Monday, March 4, 2013

Lessons for Oscar magic

While watching the Oscars last Sunday night it dawned on me that its a special night for more than one reason. Not because of the importance behind The Oscar itself but because of such a large concentration of people gathered in one place and all operating on such a high vibrational level.

When the dynamic motivational speaker, Ian Percy, spoke at our center last month he explains this. He says when you see someone making an insane amount of money doing what they are passionate about, that is called vibrating on a high level. These actors and various other movie industry people know on some conscious level that they are entitled, as everyone is, to all the ABUNDANT GIFTS the UNIVERSE has to offer. And to acknowledge these gifts they give great thanks to GOD in their acceptance speech.

I found this quote in my workbook from my BEYOND LIMITS class. It says, "consciousness is GOD, and the moment you have consciousness of a thing, consciousness creates it,whatever the "IT" may be- home, companionship, supply, employment, health or money."

I suggest we all start catching some " Oscar Magic" and start vibrating on a higher level!