Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Declaration of Independence.

Upon graduation of Practitioner training at Agape International Spiritual Center in 1999, I received a bookmark with a declaration.  Each graduate received one intentionally for them.  I AM FREEDOM!  Right there all in capital letters, as if shouting at me, was in my hand.  This made perfect sense to me as I knew my journey was all about Freedom.

Many years later, after not visiting Agape for some time, I made my way back to the center to attend Sunday service.  In passing, Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith asked, “Are you Free yet?”  My response, “I’m working on it.”  Of course I was in awe, but not surprised, that he asked me the question.  Of the hundreds of people he encounters every Sunday, did he really know the quality that I was working on?

Since then, more demonstrations of connection, when my mind is completely free and clear, came to fruition.  With every example of Spirit working, I became more and more convinced of the power of Mind.  This being said, the attachment to the human self and the old beliefs still clamored for attention.  Silencing these thoughts is a journey of interesting perspective.  Looking outside myself, I found the ability to witness my life as if in a third person view.  Watching my life unfold through the removal of self allows Freedom to have way with less effort.
Immersing myself in total surrender through prayer is where I find the greatest sense of Freedom.  Allowing Spirit to move through me creates a physical shift in my body.  This in turn is followed by a mental shift.  In this practice the road to Freedom is within grasp.  Being bound by thoughts of unworthiness, regret, and unforgiveness, can create feelings of captivity.  To open up my mind to Freedom is to understand the boundless Self.  Thoughts create reality; reality is the out picturing of belief.  The spoken word of I AM FREEDOM resonates in my body to produce a powerful wave of release.

I declare my independence from thoughts that do not serve me.
I AM FREEDOM and live in the attitude of gratitude.
I breathe easy with a light heart, knowing the words that I speak are boundless expressions of Spirit.
Freedom feels good and I celebrate this day and every day the united states of being.