Friday, March 30, 2018

Holy Week

For my blog this week, I am sharing the Easter message of Paul Martin Brunet, a writer I stumbled upon in old Science of Mind magazines. I have found his writing to consistently inspire and challenge me. I am especially thrilled when he has written the daily guides. This guide is from April 5, 1953. I trust someone will love it, too.


" ...I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live." John 11:25 
"This glad Easter Morn I rise in conscious Oneness with the Christ of the Universe. Infinite Life, Infinite Love, exalts my whole being in peace and harmony. Every trial and tribulation melts away. I find myself alive in a sea of Living Love. The Power and the Glory hath made me free.
The Mind of Christ fills my soul with the light of Divine Intelligence. I am completely liberated from fear, worry, darkness, doubt. The Spirit of Eternal Life breathes through every atom of my being. Today, old things are passed away and I am born anew. 
The same spiritual Power that raised the Master from the tomb, is the Power in me that rolls away all stones and stumbling blocks. Divine Presence goes before me and makes my way perfect. My whole subconscious is illumined with new Light and Christ-energy.
Immortal Life changes, transforms and transfigures me completely, in this Holy Hour. My mind, my life, my consciousness, are spiritually revitalized. I am released in intelligent, purposeful action forevermore. Under the leadership of Love I am free from all self-made prisons. The grace of Immortal Spirit is the dynamic substance of my being. I am alive in Christ, Truth, now and always, and It is alive in me. I realize the Christ of Ascension lives within me, and in every living soul of the universe. I am filled with God's Radiant Bliss. 
Thanks be to God, His Love, the Christ is risen in me this day! 
Textbook -- Page 630, Resurrection" 
Rev. Brunet was the Minister - Director of the Second Church of Religious Science in New York City. in 1953. If anyone has more information about this minister, I would be very thankful for the information.

May your Easter be absolutely splendid!