Thursday, March 21, 2013

Submerged in Light

Submerged in Light
Submerged in Light
   Every morning(on the way to school), I listen to music. It calms me. It doesn't have to be spiritual or meditative music and usually isn't, but something I feel peaceful listening to. And, I usually do this whilst staring out the window, observing the landscape whizzing past me in a blur of dull, gray road, the occasional garden, and a flash of golden, morning light bursting through silver clouds. It is truly my relaxing way to spend the twenty to twenty-five minute drive to school. As you can see, above there is a picture of a double rainbow. The picture above was taken on one damp, cold October morning on my phone while I sat in the front seat of the car, rocking out to some tunes. I remember the morning vaguely, but I can recall the exact song I was listening to while this photo was captured. The song was Vanilla Twilight, written by none other than Owl City, and in that moment when the song came on, I watched as this beautiful manifestation shot out before me in a beam of brilliance.   

"When violet eyes get brighter/
And heavy wings grow lighter/
I'll taste the sky and feel alive again/
And I'll forget the world that I knew/
But I swear I won't forget you."

 There are many days and occasions when I remind myself that the light is always there, and Spirit is always expressing as me and in the beauty I experience or encounter. But, sometimes it really takes that extra unf to truly see it for myself. And those moments, when you realize you are supported by the Universe, or loved unconditionally, or in my case that the Light is always there, are so important. Those moments express the Universe reacting to your thoughts and needs. And in that moment of pure bliss when you relax into the realization and know that you are encompassed by the Universe's gifts, as when the sky's magnificence exploded around me and the music was in perfect alignment that day, it can leave you in awe(it raised the hairs on the nape of my neck) and leave a positive impression on you as does a hand print in the sand. 
   Every morning when being driven to school(during this season), the sun is hidden behind the thick, wet fog, and it leaves me wondering when the sun will come out. It drops me into a state of cloudy thoughts and a misty, negative mind set. But, when the sun peaks through the clouds, I remember that no matter how thick the fog is, the sun is always there just behind it waiting to shine its light upon me. That is a comforting thought. So, while writing an entry in my journal the other day, I wrote this down and thought it matched perfectly with what this week has consisted of: reminding myself-that the light is always there, and love is ever-expanding. 

"Even though our doubts and fears fill our throats with silence and a throbbing starts in our chests, the fog will always lift up. It seems like basic knowledge when you’re done experiencing it, but while you stare up into the endless hidden sky, it seems as if you know nothing but the lingering cloud mass engulfing the world around you. And, once the sun shines through and relief catches your breath, you realize in the end that no matter how thick or dark it may seem, the fog will always find a reason to leave."