive ones, the closer you experience the Life you desire."  -Frank Richelieu, The Art of Being Yourself
Rhonda Maria Farrah, MA, DRWA
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