Monday, March 7, 2016

How Do I Experience The Presence of GOD In My Life…NOW?!

“The cosmos is all there is, or was, or ever will be." –Carl Sagan

So…I thought I would take Rev. Heather up on her invitation to answer the question…once I asked it of mySelf…”How do I experience the presence of GOD in my Life now?

The short answer to that question is, How don’t  I experience the presence of GOD in my Life…Now?  Although I AM reminded that one must never answer a question with a question, I’ll begin there.

My experience of the presence of GOD…in me, as me, through me…begins even before my first conscious breath upon awakening to the day of New Beginnings, miracles and magic in every area of my life.   My experience of GOD is really and Truly all there is.  It’s the start of my day by setting a clear intention…It’s my Spiritual practice-that morning routine and ritual…which includes my Gratitudes, my silent  contemplation where I turn “it” all over to GOD…not to mention, but I will…my affirmations in the mirror.  And…IT…that experience of the presence of GOD in my Life continues all throughout my day…with every thought I think, every emotion I feel, every word I speak, every action I take…with everyone I meet…because I Know that you will agree…It’s all GOD!

Some of the highlights of my experience of the presence of GOD in my Life include the following…
  • The birds singing to my morning Prayer Treatment 
  • The waves crashing as I take my morning run
  • My daughter, Amanda’s, voice over the phone, across the country, as we talk…then, turning the phone over to my precious 2 year old grandson, Baby James
  • The smiles of those I meet all throughout my day that cause as Big a smile from me
 As well….at times, throughout my Life, the challenging and chaotic times…those times of sadness for me… represent the experience of the presence of GOD in my Life.  For IT is, indeed, for me both a great comfort, as well as wisdom in Trusting…in Knowing that the worst of times is actually producing the Best in me…in each of us.  That turmoil and struggle can and will facilitate getting to that Best by magnifying that which we need to see…the lessons which may choose to learn (perhaps yet another time around)…that when confronted with turmoil, struggle, and challenge, we choose Hope over hopelessness…no matter what the turmoil, struggle, and challenge happens to be. 

It is then, that the presence of GOD in my Life serves to release me from my perceived, self-imposed restrictions, reminding me that I AM Divinely guided I AM!  Trust and Believe…I Know!

In closing…”God is the beginning and the end, and our experience of God is that which goes between.”  Robert Bitzer, The Creative Word, said that…and he was right!

Yes… GOD is all there is…Including ME…Including YOU!  Of this I AM certain... I AM!


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Until then…To Our Health, Well-BEING & Empowerment Together!
Much Love & GOD’s Blessings!

"There is a mighty Power within you. There is that Spirit of Life, Light, and Love. The more you feast on these ideas and fast from old corrosive ones, the closer you experience the Life you desire."
-Frank Richelieu, The Art of Being Yourself

Rhonda Maria Farrah, MA, DRWA
The Wellness Institute International

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The Art of Feminine Presence

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