Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good Morning World!

Good morning world, good morning universe, I'm on my way to a wondrous day! These words came to mind as I awakened from a deep refreshing sleep and brought a smile of appreciation and joy to my face and being.

As I continued with my waking up practice of saying a prayer of thanksgiving for the day I could feel my joy shaping my words and moving me into excitement and anticipation for the day that was ahead of me. Was it a special day? Not really, there were no birthdays to celebrate, no parties to attend, I was not going anywhere or doing anything special. Or so I might think. The day was an ordinary day of working with people I love, appreciate and enjoy being with.  Friends I have not seen in months were there.  Just by coincidence? I think not! Cooperation and kindness abounded amongst all of us and I felt the awesome feeling of knowing I am doing great work, that I am surrounded by people I love and we are sharing this beautiful life. 

All of that just because I started my day with a song and a prayer of thanksgiving? Yes, I believe it was. As it turns out my practice of welcoming my day is not new and I am not unique. Many of my friends and colleagues make this a practice. As important as our nighttime prayers is our morning greeting. So this morning before I get out of bed I am again reminding myself and setting my day in motion: Good morning world, good morning universe, I'm ready now for a wondrous day! I'm ready now for great and glorious things and I'm excited great things are coming my way!