Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Come on, get happy

What is happiness?  Do we have it?  Do we want it?  If we get it, can we keep it?

These are questions we ask ourselves when we stop to reflect on our lives.

In this time and space, a planetary shift is occurring and it's heading toward the collective, the unselfish collective.  With our connections closer than ever, thanks to the internet and social media, we have access to some incredible thought-provoking authors and speakers.  Many of these speakers are focusing on happiness and how it's more than personal.

The Hay House Summit 2013, is the first-ever Global Online World Summit for Hay House.  Its 110 hour-long conversations with world-renowned experts from the personal-growth field.  The summit started on June 1st, ends on June 10th and each talk is FREE for the first 24 hours.

Dr. Robin L. Smith spoke on the first day of the summit.  Her topic was, Hungry for yourself: the diet you cannot afford to cheat on.  She speaks of being hungry as a calling for the nourishment of Soul.  In our everyday lives, what relationship is lacking in nourishment?  The Soul to Soul connection with others in our lives is what will satisfy this craving and lead us to relationships that sustain our Self.

On day 4, Sandra Anne Taylor talks about how we can make the first conscious shift to change by living in the emotion of happiness.  She says, "Happiness is the emotional signs of the mentality of appreciation.  One of the meanings of appreciate is to increase in value.  Live in appreciation, appreciate your life, your life will appreciate in value."

Also on day 4, Lynne McTaggart spoke on, How Understanding Our True Human Bond Can Lead to a Happier You and a Healthier Planet.  As vibrational beings we have a connection to each other.  If we change the way we look at the world, learn to relate to a larger definition of self, and realize we need to be the change, we'll see a change in ourselves allowing us to see a change in the world.

All these authors speak beyond a general happiness.  They go to straight to the heart of the matter, the collective Soul connection.  It's beyond self-help; it's a responsibility to the entire planet.  If we can visualize that we are made up of numerous cells all vibrating to create our one physical body, it's easier to see that each of our physical bodies are vibrating on this planet to make one collective whole.  We are connected to each other, sometimes in more ways than we think.  So, when we do our work individually to shift into happiness, it isn't just good for ourselves it is good for the planet.