Friday, February 22, 2013

Transforming Fear Beyond Limits in 6 Steps

Transforming Fear Beyond Limits in 6 Steps

What limits you in life?

Is it a fear of failure? Scarcity? Not being loved?  Not being worthy?

We all have fear of something holding us back from something greater.

Overcoming and transforming fear takes us beyond the limitations of fear and into the infinite possibilities of the Universe.

So how do we transform fear to faith?

I will share 6 steps Dr. Heather taught in our "Beyond Limits" class:

1.  Recognize the fear - Become aware of it.  If you don't recognize it, you can't deal with it.  When you recognize it, don't claim it for yourself.  For example, "My fear of failure" becomes "The fear of failure."

2.  Face the fear - Look it in the eye.  Understand where it is coming from.  Understand what it causes you to do...i.e. sabotage yourself, get in your own way, stop moving forward on an idea, etc.

3.  Give the fear a voice - Speak it aloud.  Energetically, that will release it from you.  

4.  Embrace and love the fear - Accept it as part of you, but do not allow it to "own" you.  Recognize it when it comes up and then....

5.    Make a spiritual choice - Choose something different.  When you've allowed fear to stop you in the past, recognize it and move through it.  Choose faith instead of fear.  Choose love instead of fear.

6.   Live in a new way - Live in the knowing that you may have a fear, but it's not you.  It's your shadow side keeping you in the status quo, but choose differently, and transform your fear into faith!

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