Friday, February 15, 2013

Universal Law Like a Piano?

Universal Law Like a Piano?
I was always taught to sit in the front row.

You learn more.  You retain more. You hear more.  You see more.

Today as I sat in the front row of Sunday service, I watched the pianist beautifully navigate the keys of our piano at the Center for Spiritual Living.

What came to me, as I sat mesmerized, was how that very piano was an analogy to how the Universe works.

I was thinking what a disaster it would be if I scooted our talented pianist off the bench and started banging on the piano myself.

Because I don't know how to play the instrument, I would create a chaotic cacophony of sounds that would make most put their hands over their ears.

Yet, a professionally-trained musician can create beautiful symphony of music.

The Universe is like a piano.  

Untrained in universal principles, one will create a chaotic, disorganized cacophony of  events in their lives.  Mainly wondering why "life always happens to them."

When we understand how the Universe works, we can co-create a symphony of music in our own lives.  There is a multitude of things we can know in our lives, yet the one that makes the biggest difference in our lives so often goes unknown.  Mysterious.  Treated skeptically at times.  Yet, proven to be so in quantum physics.

If you are reading this and would like to co-create a symphony in your own life, join us for classes and learn the very principles that will turn your "Universal piano" into a beautiful instrument of joy!