Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Embracing Diversity through Compassion

As we all are living in this time and space, in this moment on earth, a shift is occurring on this planet.  A direction of the understanding of Oneness is taking shape.  A movement that we all are here together to coexist amid our differences.  And those who are born with “disabilities” are given the ability to navigate through this time to cultivate compassion in their fellow human.  Compassion is created through the hearts of parents who recognize the child’s place in the world.  As this is a cyclical universe, this experience of compassion can lead to reciprocity of compassion throughout the planet.

In part of his Ted Med talk, Andrew Solomon, discovers an acceptance of diversity through parents of children with inabilities to be “typical.”  He speaks of his search to understand the struggles associated with raising these children.  He finds the underlying power of Love, that creates a deep compassion, that may not have been experienced if not for these children’s “disabilities.”  As a journey to find his own discovery of acceptance, as a homosexual man, Solomon discovers parental Love is one of the strongest forms of Love.  Through his quest, the trajectory of his life changed, which lead to a deeper, richer experience in the decision to become a parent.

As with Solomon, to truly learn compassion is to put it in action.  To donate monetarily to a cause is admirable; to actually enter into the life of that cause is transformative.  To have this experience of compassion can change a life, and can change the world.  Who is ready to change the world?

Embracing Diversity through Compassion
And So It Is!