Monday, July 23, 2012

Dr. John Waterhouse, Rebecca Wingo & The Aurora Shooting

Rebecca Wingo In Memory

Beloved Friends and Spiritual Family,

 Today my heart feels a deep sense of connection to you all.  The recent events in Aurora will be seen by most as a series of senseless and evil acts, but from such a perspective, nothing is likely to change.  Those of you, as friends or family members who are grieving for Rebecca Wingo and all those affected by these events, are no doubt experiencing an excruciating sense of loss.  These are natural human feelings, and I honor your very personal and intimate process.

 It takes time for the pain of a broken heart to subside and it is never too early to begin offering ideas that may help in the healing process.  The Valley of the Shadow of Death is not a place to linger for very long.  So, beyond these very real and important personal feelings, I want to offer a vision of what may be ours to do in the midst of this painful experience.

Let us remember the words of Carl Jung, “Bidden or unbidden, God is present.”  Likewise, Ernest Holmes reminds us, “There is nothing for me to fear, for I am an inseparable part of God.  I live in Him; He lives in me; and I draw upon His perfect peace.”  This Presence may not be comforting in such sorrowful moments; it is, however, calling something important to be revealed through us right now.

In response to another act of violence some time ago, Rev. Karen and many members of your New Dawn Community took it upon themselves to champion the concept of nonviolence within the City of Aurora.  Extraordinary individuals, including Arun Gandhi and Azim Khamisa, were invited to come to Aurora to share messages that compel us all to a higher consciousness of human interaction.   No one in Aurora, and I would suggest no one in all of Colorado, may be in a better position and state of consciousness to guide the citizens of your city through this desert of despair.

So I call upon every one of you to stand as sacred guides, holding high the healing light of Love while embracing peace and understanding among all people, no matter what.  Let’s reject the notion that we must again and again give our power away to anyone with a lesser understanding of themselves and God.

Emerson said, “Even in the muck and mire of things, something sings.”  I call upon all of us to be the vigilant singers of Truth.  Otherwise, we will have learned nothing of abiding spiritual value from those who have left our close embrace.  A higher consciousness will not likely be revealed in a day or a week, but over time we will all be clearer in our understanding and stronger in our intention to live our lives safely, while continuing to become ever more aware of our Oneness of Spirit.

 I love you all so much and bid you peace.

Rev. Dr. John B. Waterhouse
President Centers For Spiritual Living

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