Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spirit throws a curveball

What are the odds that a Spiritual conversation could transpire at a baseball game?  Chances are very good when a snake visits her fellow Diamondbacks in Arizona.

Spirit blows the roof wide open.

It all started on a lovely, spring day in Phoenix, Arizona.  This was the third visit to Chase Field for this snake.  Yes, I've embraced my Chinese Zodiac symbol for this visit.  This is the first time visiting where the stadium roof was open to expose the blue sky, filled with those puffy, cumulous, clouds which blocked the occasionally visible, piercing hot, sun.  Visiting the Diamondbacks on our trips to Arizona has been "our thing" for my husband and me.  For some reason our children haven't caught on to the nostalgic feeling we get upon visiting baseball stadiums.  So we leave them with my husband's parents (who we are visiting) for swimming fun.  My husband and I have even gone so far as to speak about baseball stadium vacations as a future possibility.  With all this talk, one would think we would be baseball aficionados.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  Oh yes, my husband can really hold his own in chatting stats, players, varying ball clubs, etc. with others in his gender.  I, on the other hand, am free from all those excel spreadsheets of statistics in my head.  I prefer the kiss cam, kids dressed as hot dogs as they run a virtual race, taking really cool pictures of the stadium, applauding the veterans, taunting the jumbo cam to show my tweet (as in Twitter post), and cheering the fountain when a homerun is hit.  So who would think that we could plop down in our seats to enjoy all that nostalgia and be greeted by a pair of women who would strike up a conversation of Spiritual depth?  It's funny when you are called by Spirit.  One never really knows when it will happen, but mark my word, when Spirit is in flow people want to know.

It all started with a comment of our sweet smelling, freshly popped, Kettle corn.  Next thing I know I was offering her some and Practitionering right there in the stadium seats.  With her charming,
Southern drawl she told me of her travels, her dismal trails of life and the gratitude she was embracing for the chances she's been given.  She was perplexed by her own candidness but felt drawn to express.  Her supportive friend acknowledged her awareness of New Thought which allowed for an agreement of Spiritual Truths. After exchanging websites, emails and book recommendations our visit was complete.  Reflecting back on this moment in time, I wondered how many of those conversations I missed by expecting things to be a certain way and shutting myself off to the unexpected. So now the question has to be asked.  What should one expect to happen at a Major League Baseball game?  You never know when Spirit is in flow.  Could it be there really were Angels in the outfield?