Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Spiritual Philosophy by Vidette Vanderweide

My Spiritual philosophy can best be described as freedom.  I believe that every person has the ability to create freedom in their life…whatever that means to them.  Freedom can mean any of the following:

·      Financial Freedom
·      Circumstantial freedom
·      Freedom from disease
·      Freedom from abuse
·      Freedom of choice
·      Freedom of speech
·      Freedom to create beauty in mind, body and soul

There is a plethora of ‘freedoms’ that can be created and I choose to have it all.  Freedom starts with a choice, a decision, and once that is done, anything is possible. 

I believe this freedom is the greatest gift that Spirit is willing to give when we raise our consciousness to learn the tools and strategies to create it.  It is a gift that is within us at any time…waiting to be unleashed in our greatest good and the pivotal time of our individual choice.

I see beauty in this freedom all around me.  In the small moments…the subtle scent of the honeysuckle as I walk my dog, to the more pivotal moments of life…i.e. seeing my kids run and laugh on the beach.   My Spiritual philosophy is one of great thanks and gratitude.  Giving a small, “thank you” to whomever is listening in the smallest of miracles each day, to the larger ones.

Mostly, my Spiritual philosophy is the knowing that I am never alone.  I have a partnership with the Universe in my creation of my ideal, free, and epic life.  I choose to have it now, therefore, I know it is created now. 

This knowing allows me to bring joy and peace to others on any given day, at any given moment.  I spread my Spiritual philosophy without condemnation, nor through conversion.  I simply lead by example and live life with my highest good in mind…

I choose to live richly in life, and by putting myself first, I automatically make the world better…how amazing is that?