Friday, May 3, 2013

4 Stages of Spiritual Growth - Where Are You?

In our Science of Mind class, "The Essential Ernest Holmes" this past week, I couldn't stop thinking, "Oh! That would be an amazing blog post!"

I should just say, that until one sits her booty down in a SOM class, she will never grasp how profoundly transformational these classes are.  When all I can jot down 15 things from ONE class that would make an amazing blog post to teach others, I simply then want to say, "Just come to class already!"

But, sticking to my commitment in teaching what I learn, I'm writing yet another golden nugget from what I have recently learned.

That is, the "4 Stages of Spiritual Growth," and being one who likes to "know where I am," I like knowing what "level" I'm on! (Nope, still haven't let go of that yet).

1.  Everything Happens to Us - We believe that life happens to us.  It falls down around us and we think, "How did this happen?"  Our car dies after years of mechanical neglect and we cry out, "How could you do die on me today!"

We literally blame outside factors for our mishaps, heartaches, mistakes, etc.

2.  Our Good Happens Through Us - Here, we understand that WE create our realities and circumstances.  We understand that there is a Law and we learn how to use the law.  We have proven the law works and manifest things into our lives.  We become great manifesters.

3.  Our Good Happens As Us - Things lose their importance.  We no longer care about the material world and we awaken to the magnificence of the spiritual presence that we are.  We no longer judge and recognize that challenges are a call to prayer.

4.  Our Good Happens By Us -  This is a level that most humans will never achieve, and those who do rarely stay here permanently.  Jesus Christ would be the closest example our world would know as one who achieved this level of being.

So, I will say, if you find yourself at level #1, I ask that you be open to joining us at class.  Learn how to choose to no longer be a victim of life, and up-level to #2 where you manifest everything you want!

This year of classes have been profound for me.  Every week I see my life changing.  This teaching works. It changes lives. It spreads peace in the world.  It's a movement and one that I am proud to be part of.