Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Are YOU Choosing A Life of Freedom…Yet???!!!

"Decide what to be and go be it"   - The Avett Brothers

Seems like yesterday that I was counting down the last days of 2015…feeling not so joyful at the Christmas Season time, as usual, witnessing, firsthand, my process of divorce  ...and preparing for 2016, and our changing times.  Wow…and here we are with 2016 half over…and YES…times are a chang’in…and then some!!!

With this the month of Freedom…of Independence (often as we come to Truly understand Interdependence)…Let Freedom Ring…even if just for a moment or so.

Always remember… What YOU do and who YOU are.....MATTERS!

Early in the year, everyone talks about planning, changes, moving-forward, transformations, and some interesting and well-meant resolutions that may seldom come to fruition.
However, how about Freedom? Yes, freedom to be who you are without feeling the “need” to please anyone but yourself?...Yes…those “shoulds”. We know all those “shoulds” (cousin to “I’d better”, and “I have to”)…all too well!

I often ask my clients for “themes” to kick-start their New Year, or new quarter, or a new era in their lives.  In fact, I ask mySelf that very same question!  This particular year, I happened to take the theme from a picture of mySelf looking into the ocean’s horizon (which I tend to do quite often…and, yet, another post for another time) with my back turned to the camera.
I was immediately inspired by what that picture symbolized. It meant my turning my back to the past… and saying, “Hello and Welcome”…to the present…percursor to my future…to the Now of me!

In fact, I realized, quite clearly, that…
I want to make the rest of this year…my New Beginning… all about me… and I don’t need to make an effort to fulfill any of those shoulds. I will be the way that I want to be… the way that I want to feel… and only the people that are okay with that… and like it that way, can be a part of my life!!! Really!!!

I promptly realized that all of us looking for our own mental and internal freedom… and only those who understand it…or are on the path to finding it… or are already on their way….will  allow others to be in and on our Life’s Journey… whether for a minute… a day …or for a lifetime. We  are also exercising our freedom to choose in advance, who we want in our Life… how, when, where and why.  

Our inner guidance system…Source, Spirit, GOD is telling us what’s best for us… and choosing Freedom to be who we are… and who we want to be NOW, as well as, in the future is amazingly refreshing, beautiful, and deeply profound.

By the way…My definition of Freedom is… “To get rid of beliefs…and anyone…anything in between… that hold us back and keep us stuck in a limiting external world… in prison”.  Trust and Believe…Of this I Am certain!  Say, "So long...and thanks for stopping by" (for I have learned the Life Lessons I was meant to, and I AM grateful to move forward in my Life Curriculum).

So…Ask YourSelf…What is “Freedom”… and what does it mean to YOU?!

Do you want it?... Do you long for it? …Do you already have it?... Will you make it part of your Life’s resolutions? Will you Choose Freedom to be who YOU are and who YOU want to be for the rest of your life?

Celebrate the fact of “Being”…..just who YOU are!

Once again…Always remember, what YOU do and who YOU are…..MATTERS!

Yes…for me…I no longer need to know exactly where I AM going.  For me…All I need to Know is that I AM On My Way!

To Our Health, Wealth & Empowerment...and Freedom Together!

With Love & Blessings!

PS: Today will bring you a new awareness, a lesson or a manifestation that you are making progress – IF YOU KNOW IT!  No matter how large or small, please recognize it and be Grateful. Hey…It only takes a moment to pick up the penny… and will AUTOMATICALLY put you in the Flow of Positive Energy and Goodness.
"There is a mighty Power within you. There is that Spirit of Life, Light, and Love. The more you feast on these ideas and fast from old corrosive ones, the closer you experience the Life you desire."  -Frank Richelieu, The Art of Being Yourself
Rhonda Maria Farrah, MA, DRWA
The Wellness Institute International

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The Art of Feminine Presence

Author  of the Forthcoming Book
How To Forgive, Live & LOVE During The Process of Divorce...
A Journey In Healing & Transformation

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