Friday, June 8, 2012

What if life were like going out to dinner?

What if …?

What if life were like going out to dinner?



Where do you want to go out to dinner tonight?

(NANCY turns to him with a blank stare. He looks at her questioningly.)

Oh, I don’t know. You decide.

“Well then lets go for pasta, that Italian place.”
(NANCY frowns and sighs discontentedly.)

“No, no Italian’s too heavy. I want something different.”
(FRANK stands listlessly.)

“Well … decide what you want. That's all you have to do.”

Articulating what you want. It’s everything. Its planting the seed. It’s choosing to live in the imagination. It's making a choice.

How many times do we not make a choice, live from our default settings, and then get crabby when we aren't satisfied with the results. 

Because we are creating every second of the day. From "5 Steps to Freedom an Introduction to Spiritual Mind Treatment" by Dr. John Waterhouse "We live in a constant state of creative expression."

Every moment we are making choices. Some of our choices are being made on autopilot, unconsciously, automatically.

This leads me to wonder what the world would look like if everyone were making the choices that led to consciously creating their own best good.