Monday, March 28, 2016

My Time of Celebration!

 This Easter season represents purification, illumination, mastership… And an awakening to re-Birth and resurrection! Hooray! -Rhonda Maria Farrah

Still experiencing and expressing that most Powerful Easter Celebration of yesterday at our Center...Rev Heather's wisdom, the Inspiring and moving music of our own Jewel Tones Choir, God's Presence in us, as us, all throughout the members of our where I AM as this week begins.  Thank You, Spirit God for the blustering wind, rain and a biting coolness in the air brought with it some chaos for me by means of some old past fears and doubtsl  Wow...I thought that I had released those.  Guess I took them back.

And as I went through those sad and pain-filled feelings and emotions, I called upon the Spiritual tools and message of yesterday's service.  I went with my GodSelf...and not merely the earthling in me. I was reminded of Rev Heather's words and invitation to Identify MySelf With What I Want.  Sadness and pain, slowly, but surely, were replaced with a Peace and Joy...just as the clouds parted, and sunlight showed up.  Thank you for that, as well, God!
My time of Celebration for rising above the lower self and giving full expression to the true Christ energy...Consciousness. It is the time of full and true communion with my GOD Source. As I impulsively resurrect my life, I focus on my healing and transformation… a time to resurrect the Feminine from the darkness into Light!
If there is something in an area of your Life that just did not turn out the way you had envisioned, please consider that Spirit God is telling you that it likely  did not match your dream...that which was in Your heart of hearts.  IT is also telling You that IT has something BETTER and more worthy of You. 
Something, Someone, Somewhere better is coming! So...GET EXCITED...NOW!

I invite you to consider… The cross you may be bearing is the opening to your awakening to a Life of Purpose… The Life that you Truly Desire!
To New Beginnings Together!
Are You Ready To Celebrate Life…and BE the Best that YOU can BE?

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To Our Health, Well-BEING, and Empowerment Together!

Much Love & GOD’s Blessings!

"There is a mighty Power within you. There is that Spirit of Life, Light, and Love. The more you feast on these ideas and fast from old corrosive ones, the closer you experience the Life you desire."
-Frank Richelieu, The Art of Being Yourself

Rhonda Maria Farrah, MA, DRWA
The Wellness Institute International

Licensed Teacher
The Art of Feminine Presence

Author  of the Forthcoming Book
How To Forgive, Live & LOVE During The Process of Divorce...
A Journey In Healing & Transformation

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