Friday, January 12, 2018

Living the Life You Love

What inspires you?
What motivates you to make changes in your life?
Do you know what you would love in your life? This is the key!
I believe that most of us want to lead happy, healthy, wealthy lives, but we may be living lives of "quiet desperation." If that is you, you can change the trajectory of your life here and now.
A place to start is by asking yourself what you would really love in terms of each of the major areas of life?
Relationships:What would you love your relationships with your friends to be?  Are you connecting with them as often as you would like? Are they relationships that are based on common interests and values? Do you communicate well? Do you fight well? (Meaning are you free to disagree with each other and still retain the friendship?) Do you feel seen, heard and valued in your relationships? Do you laugh and play together often? Do your friends inspire you? Are your friends trust-worthy of your confidences? Do you feel loved and valued in their presence?

Career:What would you love in terms of your work?  Are you using your talents and abilities in your work? Are you contributing to the world around you? Are you making  a difference? Is your workplace respectful and connecting? Is it safe for you to bring your best ideas to it? Do you feel relaxed and confident at work or do you feel stressed and in a hurry?

Health: What would you love in terms of your health? What would you love your weight to be? What would you love your shape to be? What would you love in terms of energy? What physical activities would bring you the most joy? what activities have you never tried but have wanted to learn? Would you love to swim with the dolphins or go helicopter skiing? 

Time and money Freedom: What would you love to be able to do that you haven't had the time or money to do? Are there destinations that appeal to you to visit? Would you love to take the whole family on vacation somewhere? Would you love to learn something new? If time and money were not considerations, what would you choose to bring into your life?

Are you living the best possible life? 

Are the life-changing experiences in your life, ones of pain or ones of pleasure? 
Are you a person who is pulled by a vision or are you a person who is pushed by pain?
For most of us, it is a little of both. We are pulled by a vision, to the degree that it is vivid and compelling and we are also pushed by pain, especially if it feels devastating or heartbreaking.

What a great time of year to contemplate what you would really LOVE! That is the first step in the creative process and creating a compelling vision uniquely yours. The second step is to write an affirmation for one or two things that you would really love.  An affirmation is a positive statement of what you do want, spoken or written, in the present tense. An example would be: "I see and connect with my close friends every week." or "I give and receive beautiful and extravagant gifts of love and friendship." The next step is to commit to reading this list every morning and every evening.

If you commit to do so, you will begin to notice that you are living the life you love and loving the life you live!
A Beautiful Gift of Friendship