Monday, June 18, 2012

A Love Story Based on a True Story of Reincarnation

When a modern-day couple decides to discover through past life regression if their lives were linked in the past, a passionate 1930s love story emerges.

Based on a true story of reincarnation supported by documentation. It is 1934 in Rensselaer, Indiana, when Elsie Wilkins meets John McDonald―-a man unlike any other. After feeling an intense chemistry, Elsie cannot take her eyes off him. The handsome apprentice architect has swept the independent-minded teacher off her feet. Despite the fact that Elsie is still married to a man who abandoned her without warning, she and John begin a fervent courtship as all social mores fall away. As the Great Depression continues to wreak havoc around them, John and Elsie feel no hunger other than for each other. Just when their infatuation transforms to a powerful love, Elsie’s husband makes an appearance and suddenly, the joyful future they have planned is threatened.

Lifetimes Ago - A Love Story Inspired From Past Life Memories

Available on Nook and Kindle for $1.99

Member of our center, Susie Schecter, wrote "Lifetimes Ago - A Love Story Inspired From Past Life Memories." Creativity is the theme for June at The Center for Spiritual Living. This past weekend we had the privilege of enjoying the performances of our singers and dancers and now we turn the spotlight to our literary folk.

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