Friday, June 1, 2012

Science of Mind Book Review 5 Steps to Freedom

5 Steps to Freedom
an introduction to spiritual mind treatment

My book review for Science of Mind class 104.
I would highly recommend the book "5 Steps to Freedom an Introduction to Spiritual Mind Treatment" to anyone who wants to learn more about the practice of spiritual mind treatments. Dr. John Waterhouse, author and co-minister for the Center for Creative Living in Asheville, North Carolina, creates a straightforward plain spoken explanation of all the steps.

So many of my questions were addressed before I even had time to articulate them. Waterhouse guides you through the process and anticipates questions while deepening your understanding of the major tenets of this philosophy.

An excellent accompaniment to class. Here are some of the special gems I found in this book.

Redefining Prayer
We are really praying all the time. Page 3, “Every time we are angry, we are praying. Every time someone tells a joke, or laughs, or lies, or cries, what is happening is prayer. Our judgments are prayers. Our fears and phobias are prayers. Spirit is present in the midst of it all … Everything we think, say and do is a prayer, and every bit of it is having a direct and significant effect on our lives.“

No Permission Needed.
It’s not about asking permission. It's about knowing it's already here. Seeing the spiritual perfection, knowing it and being grateful for that. Page 49 “Asking implies that there is a power separate from us that we must appeal to before we can receive a desired outcome. Knowing implies that the power of Spirit is within and all around us, available for our use right now.”

Choose Specific and Strong Language in the Now
It may be true of any science. Scientific language needs to be precise. Words like “try” “want” separate you from the desired outcome. This language creates a state of want and not a state of “have.” Page 51 “When we say, “I now have …” or “I now know …” we locate ourselves in time and space in such a way as to focus on and intensify our creative power. The now moment is the only place where anything happens.”

I’m going to read it one more time just to be satisfied I’ve gathered all the good little morsels this book has to offer. I also want to thank Diane Hennessey for the book. I'm going to lend it to you, I'm just not quite ready to let it out of my clutches just yet. It was the perfect accompaniment to Class 104.