Saturday, June 30, 2018

Revealing Wholeness with Barbara Klein-Robuck

When it comes to healing Ernest Holmes teaches that we are already whole, complete and perfect. By remembering our innate wholeness we come into a state of alignment with truth and live the life we were meant to live.

That’s a beautiful idea and sometimes we need help remembering or unraveling exactly what that means.

To learn a little more about how to live more completely from the energy level where wholeness resides, I checked in with Barbara Klein-Robuck MS, RN.

If you don’t know Barbara, she is one of the longest continuing members of our spiritual community. She started attending our center in 1977. Barbara immediately began taking classes, including all the practitioner training classes. She also took ministerial training but decided not to become a minister in the traditional sense. Instead, Barbara found her own way to minister within our community.

She is a registered nurse who has been studying energy healing for more than 30 years. Barbara offers Therapeutic Touch, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and Integrative Imagery in her healing room. In 1996, Barbara was named National Holistic Nurse of the Year by American Holistic Nurse's Association. As a self-employed business owner, she has found a way to merge Western medicine with metaphysical ideas of perfect wholeness and energy healing. Barbara offers counseling and energy sessions in her home.

When I asked her about energy she said, “We are all energy. It’s all there is. If you want to know how it works you need to ask God!” But thankfully our discussion didn’t end there.

She went on to give me her views on raising our consciousness and experience through full acceptance of the metaphysical teachings.

It’s an Inside Job

Barbara believes that healing  whether it’s healing the body or a life experience, comes from the inside. “All healing comes down to connecting to the wisdom within and getting out of our own way.”

She used an analogy I could totally relate to. “Remember Wonder Woman and how she had these magical bracelets that could deflect bullets? Our best defense against anything harmful is to be so grounded in knowing that God is all there is that things just bounce right off of us.” Barbara used the example of someone giving you the finger in traffic. You can let that sink in and disrupt your harmony or you can be so bullet proof in your self-knowingness that it just bounces right off.

“Acknowledging and claiming you are perfect, whole and complete is the best way to inoculate yourself from potentially disruptive encounters.”

Blended Healing

Barbara acknowledges that Western medicine and it’s prescriptions, therapies and surgeries have their place in keeping our bodies healthy, but we can co-create health  and healing by remembering who we are.

She considers herself a holistic healer, meaning she blends all the best things that western medicine and metaphysical healing has to offer. In her energy healing room, Barbara uses a process that asks questions to guide people to their own inner wisdom.

“I don’t like guided imagery because it puts ideas in people’s minds,” Barbara explains. “Instead I like to give a general suggestion, like ‘Go to a sacred space,’ and then ask questions like, ‘Where are you? What do you see?’ If we can create it, we can uncreate it. Sometimes we just need more clarity.”

“One time I asked a patient what she saw and she said a bed of violets. I asked God, ‘What do I do with a bed of violets?’ I got the guidance to have the patient  ask a violet to stand up and speak for the group.  When I did, the patient began to laugh. I asked her what the violet said. She responded, ‘Stop being a shrinking violet’ and that made so much sense to her and guided us to next steps in the healing process.”

It’s all Good and It’s All God

It’s true that Barbara can see energy and she believes that we are all energetic beings, but she doesn’t call herself an energy healer because there really is nothing to heal.

“There is no negative energy,” Barbara tells me. “It’s all just energy.”

In her practice, Barbara reads energy centers called chakras but believes the chakras can self-regulate. “It’s not for me to open or close someone else’s chakras. The chakras do what they do in order to protect and sustain the energetic balance in the body.”

So what do you do if you are walking into a situation where you feel overwhelmed or uncertain? “Tell your energy centers to keep you safe and do a quick prayer treatment. Remind yourself that God is all there is and claim the good you want in that situation.”

If you have the opportunity to spend time with Barbara, I recommend it. She is so clear in her understanding of the principle and completely committed to helping you claim it for yourself. To learn more about Barbara, visit her

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