Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Little "Happy Tool" from the Parent Forum

Today at the Parent Forum I learned one, small tip that I immediately implemented this evening.  What I experienced was something rather profound.

This one tip ended up giving us an interactive dinner conversation, some laughs, and a tool we'll implement probably every day.

During our discussion at the parent forum, a mom brought up the question of what to do when her daughter gets angry, sad, etc. and can't be comforted.

The solution was to implement "Happy Tools."  

We gather our 'Happy Tools' by asking our children, "What could I give you or do for you when you are sad or angry?"

Their answers become our 'tools' for future freak out sessions.

So, at dinner, I asked my boys the question above.  The conversation and laughter we experienced as a family was a memory in and of itself as they thought of their 'tools.' We heard, 'give me a train,' '...a hug,' '...quite time,' etc.

The quiet time surprised mean, it's not just moms that want quiet time?!?!

But even more invaluable is we have something to pull out when soothing a temper tantrum doesn't work.  We have a new, exciting tool to use and for that, my time at the parent forum is certainly worth it!

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