Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Overview Effect

What kind of world do you want? History starts now!

Are we ready to take the leap into the realm of complete and total Unity with 7 billion people?  Can we envision Earth as a space ship where we are all astronauts who work together for a collective good?  In the documentary, The Overview Effect, the journey takes us to space through the lives of astronauts' profound experience of complete Oneness with our Planet Earth and all of Life.

The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution, was written in 1987 by Frank White.  He coined the term and concept to explain the experience of the astronauts who traveled through space and spent time reflecting back on our planet.  Thanks to the Planetary Collective, the concept was brought to film and released in December 2012.

Upon entering into Space, astronauts are task-driven.  They are not instructed in soul-searching, an understanding of the meaning of life, the complete and total immersion of Mind, Body & Spirit.  So when an experience what set upon them that had all the makings of a shift in Consciousness, something they were totally unprepared for, they became profoundly changed.

Apollo 14 astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, was led on a search for an explanation of how to describe his experience of seeing the Earth from space.  He was introduced to Savikalpa Samadhi, which, he was told, “means that you see things as you see them with your eyes, but you experience them emotionally and viscerally, as with ecstasy, and a sense of total Unity and Oneness.”  In Savikalpa Samadhi the mind is conscious only of the Spirit within; it is not conscious of the exterior world. The body is in a trancelike state, but the consciousness is fully perceptive of its blissful experience within.

Astronaut, Ron Garan, the Director of The Overview Effect, Guy Reid, and Frank White were present at a screening of the film at one of Harvard's Freethink presentations.

Moderator, Frank White explains, "It is not about's about all of us."

Ron states that he, "has a responsibility to share and do something with the experience." His idea of the Oneness of all life led him to a path of conflict.  Upon seeing Earth he understood that we are all One, however, his knowledge of what is occurring on Earth led him to question why are we not working together for the common good of man and our planet.  He states it is, "Our inability to effectively collaborate on a global scale, our inability to set aside our differences for our common goals."  He sees our future as collaborative and explains, "Open transparent collaboration is going to be an economic engine, it's going to be something that fuels tremendous economic growth, helps save the planet and solve a lot of the problems we're facing.  People who are engaging in unhealthy competition, corruption and the like are going to see themselves being left behind and take on a collaborative mindset to keep up, and that age is just starting to dawn."

Director, Guy Reid says, "The Overview Effect is accessible to everyone, pointing to something far profound.  Human beings have the capacity to directly perceive this non-apparent reality of our radical interdependence.  Not just with each other but with our living earth, our mother, and the cosmos itself."

For the rest of us on the planet, who may never have the opportunity to venture into space, a visit to the California Science Center in Los Angeles will bring a view of the Space Shuttle Discovery up close.  After knowing of The Overview Effect it may appear in a different light. Afterward, visit the IMAX theater to view Hubble 3D.  To witness the images of space on a grand scale may leave you with a sense of wonderment, awe, and an almost incomprehensible sense of magnificence.

As for metaphysicians, the understanding of Oneness is already here, that cognitive shift to the Awareness of Collective Consciousness has already been established.  Through prayer and meditation the attainment to Savikalpa Samadhi may have already been reached.  And for those still on the cusp of Awareness, History starts NOW!