Friday, September 14, 2012

Victor Vroom's Expectancy Theory and the Science of Mind

Expectancy ... it's not just for pregnant ladies.
On the first Sunday of this month Dr. Heather introduced our theme "Expectancy." She mentioned the Law of Expectancy was introduced as a business principle in the 1960s. This got me curious so I just had to go look it up on the internet.

What I discovered is that in 1964 a man named Victor H. Vroom of the Yale School of Management developed this theory of expectancy in regards to how people make decisions and how this can be harnessed by management to motivate employees.

His theory breaks down into these variables: expectancy, instrumentality and valance.

The perceived likelihood that effort will lead to performance.

Perceived likelihood that performance will lead to desired rewards.

The value of expected rewards to the individual.

And so I couldn't help but think about my attitude towards the Laws which we discuss at the center.

After all isn't science about discovering the true cause and effect of the things which make up our world. As we experiment with causes and effects we begin to learn what works and what doesn't.

As we quiet our minds through meditation and introspection we discover what creates happiness and peace for ourselves.

Using our tools of transformation we craft our own experiments and recipes and our faith grows into wisdom.