Monday, March 25, 2013

When I Grow Up......

When I Grow Up......
When I Grow Up......

                               Last week my Grandmother turned 90 years young. Our family was not in the least bit surprised that she would celebrate this milestone birthday. Let me tell you why.

                               Born on a farm in a small town in Texas, Mary Fallwell was the second youngest in a family of six children. She had three brothers and two sisters. Her nickname was Babe. She grew up tough and learned to climb trees and anything else the boys could do.

                                Not only did Babe grow up tough but apparently she took after her Mama, as everyone called her, and has a big heart that has room for everyone. I've never seen anyone give such unconditional love to every single person she meets. Her enthusiasm for life has always been contagious. She also has quite a zest for exercise. As a teenager I loved to spend weekends at my grandparent's house. My Gran would wake me early to join her on her 2 mile power walks and honestly I could never keep up!

                               My Gran taught me some important life lessons that I will never forget.
                                Here are a few I would like to share.

  •    Always give to others with no expectation back.
  •    Be a gracious receiver
  •    Always forgive
                               And without having to say anything she taught by modeling. She and my Grandfather enjoyed a 57 year love affaire. They definitely would have made it to 60 years but my equally amazing grandfather made his transition before that could happen.

                              She had endless patience with all of her grandchildren. I watched her joy through the years in her community service and her deep devotion to her faith and church.

                              One of my best memories out of many, with my grandmother was when we spent six weeks travelling in South Africa together. She even woke up at 4 am with me and our game guide to go trekking in the waist high bush to look for rhino. After two hours of hiking we never saw one and she never complained. Only remarking on all the beauty that surrounded us.

                              If you ever have the great fortune to meet Mary Smith you will know right away this is the woman i've been describing. She will charm you with her wide beautiful smile. And totally disarm you with the twinkle in her stunning pale blue eyes. She will make you feel like you are the most important person in the world.

                             When I grow up I want to be just like my grandmother!