Friday, September 2, 2016

Good for Me

Where do we see the evidence of Spirit in our lives? Since God is everywhere present we can become aware of that divine presence in many ways. I see It in my unexpected pleasant surprises.

Recently I was looking to purchase a new piece of carry-on luggage. Because I am short in height,and my upper body strength is not what it used to be, I sometimes cannot lift my bag to the overhead compartment..I usually take my ipad in a small bag and put it under the seat in front of me. But I am planning a short trip to Oregon, and need to travel lightly because I have a responsibility to be at an important meeting 30 minutes after the plane is scheduled to land. So I began thinking that it would be GREAT if I had a carry-on that would fit under the seat in front of me. I looked online and found one on Amazon for $90. I hesitated about buying it for many reasons. It did feel wasteful. I also thought that if I worked really hard on my strength training I might be able to lift one of my current bags to the overhead compartment. (I woke up from that fantasy and reminded myself that the trip is in a couple of weeks.)

So I went back on Amazon and the bag I liked was now on sale for $54!! I thought wow! I can afford that so I started the payment process. Evidently I had earned some credits through shopping at Amazon. The computer queried, "Apply credit of $48.56?" Of course I said to myself. I also said, "Thank you, God." My new bag cost me less than $6!

I see the Divine in many parts of that story. I am getting what I wanted, for an unusually low price and even the shipping is paid! I just discovered another great gift... the bag in question is now being sold for $69!

Emma Curtis Hopkins was famous for the statement, "There is Good for me, and I ought to have it."

There is good for you and me too. We ought to have it because our God is our Good and our Good is our God.!

I will receive the bag tomorrow but I am including a picture of it and a happy me..

Me feeling joy