Thursday, February 16, 2012


As I continue to learn the principles of creating my ideal lifestyle in the Science of Mind classes, I continue to practice what I learn....


I have experienced much less stress and anxiety in a time, where the circumstances around me are a little difficult. For that, I am so grateful, but it goes further than that.

I have been taught to be very aware of synchronicities that occur. Those moments that make one think, "Holy crap! I can't believe that happened! That was just what I needed!"

Those occur more than more when we learn practical steps to change our thinking. That thinking changes to expecting your ideal life to unfold, to expecting your good each day.

The realization that YOU create these amazing synchronicities and when you are more fully aware of your thinking, you will start to know how to create these synchronocities.

That is the place I am now.

I am simply being aware more often...a.k.a. changing my consciousness to fully connect with my Higher Power, more often throughout the day.

Dr. Heather taught us to start with simple things to expect.

For example, instead of trying to imagine winning the lottery, start with making the shift of finding the perfect parking spot every time you go shopping.

As this happens more often, your faith in the Law of Mind will build, so you will BELIEVE when you set your next intention that is more of a stretch.

My simple intention is that every time I drive or am near train tracks, a train passes because it gives my boys SUCH joy. So far, every time I've set the intention, a train has passed. That's why the picture above appears in this post.

Thank you, Universe!!