Friday, February 28, 2014

Photography as a Spiritual Practice

Join Juli Isola, San Clemente photographer and spiritual seeker, for March's Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley Women's Group meeting on Friday, March 7, 7 p.m., for an evening discovering Photography as a Spiritual Practice. The event is free and participants are asked to identify and bring 3 to 5 favorite images that they have created. The images can be from an Instagram feed, on their smart phone, printed on a home printer or snap shots from the past. We will be learning how to read photos and studying the ones people bring.

More about the Workshop:

From the moment Juli started her photography journey she realized that something greater than her was at work; and within the images she captured she found clues to revealing more of her spiritual truth. The more she studies the very accessible art of photography, the more she notices spiritual principle at work.

Photographer Juli Isola offers insight into photography as a spiritual practice
at March's Women's group meeting.
Juli believes that every photo we take is a window to our soul. It's the Divine within that entices us to bring out the camera or phone and snap the photo. We think, on the surface, it's the beauty or humor or memory we are trying to capture and preserve, but in reality it's our higher consciousness inviting us to stop and study what's right in front of us; to notice the reflection of our thinking.

Do you think of photography that way? Do you know why you pick up your camera? Do you see the visionary messages in your photographs?

Mark your calendar for Friday, March 7th, 7 p.m. You don't want to miss this enlightening photography workshop designed to give you more insight and a greater experience of higher consciousness in your life.