Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Daniel Nahmod Brings CSLCV a Gift

This past Sunday, singer, songwriter and producer, Daniel Nahmod joined us as our guest musician at the Center for Spiritual Living.

We were blessed with, not only his songs during the service, but also a beautiful concert following the services.  Those of us in attendance received an up close and personal look at who he is and got some insights on some of his most popular songs.

It's always special to get that "inside" look at someone you see online, hear their music, but really don't know.  It's even more special to find out that they are, in fact, "normal!"  (gasp!)

Daniel is certainly a heart-centered individual.  He expresses from the heart his gift of singing and songwriting, his love of his family, and his true and genuine desire for others to enjoy his music.

He is also passionate about creating a space for other musicians to bring their gift to the world by offering scholarships to those who may not be able to afford to record their music.

Daniel is building a new recording studio to bring his own record label, Humanity Records, to a whole new level, but also to create the physical space for his scholarship winners to express their creative gifts.

To learn more about Daniel's project and see how you can contribute to the project,  CLICK HERE

Just as Daniel's work and passion help create a better life for humanity, so does our contribution to sharing, donating and supporting his cause.  With every set of eyes who sees this post, we have the power to help another individual get his or her music out into the world.

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