Thursday, July 14, 2016

Are YOU Listening?!

"When your heart speaks, take good notes." -Judith Campbell

Today your heart is speaking to you. Are you listening?
My heart spoke to me a bit louder than usual this morning! My heart confirmed to me that it was all right to continue my practice of "Being"...Even in this "do more" Society we are all sharing.
The Core of the matter is that it doesn't really matter how efficient or productive you are. The more you do, the less You are. Peace… That "Being" within your heart space… Is about "Being"...not doing.
It's about feeling, really soaking in the present moment, touching another person's life with love… And making some grand memories!
Today… I invite You to view each minute in this day as a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a difference… To touch a life… And be the best you can be.
Today...I invite You to heighten your sense of priorities… & Get rid of some of the nonsense & chaos around you!
If only for today… Make time work for You and the good of Your Soul!
So...How do we actually make time work for us...for the good of our Soul?  There's that "How" word, again.
ASK YOURSELF: Are You Tuned Into What that “How” is?

OK…Here’s the proverbial scoop…   Is that which you are tuned into within your environment that which serves to nourish Your Soul? When your radio signal is set on 101.1 FM you cannot hear what's being broadcast on 95.7 AM.  Really!!! The frequencies are too far apart.

Because of what is happening in your environment, sometimes (lots of times) we are busy “doing”…not “Being”…and we are more likely to be focused on something going wrong (if we don’t complete our “doing”), so we can't immediately focus on, "my life is perfect in every way"…regardless of situation, circumstance, or event...which will serve our Soul. Those frequencies are pretty far apart. 

So..."How" do we tune into Divine frequency that will serve to align us with that which allows us to BE good to our Soul? Well..we raise our Vibration, of course! The higher your vibration, the more likely you are to experience synchronicities and ride the loving current of universal flow, receiving magical blessings as you go!

"How" do we raise our vibration?   That's a mouthful, to say the least.  There are numerous ways to do so on physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual levels, which I'll be sharing more about in future issues.
For the purposes of this Blog post, I'll nutshell it.

Love is the highest vibration in the universe; hence Love for yourself, others, and your world will ALWAYS raise your vibration. And gratitude can help open your heart to more of that Love!
Essentially, the happier and more Love-filled we are, the more aligned we are with our true nature and Source, and the more open a receptor we are to synchronicities and Blessings, and receiving in general.  That's the key…and then some!  Of this, I AM certain!

Once again…Always remember, what YOU do and who YOU are…..MATTERS! 

Yes…for me…I no longer need to know exactly where I AM going.  For me…All I need to Know is that I AM On My Way!

To Our Health, Wealth & Empowerment...and BEING Together!

With Love & Blessings!
PS: Today will bring you a new awareness, a lesson or a manifestation that you are making progress – IF YOU KNOW IT!  No matter how large or small, please recognize it and be Grateful. Hey…It only takes a moment to pick up the penny… and will AUTOMATICALLY put you in the Flow of Positive Energy and Goodness.
"There is a mighty Power within you. There is that Spirit of Life, Light, and Love. The more you feast on these ideas and fast from old corrosive ones, the closer you experience the Life you desire."  -Frank Richelieu, The Art of Being Yourself
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