Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trusting Life to Express as Me

Having the power to surrender and allow life to express AS us, rather than happening TO us, is one of the most transformational shifts one will make in their lives.

As this shift occurs, a sense of peace and calm, joy and harmony takes over our lives replacing fear, anxiety and worry.  As this happens, our health improves, we experience more moments where we hear ourselves saying, "I love my life" and we truly become co-creators in how our lives unfold.

Reverend Karen Allen shared five steps to live life with your "cup overflowing," last week, however, these five steps can also define how one allows life to express itself through you.  I personally like having practical steps to achieving a new idea.  I believe if 'allowing life to express itself through you' is a new concept, these steps will allow more clarity to flow for you:

1.  Know who you are - Who are you? What do you stand for?  Know, from the heart, the answer to these questions so you can define and create the ultimate vision for how you want your life to unfold.

2.  Set the intention - Write out your ideal life or the perfect solution to something that may be challenging you right now.  Set aside ego and truly write your perfect solution.  Simply believe, know and feel this solution will be yours.

3.  Practice deliberate focus - With any intention comes action, however, know that you do not need to know the "how."  Simply tap into your internal intuition, your "guide," your "inner GPS," and allow it to speak.  When it does, listen and simply go do what it guides you to do.

4.  Be open - Be open to the possibility that the "how" will unfold in a way that is completely out of your realm of logic.  Small "coincidences" will occur that surprise you.  Be very aware of these coincidences knowing that these coincidences occur in small, sometimes seemingly insignificant occurrences, however, they are the Universe's way of manifesting that intention for you.

5.  Allow it to Happen - as these coincidences occur, receive them openly and with gratitude knowing it's another step towards creating that ideal life or that ideal solution.  Don't push away opportunities because they are not the "how" you were expecting...simply, receive each seemingly insignificant opportunity, be aware, understand it's significance and express gratitude.

Follow these steps faithfully and enjoy the transformation that you experience almost immediately.  Enjoy your ideal life!