Friday, February 2, 2018

Don't Go Back to Sleep

The 13th century mystic, Rumi wrote:

 "The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you.  Don't go back to sleep!
You must ask for what you really want.  Don't go back to sleep!
People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch,  
The door is round and open     Don't go back to sleep!”
It is so true that we can be more interested in keeping our habits then we are in our spiritual growth that we simply go back to sleep. When we are on the spiritual path it is difficult to remember that we live in a sea of infinite intelligence. Not only do we have access to it, but also it is pressing Itself into us, awakening us.

Last night was a phenomenon of a Super Blue Blood moon, a rare lunar eclipse that was visible here in the Americas for the first time in 152 years! It was visible at 4:51 AM our time.

I thought about setting my alarm but it turned out that I didn't need to set it. Directly outside my bedroom is a small parking area for guests in our community. At 3:45 AM someone's car caught fire. Before firemen arrived, water hoses were needed. My hose was the nearest and my quick-thinking neighbor already had it hooked up and running before I realized what was happening. Soon I was up and awake. The eclipse had not occurred yet.

So I watched the first part of the eclipse. Those of you who witnessed it were blessed with a feeling of awe and delight! Then I went back to sleep. My bedroom was reflecting the red of the moon. And I went back to sleep.

Rumi's poem reminds us that we are constantly bombarded by new spectacular ideas from every direction. Stay awake in every moment. If you miss a divine idea, the next one  is already present. Be still. Listen to the voice for God. Divine ideas return much more quickly than a super blue blood moon!
The link will take you to more on  the solar eclipse.