Thursday, March 1, 2018

Ask a Practitioner: Where did my affirmation go wrong?

Have you ever repeated an affirmation and felt like it didn't work for some reason? 

This month we have a question about affirmations and our very own Rev. Arpad Petrass, a staff minister and practitioner, has a wonderful answer to guide us to clarity and greater effectiveness with our affirmations. 

First the question:

After re-watching The Secret, I decided to start affirming, "I am open and ready to receive checks in the mail from expected and unexpected sources!" 

I didn't think it worked because I didn't personally receive any new income, but then it hit me! Not long after I started the affirmation, a nonprofit organization I volunteer with asked me if I would be willing to have my name and address on their donation form and help manage the flow of checks from advertising sales. I started receiving checks in the mail from unexpected sources...HA! 

Unfortunately, it was not my money, but rather money for the nonprofit. Where did I go wrong with my affirmation? How could I make it clearer and more effective in receiving money for myself and my family?

Rev. Arpad's thoughts:

What a wonderful question. Don't you like the way the Universe has a sense of humor? 

It is always giving us what we need, which is based on what we believe to be true about ourselves. It is important to understand a few basic truths.

1.  The Universe can be very literal in its delivery of ones desires much like your demonstration.

2.  Spirit wants you to be clear in your intentions. Our intentions must come from our heart. It really does not matter what we say. What does matter is how we feel inside about ourselves. Someone can say all day long, "I want to be rich and prosperous," but if they feel unworthy inside and feel that they can never get ahead, they will never receive their heart's desire. In reality, they are believing in a victim consciousness and are attracting more of what they don't want rather than what they do want.

3. Remember to put yourself in your desires. Visualize yourself doing or experiencing that thing that you desire. 

And finally,

4.  Let Spirit decide how to best give you what you want. Don't limit the Universe by telling it how to deliver the goods. It may have a better or bigger idea in mind for you based on your heart's desire. 

Great tips Rev. Arpad! Thank you. 

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