Friday, July 6, 2012

Parent Forum Every First Thursday

Yesterday was the first Thursday of the month and I was so relieved. Why you ask? Can you say Panera sandwiches and childcare.

We gather, we have sandwiches and we talk. Sometimes a little discussion and fellowship is all you need to feel renewed and maybe even a little validated. I am very thankful for the support and camaraderie I have found at the Parent Forum. Patty Mercado does a great job of facilitating discussion. Let me share some of my most treasured tidbits.

Have a Parental Vision.
You will be called to make snap judgments when you least expect. By processing and reviewing our own values and recognizing who we want to be as parents and what values we want demonstrated will guide us in those moments we could never prepare for. 

Clearly articulate your values to your children.
You need to clearly articulate your values to your children. You will have uncomfortable conversations. And if things don't unfold in a manner you ideally wish they had you can still discuss things in the aftermath. All is not lost. It's just a learning and growing opportunity. 

It's the agricultural model.
We can't grow for them. We can't get into their heads. We provide a healthy environment, good information, good nutrition and nature takes its course. We are watchful stewards for each child. We are looking for each individual child to thrive and we take responsibility for providing that. 

Come join us some Thursday.