Friday, January 26, 2018


Sometimes there are so many thoughts fighting for my attention that it is hard to FOCUS on one.

A few months ago I had LASIK surgery in both eyes. During the surgery, I was instructed to keep looking straight up into the green light. I was holding my vision as steady as I could and the two assistants were helping me. One was coaching me. She kept saying, “Focus, Heather. Focus!” Whenever she said that it encouraged me to focus, I would wonder if I had stopped focusing. Maybe she could see something I couldn’t see.  See how easy it is to doubt the self! 

I wanted to shout that I WAS FOCUSED!

My surgery was a success. Now, I do not need glasses for distance or for reading.

I started to wonder if I have a tendency to do something similar regarding keeping in mind the good that I want to experience.

As we know, it is done unto us as we believe. What we believe, or know for sure, becomes our experience.

Then I could ask myself, are there areas in my life in which I would like to experience more good?

Of course, the answer to that question is a resounding “yes.” I would like to make a bigger difference in people’s lives. I would like to have more time and money freedom. I would like to have an abundance of energy to do whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it. I want to be healthy and free of any ailments whatsoever. I would love to live in bliss and peace. I want to daily prove the principle and be a living, breathing demonstration of the power of our teaching.

Last week I celebrated a birthday and I was wined and dined, gifted, celebrated and acknowledged by hundreds of friends and colleagues. One of my friends asked me what I really wanted for my birthday--- if I could receive anything what would it be? I joked at first that a lotto win would be great! But then I thought about it and told the truth, “The best present anyone could give me is for our sanctuary to be filled with people who are moved, touched and inspired by the message, the music and the experience of community!

I am focusing on my good right now!