Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Power of Intention

Yes, I do know that's the title of a Wayne Dyer book, however, I wanted to share my own lesson on the power of intention.

I have had a picture of a white SUV on my vision board for three years now.  I knew I'd have that car eventually.

I have had a very old car that I have loved for years, however, it had over 100,000 miles on it and hadn't been running too well lately.  My intention was for it to last until later this year, however, my thoughts every time I drove the car, would be, "Please car, just don't break down today."

My thoughts weren't exactly in alignment with my intention...and what happens when that is the case?

You get what you are thinking about!

Last week, my car finally decided it wanted to run no more.

Within a day, I had a new car, but something interesting happened.  It wasn't the white SUV that I thought I wanted.

Turns out, when I thought about my thinking throughout the time I had that white SUV on my vision board, the thoughts that I ran through my head were more about:

  •  How I looked forward to having music in my car (my car speaker's blew out 5 years ago)
  •  How I didn't want to spend a ton of money on gas anymore
  •  On a non-car level, how I truly want to make my mark in the world.
Here's how that all became my reality:

I have a beautiful car that has a multitude of music options...i.e. internet-based, satellite, or music from my iPod.

It is eco-friendly so it takes less gas AND helps me make my mark in the world.

It's not an SUV.  It's totally different from any car I'd ever thought I'd have.

But it is white!

The power of intention is just that...powerful.

How we think about that intention leading up to it coming into our reality WILL make a difference.  Be very careful how you think about it.   Your thinking could change everything, yet be open to the beautiful possibilities of your intention becoming much cooler than you could have imagined for yourself...in most cases, it will be!