Friday, June 29, 2012

Tell A New Story. Use Your Creativity.

All of the people of the world joined together.
New leaders and new thought on the horizon.
It was the first Sunday of 2012, Rev Heather was out so that morning Rev Patricia Truman took the podium.

The Democrat and the Republican debates as well as the State of the Union address had been monopolizing the news.

“I don’t like any of them! That’s my position and I'm sticking to it.” Sometimes I feel more discerning when I am disagreeable. But it's true, there is no candidate who articulates my vision. Then I realized I hadn’t articulated my vision.

After Rev Patricia’s first Sunday of the year I have been challenged to look at it another way.

I’ve been called to imagine the future I envision. To tell a new story. To use my creativity.

Articulating our vision isn’t for the lazy minded. It takes energy, enthusiasm and thought. I’m so thankful for Rev Patricia’s reminder on that first Sunday of 2012. Now as I watch the news I don’t think that old thought, “I don’t like any of them.”

It's has become my call to creativity. What would my perfect representative represent? Who would I want in leadership positions? It allows me to move past the illusion of two cholces. It gives me the opportunity to formulate in my mind the perfect candidate, the perfect policies.

To use my creative energies. To remind myself that I am shaping this world. We all are.

I work on articulating my vision. I imagine my candidate. I tell a new story. There’s more than two choices, even to a discerning eye.

Throw away that illusion of limited choice. We have infinite choice. We do need to take the time to dream them up and know them intimately. God is in the details.

On that Sunday I came to church to hear that I needed to articulate my vision. To tell a new story. 
And that has made all the difference.