Thursday, October 25, 2012

DOING Affirmations or LIVING Affirmations?

Today I was reading something that asked if the reader sets time to do affirmations each day.

Affirmations are  positive statements that re-train your own mind and tell the Universe what you are...i.e. I am successful.  I am healthy.  I am full of energy and an inspiration to friends. 

Personal development gurus and mentors suggest spending time in the morning in front of the mirror saying affirmations and repeating them throughout the day.  

When I read the statement asking if I "do" affirmations, I had a quick thought of, "Oh man, I don't set aside time to do affirmations." 

However, I quickly reframed it to, I live affirmations. 

After learning what I have in personal development and at the Center for Spiritual Living - Capistrano Valley, I no longer have to set aside time to do affirmations.  I live them.

My language affirms my being.  If I don't feel well and someone asks how I am doing, I always answer, "I am well.  I am grateful!"  I no longer go into a list of symptoms.

Even when my husband and I have conversations about challenges we may be having, we always say, "It will be...." or "When (this) happens..."

We live affirmations in our daily activities.

So I ask you make time to do affirmations or live them?