Friday, December 22, 2017

Grown Up Christmas Wish

What would you like to receive for Christmas? What are you giving? They have to match!
Several years ago, David Foster wrote the  song "My Grown Up Christmas List."  It is filled with ideas of things I want for myself and all beings everywhere.
A few of the lyrics are:
"No more lives torn apart  That wars would never start   And time would heal all hearts... And everyone would have a friend...And right would always win...And love would never end...This is my grown up Christmas list... This is my only lifelong wish...This is my grown up Christmas list."
A bridge between the verses states; "What is this illusion called the innocence of youth...Maybe only in our blind belief can we ever find the truth!"

O Christmas tree!
 I love the innocence of youth and don't think it is an illusion. I think about the feeling of wonder and awe that accompanied my early Christmas evenings when we finished decorating our tree, turned all the house lights off and sang carols. 'Blind belief' sounds like what many people would call faith. What is the truth we are looking for?

Jesus promised that he had come so we could live more abundantly. He promised peace... the peace that "passeth recognition."

I am ready for peace. I am ready to let fear be a thing of the past. If that is really my intention, what is my promise?  Since I must provide  a channel for my demonstration, it means that I must be prepared to live as peace. That means I cannot let my heart be troubled ever. As Dr. Bitzer, one of our pioneers in Science of Mind, was fond of saying, "Don't abandon Principle even for a special occasion!" I am being called to live as peace no matter what!

I am also ready to live in a world in which "no lives are torn apart." No lives torn apart by abuse, or neglect, or divorce or boredom! As a practitioner of the Science of Mind, I am called to see right action see with spiritual eyes... to perceive the presence of the Divine even in the most challenging circumstances.

I am ready for a world in which "no wars will ever start."  But can I believe it?

Do I believe that "time will heal all hearts?" Do I believe that Principle is not bound by precedent? Or do I believe that the future is going to be a repeat of the past? It is time for self-examination, with loving kindness and honesty. Or is is possible, that simply by perceiving with spiritual truth, all broken hearts are healed?

Do I believe that love is eternal? Or do I believe that it can and does end?

I encourage you to join me this Christmas, to make a grown up Christmas List that we are willing to pray unceasingly to create. The time is now and we are the ones.
The video below is a beautiful rendition of Natalie Cole and David Foster singing "My Grown Up Christmas List." There is a special bonus for my Asian friends. Enjoy it!