Friday, January 25, 2013

Kids Day Out at the Center for Spiritual Living

Mommy needs a break! I felt guilty saying it, even thinking it. But as a person who prior to being blessed with motherhood needed lots of regular quiet time to stay sane ... let's just say that luxury has left the building.

Then came Kids' Day Out, for 2 - 4 year olds, there may be some 5's in there. Every Tuesday at the Center from 9:30 - 12:30 a small, co-op style playgroup meets. Parents are asked to volunteer occasionally so there are always two grown ups watching the kids.

Kate chose to paint.
My opportunity to stay and volunteer in the group was this past Tuesday.

We played. We washed our hands. We had snacks. We practiced our pleases and thank yous. We shared.

There was play dough, painting, games, doll houses, trucks, puzzles, books and the jump rope was a big hit. Kate chose to paint.

As I watched Kate sit at the table with her snack, smiling over her apple slice at her new friends, I realized how good this is for her. She needs play with her peers too. And that's okay.

She cried when it was time to leave but then she slept the sleep of a contented played-out satisfied little person. And that made Mommy very happy.

Join us some Tuesday! Contact our Youth Director Rev. Pattie Mercado to sign up.
Call 949-240-6463 ext 105 or email

When Mommies get a little extra time they get creative. Here's proof:
More pictures, straight from Juli Isola's photography blog post of Kids Day Out, thank you Juli Isola!

photo credit: Juli Isola

photo credit: Juli Isola

Photo Credit: Juli Isola