Saturday, March 2, 2013

Living in the Light

2013 Winter Day in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Growing up in Canada where the winter days are very short and the summer days never-ending, I really appreciate sunlight.  When I was teaching in a junior high school in Edmonton, Alberta, in the winter, I would often go to work in the dark, never the leave the school building until after 5:00 PM and would not have seen the sun at all on those days. I love the sunshine! I used to say it makes me happy but now I know I can choose to be happy whether or not I have seen the sun.

It was customary for us to  talk about the weather as being good or bad -- a sunny day is a happy day and an overcast day is a gloomy one. It wasn't until I started studying the principles of spiritual living in the 80's that I truly heard the weather descriptions as being something I was accepting into my consciousness. How can I, the thinker of my thoughts, allow the weather to determine my feelings? Thinking deeply about it, I realized that I had done so. I have given away my power to determine my life!

I still love the sunshine. I like to work in brightly lit spaces and I've realized the importance of taking my power back. Nobody can make me feel what I am unwilling to feel. Nobody can make me mad or sad. that means that nobody has ever broken my heart (unless they had my permission.) I certainly am not willing to let the weather bring me down. I invite you to think about  what pushes your buttons. Is there something that has been taking your joy away? Isn't it time to take it back? It's yours. It belongs to you.